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On a personal note, I think it won't be until after I've retired that I'm fully aware of what I've done or what I've gone on to achieve in my career.
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— Lionel
Before I left the 'Star' last year to write books full-time, I welcomed catastrophe. It was material. Missed planes, broken pipes, dead lawns, digestive disorders, you name it, if it was something that had gone horribly wrong, it was worth banging out 600 words about.
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— Linwood Barclay
I recognize that many physicists are smarter than I am-most of them theoretical physicists. A lot of smart people have gone into theoretical physics, therefore the field is extremely competitive. I console myself with the thought that although they may be smarter and may be deeper thinkers than I am, I have broader interests than they have.
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— Linus Pauling
At the end of the day, life's about realising one's human potential. I don't know if I've realised mine, but I've certainly gone a long way towards realising some goals and some dreams.
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— Linton Kwesi Johnson
Donald Trump has gone from making absurd comments to being downright dangerous with his bombastic rhetoric.
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— Lindsey Graham
Death isn't peaceful; it is just nothing. Everything is gone. No more sunrises, no more hopes, no more fears. Nothing.
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— Linda Howard
Aaron Spelling went further than anyone has ever gone for television.
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— Linda Evans
I was a hoarder, and I got rid of everything. Now nothing comes in my home unless it has a purpose. And decor is not a purpose. Home is New York apartment with a table, a bed and sofas. That's it. Everything else is gone.
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— Linda Evangelista
Virtually every war fought since the Act of Union had gone badly at some stage, but before 1783 none had ended in defeat. Nor would any major war in which Britain was involved after this date end in defeat. Those who are curious about this country's peculiar social and political stability probably need look no further than this for essential cause.
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— Linda Colley
Back in the day, a pair of tight jeans was enough to earn a girl a bad reputation. Now slutty has gone Main Street.
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— Linda Chavez
Any political historian can give innumerable examples of one percenters who have gone on to success, maybe even Bill Clinton himself?
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— Lincoln Chafee
I did have wonderful things to draw from, from my own experience and also just from friends and people I'd gone to school with who were very much immersed in this world right now.
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— Lily Rabe
When I finished graduate school, the first George Bush was president, and I really wanted to get out of the country. We'd just gone through the first Gulf War.
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— Lily King
I think of companies like Nokia having anthropologists who study how people use cell phones, who do that kind of commercial and marketing work, selling out to corporations. I wonder if that has something to do with the image of the more innocent anthropologist, now gone.
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— Lily King
Everything for me has happened so quickly. I finished shooting 'The Blind Side' not this past June, but the June before, and all of sudden up to now, it seems like it's gone from zero to 60 for me. I feel so fortunate to be able to say that.
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— Lily Collins
Personal change, growth, development, identity formation-these tasks that once were thought to belong to childhood and adolescence alone now are recognized as part of adult life as well. Gone is the belief that adulthood is, or ought to be, a time of internal peace and comfort, that growing pains belong only to the young; gone the belief that these are marker events-a job, a mate, a child-through which we will pass into a life of relative ease.
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— Lillian B. Rubin
Some people say the things I do are annoying because I'm intentionally trying too hard to be relatable, but I'm really not. It's never really been my intention; I've never gone out of my way to be relatable to anyone. I just say what I want, and I'm pretty blunt about things.
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— Lili Reinhart
[I] don't like to think like everybody else, don't like to try to think like everybody else, don't like to do nothing everybody else think I'm gone do, don't like to say nothing everybody else think I'm gone say. I'm a Martian. I like to be different. And what's more different than a Martian.
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— Lil Wayne
I got an album coming out with Bibby (No Limitations) we gone do a joint album our first-ever joint album together officially since we started that's coming this year 2017.
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— Lil Herb
Every girl I've gone out with has said something to me first.
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— Liev Schreiber
I went from the glamour of working with Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano to living on an isolated hilltop, with my husband gone most of the time.
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— Liberty Ross
So now I just assume that it won't work, and that if it does work, I'll lose it anyway. This is meant to protect me, although it doesn't, because somehow the hope sneakily finds its way in. I'm never aware of the hope until it's gone, whooshed away like a rug pulled from under my feet, each time I hear another "I'm sorry.
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— Liane Moriarty
No man is an island, as they say. No. I've tried it. I've gone on retreats at various times in my life for three or four or five days. I was desperate to get out of there and talk to somebody. But I fly fish a lot, and I can only do that really by myself. I find I'm never lonesome when I'm on a river, far from it, but it's a lonely practice.
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— Liam Neeson
You ask me why I dwell in the green mountain; I smile and make no reply for my heart is free of care. As the peach-blossom flows down stream and is gone into the unknown, I have a world apart that is not among men.
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— Li Bai
We have lived through fear all our lives, and when you have gone through a whole lot of fear, sometimes all you can do is resist the fear, and resistance comes in the form of courage.
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— Leymah Gbowee
Depression is sadness gone wrong
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— Lewis Wolpert
The earliest sensation at the onset of illness, often preceding the recognition of identifiable symptoms, is apprehension. Something has gone wrong, and a glimpse of mortality shifts somewhere deep in the mind. It is the most ancient of our fears.
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— Lewis Thomas
The days of exploration of Shackleton and Scott are long gone. Everything has been climbed, crossed, done. Now what we're exploring are the full boundaries of human endeavour. It's not physical - it's all in the head.
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— Lewis Gordon
In my lifetime, we've gone from Eisenhower to George W. Bush. We've gone from John F. Kennedy to Al Gore. If this is evolution, I believe that in twelve years, we'll be voting for plants.
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— Lewis Black
Too many of my Senate colleagues overdid it. They stayed on too long - napping through committee hearings when they should have packed up and gone home.
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— Leverett Saltonstall
In days gone by, a man's word was his bond. Today, fortunately, we have glue.
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— Lev L. Spiro
A blossom full of promise is life's joy,That never comes to fruit. Hope, for a time,Suns the young floweret in its gladsome light,And it looks flourishing-a little while-'T is pass'd, we know not whither, but 't is gone.
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— Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The old foundations of success are gone ... The world's wealthiest man, Bill Gates, owns nothing tangible: no land, no gold or oil, no factories ... For the first time in history the world's wealthiest man owns only knowledge.
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— Lester Thurow
When someone dies, you don't get over it by forgetting; you get over it by remembering, and you are aware that no person is ever truly lost or gone once they have been in our life and loved us, as we have loved them.
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— Leslie Marmon Silko
Distances and days existed in themselves then; they all had a story. They were not barriers. If a person wanted to get to the moon, there is a way; it all depended on whether you knew the directions, on whether you knew the story of how others before you had gone. He had believed in the stories for a long time, until the teachers at Indian school taught him not to believe in that kind of "nonsense". But they had been wrong.
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— Leslie Marmon Silko
But as long as you remember what you have seen, then nothing is gone. As long as you remember, it is part of this story we have together.
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— Leslie Marmon Silko
I feel like if you're a girl in the South, you know 'Gone with the Wind' better than anything. Scarlett O'Hara is such a quintessential Southern woman.
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— Leslie Bibb
Charlie didn't want to give up meat and smoking. Now he's gone.
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— Lesley Stahl
I've gone from singing to millions on a network show one day to singing to four people in a gymnasium in Casper, Wyo., the next.
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— Leroy van Dyke
Nature admits of no permanence in the relation between man and woman. It is only man's egoism that wants to keep woman like some buried treasure. All endeavors to introduce permanence in love, the most changeable thing in this changeable human existence, have gone shipwreck in spite of religious ceremonies, vows, and legalities.
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— Leopold von Sacher-Masoch