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Global climate change is real. The legislative branch of our government is our last line of defense against pollution which is why I am so grateful to have the NRDC making our voice heard.
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— Kyra Sedgwick
The total liberation and unification of Africa under an All-African Socialist Government must be the primary objective of all Black revolutionaries throughout the world. It is an objective which when achieved, will bring about the fulfillment of the aspirations of Africans and people of African descent everywhere. It will at the same time advance the triumph of the international socialist revolution.
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— Kwame Nkrumah
No people without a government of their own can expect to be treated on the same level as people of independent sovereign states. It is far better to be free to govern or misgovern yourself than to be governed by anybody else . . .
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— Kwame Nkrumah
Unless you have the power to stop the government of Iran beheading teenagers for homosexual acts, there's not much to be done except deplore it unless you are willing to converse with people about why they thinking this is okay.
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— Kwame Anthony Appiah
The lesson has already been learned with alcohol prohibition. We tried to engineer an alcohol-free society and ended up with huge criminal enterprises, government corruption, children lured into organized crime and random violence that took the lives of countless innocent people.
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— Kurt Schmoke
It's time to take Economics 101 to Washington. We believe in liberty, we believe in limited government, we believe in free enterprise, we believe in family values and the sanctity of human life, and we all believe Washington needs a good dose of Economics 101.
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— Kurt Bills
The Social License is fundamentally about accountability to people and not just powerful interests. John Morrison's book reminds all organizations " governments, business and civil society " to focus on the legitimacy of their own actions.
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— Kumi Naidoo
In 1991, the government unleashed the power of India and created a partnership between itself and industry. As a result, India has emerged as an economic success story, and that is a matter of pride for all of us.
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— Kumar Mangalam Birla
The underlying issue is the system of capitalism itself, and under this system the best means for regulating or checking their power is not relying on a government which represents the interests of the rich but for millions of working people to become politically active in workplaces and communities through building unions and our own political party.
— Kshama Sawant
I am honored that my freshman class colleagues have put their trust in me to represent our historic class at the leadership table. The incoming freshman class of Representatives is large and diverse but we share many common goals including cutting wasteful spending, getting our economy back on track and making government smarter and more efficient.
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— Kristi Noem
Every one says: 'Listen, I'd love to reinvest. I'd love to hire people. But I have no idea what this healthcare bill is going to do to my bottom line. I have no idea what this financial reform bill is going to do... I'm not going to step out a limb and do any of those until I know what this government is going to do to me.
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— Kristi Noem
We have to get government out of the job of picking winners and losers. That's what they've been doing the last year and a half, getting in the way of businesses that are trying to reinvest to get our economy back on its feet.
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— Kristi Noem
A lot of films in Canada are subsidized by the government, and compared to a studio, the government really stays out of your face creatively.
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— Kristen Hager
It used to be that conservatives who were in government, like myself, we would get what we felt was unfair coverage, we'd go home, we would grumble, we would complain about it, but we actually wouldn't say anything to the reporter or to the reporters while they're asking us additional questions.
— Kris Kobach
I think that there has been a long and storied history in America of left-wing movements being actively, systematically, violently destroyed, disrupted, infiltrated, sabotaged, etc. by the U.S. government and its various intelligence agencies and that remains a greater challenge to their existence, traction, popularity, etc. than any sort of ideological infighting.
— Kool A.D.
Ensuring the access of all citizens to government information and to essential information for human development is a must for every democratic society.
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— Koichiro Matsuura
I think that in the West, many citizens, especially younger citizens, take their freedoms and institutions for granted and focus on their frustrations with their governments' inability to solve pressing problems.
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— Kofi Annan
We cannot wait for governments to do it all. Globalization operates on Internet time. Governments tend to be slow moving by nature, because they have to build political support for every step.
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— Kofi Annan
Most governments only want to deploy a peacekeeping force where there is a peace agreement and there is peace to keep. They are very hesitant about putting their men and women in harm's way. It is extremely difficult to get the troops if you do not have the consent of the country where you are deploying.
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— Kofi Annan
As we move forward, you cannot resolve the potential food crisis or shortages without science being part of the solution. Science has to be part of the solution but African governments - and these are decisions for governments, whether they embrace or do not embrace genetically modified food - and for the moment, most African companies do not accept genetically modified seeds.
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— Kofi Annan
A world government can intervene militarily in the internal affairs of any nation when it disapproves of their activities.
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— Kofi Annan
The preservation of biodiversity is not just a job for governments. International and non-governmental organisations, the private sector and each and every individual have a role to play in changing entrenched outlooks and ending destructive patterns of behaviour
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— Kofi Annan
It is not in the United Nations that the Millennium Development Goals will be achieved. They have to be achieved in each of its Member States, by the joint efforts of their governments and people.
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— Kofi Annan
World Health Day is an opportunity to highlight the problem, but above all, to stimulate action. It is an occasion to call on all partners - governments, international donors, civil society, the private sector, the media, families and individuals alike - to develop sustainable activities for the survival, health and well-being of mothers and children. On this World Health Day, let us rededicate ourselves to that mission.
— Kofi Annan
The fight against HIV/AIDS requires leadership from all parts of government - and it needs to go right to the top. AIDS is far more than a health crisis. It is a threat to development itself.
— Kofi Annan
The other thing that really I regretted not being able to do was to push effectively for the reform of the Security Council. Because the world was changing, and is changing very fast, and I felt the UN was holding on to old arrangements. Most governments felt that it has such a narrow power base, based on the results of the second world war.
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— Kofi Annan
The U.N. power comes from concerted action of the governments.
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— Kofi Annan
There is a need for more effective dialogue... between the government and the international community.
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— Kjell Magne Bondevik
I believe transparency in government is key to restoring our nations faith in its elected leaders.
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— Kirsten Gillibrand
While we can never truly repay the debt we owe our heroes, the least we should do for our brave veterans is to ensure that the government takes a proactive approach to delivering the services and benefits they have earned, so they can access the care they need and so richly deserve.
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— Kirsten Gillibrand
Governments, existing primarily to protect and enhance capitalism, maintain their power through the use of technologies that control the populace - by bread or circuses, by war or schooling, by armies and police, all of which are enabled and empowered by technology. That is what we might call the stick part of capitalism, while the riches-for-the-few is the carrot.
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— Kirkpatrick Sale
Economic and social misery increases in direct proportion to the size and power of the central government of a nation or state.
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— Kirkpatrick Sale
The virtue of small government is that the mistakes are small as well...If you want to leave a nation you think is corrupt, inefficient, militaristic, oppressive, repressive, but you don't want to move to Canada or France, what do you do? Well, the way is through secession, where you could stay home and be where you want to be.
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— Kirkpatrick Sale
When I made Spartacus during the McCarthy Era, we were losing our freedom. It was an awful, awful way. McCarthy saw Communists everywhere, in every level of government and they concentrated on Hollywood and especially on Hollywood writers.
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— Kirk Douglas
That's the government. Having been a politician and a musician, I can tell you which one is a higher calling. If musicians ran the country, it would be a much different place. We wouldn't get a lot done in the mornings, but we'd work late.
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— Kinky Friedman
My plan is to bring back like the Bracero Program (search) from 1944 that ran for 20 years where the Mexican government vets these people. I mean, they pay for it, and they get green cards, and they're actually legitimate. And then seal the border.
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— Kinky Friedman
I'm also for gay marriage, because I say they have every right to be just as miserable as the rest of us. Love is bigger than government. And Texas, by the way, has a very progressive law about gay couples adopting kids. We just won't let them get married. So that's not common sense.
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— Kinky Friedman
Those who professed themselves unable to believe in the reality of human progress ought to cheer themselves up, as the students under examination had conceivably been cheered up, by a short study of the Middle Ages. The hydrogen bomb, the South African Government, Chioang Kaidick, Senator McCarthy himself, would then seem a light price to pay for no longer being in the Middle Ages.
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— Kingsley Amis
If the government was as afraid of disturbing the consumer as it is of disturbing business, this would be some democracy.
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— Kin Hubbard
I don't look for much to come out of government ownership as long as we have Democrats and Republicans.
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— Kin Hubbard