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    golf Quotes

    The hardest shot in golf is a mashie at 90 yards from the green, where the ball has to be played against an oak tree, bounces back into a sandtrap, hits a stone, bounces on the green and then rolls into the cup. That shot is so difficult I have made it only once.
    tags: golf
    — Zeppo Marx
    I just see myself as an athlete and a competitor, someone who just works really hard at trying to get better at golf.
    tags: work golf
    — Zach Johnson
    I'm very excited every time I'm at Augusta National. It's such a beautiful and fabulous golf course.
    tags: time beautiful golf
    — Yani Tseng
    In golf, it's almost impossible to be perfect on each shot; that's the fun and challenge of golf.
    tags: challenge impossible fun golf
    — Yani Tseng
    I want to be best golfer in the world. But I feel like golf is not everything in my life, but I want to keep doing it, keep working hard, do the best I can on the tour and give back to the tour.
    tags: world golf
    — Yani Tseng
    You know golf is very lonely. When I'm in the States, I feel like if I just think about Taiwan, my friends, my fans, I won't feel like I'm alone.
    tags: friends alone golf
    — Yani Tseng
    With Tiger Woods, you know everyone is watching. But I think interest in women's golf is getting better too.
    tags: golf
    — Yani Tseng
    Golf is a game in which one endeavors to control a ball with implements ill adapted for the purpose.
    tags: control golf games
    — Woodrow Wilson
    All I do is play music and golf - which one do you want me to give up?
    tags: music golf
    — Willie Nelson
    Golf is like life in a lot of ways - All the biggest wounds are self-inflicted.
    tags: golf
    — William J. Clinton
    Golf in the interest of good health and good manners. It promotes self-restraint and affords a chance to play the man and act the gentleman.
    tags: health chance men golf
    — William Howard Taft
    In fishing, golf and gardening, if you don't have a healthy tolerance for your own ineptitude, then it isn't for you.
    tags: tolerance healthy golf
    — William Bernard Ziff, Jr.
    Cape Town's beaches are superb and while the water on the Atlantic side is damn cold, it's very pleasant on the other side. Bring your golf clubs if you play - Cape Town has some fabulous golf courses.
    tags: water golf
    — Wilbur Smith
    Golf is the most useless outdoor game ever devised to waste the time and try the spirit of man.
    tags: time men spirit golf games
    — Westbrook Pegler
    Apart from golf, it was a great week.
    tags: golf
    — Webb Simpson
    People who watch their weight, golf scores, and fuel bills seem to shun quantitative evaluation of their investment management skills although it involves the most important client in the world-themselves.
    tags: people management golf
    — Warren Buffett
    Whatever happens on the golf course is OK, because if I put the ball in trouble I know that I have the skills to get it out of trouble and back into play.
    tags: golf
    — Walter Hagen
    I love to have fun. I do my own shopping. I do my own yardwork. I like to garden. I like to fish. I like to golf. I'm an outdoorsman. I like to cook. But when I hit the football stadium, I click the switch, because I know I'm there for a job. I get in a whole different mindset when I enter the stadium. But once I leave I'm back to being a father, husband, a friend.
    tags: friends mindset fun job father golf football garden
    — Vince Wilfork
    The real beauty of it - key to my life was playing key chords on a banjo. For somebody else it may be a golf club that mom and dad put in their hands or a baseball or ballet lessons. Real gift to give to me and put it in writing.
    tags: beauty lessons key gift real writing golf baseball
    — Vince Gill
    The people who know me, the people who see the passion I have for this game and the respect for it, they know that I don't cut any corners in the way I approach golf.
    tags: people respect passion golf games
    — Vijay Singh
    I have a lot of friends, in and out of golf, and there is a mutual trust. I'm very serious at the course. Maybe if I joked around more around the press tent, your image of me would be different. But that's not me. And the golf course is my office. If I come up to you when you're writing a story, are you going to drop everything to talk? Or are you going to say you're too busy doing your job?
    tags: friends trust writing stories golf
    — Vijay Singh
    Sometimes, we should maybe sit back and look at all we have. It's because of golf and the tour. I mean, this life we lead is unbelievable.
    tags: golf
    — Vijay Singh
    Golf is a passion that will stay with me forever. That's all I know.
    tags: forever passion golf
    — Vijay Singh
    If I can hit the ball the way I want to hit it on the range, I'd rather do that than play golf. I just love the feeling of hitting good golf shots.
    tags: golf
    — Vijay Singh
    I want to play golf, practice and not do much else. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I hate going places where you have to yell at someone who is about a foot away from you.
    tags: hate golf smoke
    — Vijay Singh
    Golf is about knowledge, and studying another player - more than listening to a teacher - is the best way to get it.
    tags: listening golf
    — Vijay Singh
    Dr. Parent has been a great influence on my mental game. ZEN GOLF is the best book at connecting golf and the mind together. It's for everyone, it really helps, and you're really going to enjoy it.
    tags: mental help influence mind book parent golf games
    — Vijay Singh
    Whether you are a skater or a dancer, without sounding narcissistic, it is all about looking in the mirror. Where I used to practice in New York City, there was a mirror so you could actually watch yourself skate. And nowadays my golf teacher will film me swinging so I can see what I am doing. Having looked first at myself and my own body for so long as one does as a dancer and a skater, it was so natural to do fashion.
    tags: fashion body film golf
    — Vera Wang
    I know the joy of skating on a clear cold day. I know the joy of getting off a perfect drive in golf. I know the delight of a fine meal after a long walk. These are real and wholesome, but all of them put together can not approach the thrill of ridding yourself of fear!
    tags: joy real golf
    — Vash Young
    Golf is like an 18-year-old girl with big boobs. You know it's wrong but you can't keep away from her.
    tags: girls wrong golf
    — Val Doonican
    Golf Media is basically my brain in one place. It does just about everything except cure asthma. If you find an app that cures asthma, definitely let me know.
    tags: brain media golf
    — Tyler, The Creator
    There are very few sports where you can find that tranquility. Some people find that in golf, but when you're in the water it's such a difference from the golf course or the basketball court. That's what makes surfing unique over any other sport.
    tags: people water golf
    — Troy Polamalu
    I think Tahoe is one of the hidden gems in the country, and I've played a lot of golf around the country. You can't beat the smells and the clean air and just the way it makes you feel.
    tags: golf
    — Trent Dilfer
    There are some guys out here that can really play golf, but it has not been their focus for that long.
    tags: focus golf
    — Trent Dilfer
    I had very low expectations. Honestly, I think I had 11 rounds of golf the entire year in before this tournament, and I had hit balls maybe four or five times.
    tags: time expectation golf year
    — Trent Dilfer
    I used to read every golf magazine front to back; I was addicted to Golf Channel, read Rotella, read every golf book.
    tags: book read golf
    — Trent Dilfer
    We like to hunt and golf and drive around lost, and scratch and spit, and a whole lot of other disgusting stuff.
    tags: lost golf
    — Tracy Byrd
    After a golfer has been out on the circuit for a while he learns how to handle his dating so that it doesn't interfere with his golf. The first rule usually is no woman-chasing after Wednesday.
    tags: rules learn dating golf
    — Tony Lema
    From its earliest beginnings, golf has been a gentleman's game - to be played as much for the sake of the game as for the contest.
    tags: golf games
    — Tony Lema
    The man who runs from his office to the golf club, gulps a sandwich, belches and races to the first tee has no business howling in anguish when he puts his first two shots in the woods, then tops a 3-iron shot into the pond.
    tags: men business golf race
    — Tony Lema
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