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    giving Quotes

    Giving Love to Others is Directly Related to How Much Love you Have for Yourself!
    — Wayne Dyer
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    Solitude can become your most meaningful companion and it can assist you in being a more giving person in your spiritual partnerships. Rather than regarding your partner's need for time alone as a threat, see it as a time of renewal that you celebrate. Make every effort to help each other have that space. Treat that space as sacred.
    — Wayne Dyer
    When we Consistently Generate Thoughts of Giving ... we Attract the Energy of Giving Back to Us
    — Wayne Dyer
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    Your ability to be a winner 100 percent of the time is based upon giving up the notion that losing at anything is equivalent to being a loser.
    — Wayne Dyer
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    You're able to love others, to give to others, and do for others by giving and doing for yourself first.
    — Wayne Dyer
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    If you say to the universe, "Gimme, gimme, gimme," which is what a lot of the work around the law of attraction says because of a misinterpretation, then the universe gives you back what you offered out. You get more "gimme, gimme, gimme." "Gimme" means you don't have enough. You have a shortage. The universe just keeps giving you more shortage because of what you're thinking and saying.
    — Wayne Dyer
    We come from an abundant, endlessly providing, always forthcoming, always giving source. If we would just stay like that, if we would be forthcoming and giving and sharing and allowing, excluding no one, then it wouldn't be possible to have wars in the Middle East, or poverty in Africa, or any of these kinds of things.
    — Wayne Dyer
    tags: poverty  giving  sharing  war  africa 
    You can't accumulate anything, because anything you get you have to give away. We all know this. We watch our bodies go through the aging process. We know we came in here with nothing, and we know we're going to leave with nothing. There's nothing to own. There's nothing to get. The only thing you can do with your life is give it away. The best, happiest moments in your life are always when you're giving something away.
    — Wayne Dyer
    tags: moment  body  process  aging  giving 
    All spiritual prayers have their source in God. God makes known to us what we ought to pray by unfolding to us the need and by giving that need as a burden in our intuitive spirit. Only an intuitive burden can constitute our call to pray.
    — Watchman Nee
    tags: giving  god  spiritual  prayer  pray  spirit 
    In most of my films I write the music into the script. I'm listening to songs and lyrics that empower the themes of the film. There's a lot of Indigenous music that has not been heard widely and I love the idea of giving that music to the rest of the world.
    — Warwick Thornton
    Your heart grows by giving out, but your mind grows by taking in; and both are necessary to a happy and balanced life of service.
    — Warren W. Wiersbe
    tags: heart  service  giving  mind 
    The mind grows by taking in, but the heart grows by giving out.
    — Warren W. Wiersbe
    tags: heart  giving  mind 
    Having a social appetite for knowledge and wanting to develop and improve as a coach is important, but I believe in empowering people, particularly the other coaches that work with the team, giving them ownership and responsibility.
    — Warren Gatland
    During inflation, Goodwill is the gift that keeps on giving.
    — Warren Buffett
    tags: giving  gift 
    When you listen to tax-cut rhetoric, remember that giving one class of taxpayer a break requires - now or down the line - that an equivalent burden be imposed on other parties. In other words, if I get a break, someone else pays. Government can't deliver a free lunch to the country as a whole. It can however, determine who pays for lunch.
    — Warren Buffett
    tags: giving  government 
    Designers can show us a better future, can present us with all kinds of new possibilities so that we can decide: Is this what we want? Before any of that can happen, though, the designer must first commit-by taking what is just a faint glimmer in the mind's eye and giving it shape and life.
    — Warren Berger
    How can anybody hate nurses? Nobody hates nurses. The only time you hate a nurse is when they're giving you an enema.
    — Warren Beatty
    tags: time  hate  giving 
    But the Republican right-wing agenda, these people - Arnold and his patrons - felt it could be accomplished by circumventing the Legislature and spending money and organizing and giving sound bites.
    — Warren Beatty
    tags: people  giving  money 
    Man must know the principle of Creation: giving between each interchanging opposite half of each cycle for the purpose of repeating its giving. This is universal law and each individual must manifest this law. Man will forever war with man until he learns to give his all with the full expectation of equal receiving, and never taking that which is not given as an earned reward for his giving.
    — Walter Russell
    tags: men  law  forever  giving  expectation  war  learn 
    The great lesson to learn of life is the need of giving out from the abundance of one's self in order to be ever abundant within one's self.
    — Walter Russell
    All of man's wars are based upon TAKING. There could be no war based upon GIVING.
    — Walter Russell
    tags: giving  war 
    The sum total of each man's giving determines the standard of man's civilization.
    — Walter Russell
    Never die easy. Why run out of bounds and die easy? Make that linebacker pay. It carries into all facets of your life. It's okay to lose, to die, but don't die without trying, without giving it your best.
    — Walter Payton
    tags: giving  die 
    The chief element in the art of statesmanship under modern conditions is the ability to elucidate the confused and clamorous interests which converge upon the seat of government. It is an ability to penetrate from the na?ve self-interest of each group to its permanent and real interest. Statesmanship consists in giving the people not what they want but what they will learn to want.
    — Walter Lippmann
    Asked about the fact that Apple's iTunes software for Windows computers was extremely popular, Jobs joked, 'It's like giving a glass of ice water to somebody in hell.
    — Walter Isaacson
    tags: hell  giving  job  facts  water  computer 
    Children should be introduced right from the start to the potentialities of their environment, to the physical and psychological laws that govern the visual world, and to the supreme enjoyment that comes from participating in the creative process of giving form to one's living space.
    — Walter Gropius
    Three-fifths to two-thirds of the federal budget consists of taking property from one American and giving it to another. Were a private person to do the same thing, we'd call it theft. When government does it, we euphemistically call it income redistribution, but that's exactly what thieves do - redistribute income. Income redistribution not only betrays the founders' vision, it's a sin in the eyes of God.
    — Walter E. Williams
    I'm a romanticist in many ways. I never get behind the wheel of my boat and dropping the anchor without saying to myself, secretly giving my orders to the crew "All right, lift the anchor, we're on our way to South Hampton. We're gonna beat them there with this load of tea!"
    — Walter Cronkite
    tags: right  giving  saying 
    All religions have honored the beggar. For he proves that in a matter at the same time as prosaic and holy, banal and regenerative as the giving of alms, intellect and morality, consistency and principles are miserably inadequate.
    — Walter Benjamin
    tags: time  morality  giving  holy 
    For me, giving thanks is a sign of appreciation and gratitude that also brings about a deep sense of peace.
    — Wally Amos
    From being a writer of plays, it was not that surprising that somebody thought of giving me a job as an actor. After I played one part, others came along.
    — Wallace Shawn
    tags: thoughts  giving  job 
    But there is much to be said for giving up ... grand ambitions and living the most ordinary life imaginable.
    — Walker Percy
    tags: living  ambition  giving 
    Life's perhaps the only riddle That we shrink from giving up.
    — W. S. Gilbert
    tags: giving 
    Managers don't like giving appraisals, and employees don't like getting them. Perhaps they're not liked because both parties suspect what the evidence has proved for decades: Traditional performance appraisals don't work.
    — W. Edwards Deming
    tags: work  giving  employees 
    Let every woman ask herself: "Why am I the slave of man? Why is my brain said not to be the equal of his brain? Why is my work notpaid equally with his? Why must my body be controlled by my husband? Why may he take my labor in the household, giving me in exchange what he deems fit? Why may he take my children from me? Will them away while yet unborn?" Let every woman ask.
    — Voltairine de Cleyre
    tags: children  work  women  body  brain  giving  child 
    Human thought by its nature is capable of giving, and does give, absolute truth, which is compounded of a sum-total of relative truths.
    — Vladimir Lenin
    tags: truth  nature  thoughts  human  giving 
    Faith receives. Love gives.One must not receive without faith. One must not give without love.Therefore, in order to receive, we believe, and in order to give truly, we love.But if one gives without love, he does not benefit from such giving.
    — Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov
    tags: believe  giving  faith 
    Giving is the highest expression of our power.
    — Vivien Greene
    tags: power  giving 
    The nature of touring is packaging acts together that have strong catalogues of music. It's about making sure that it's a winning combination. It's really about giving people value for their money.
    — Vivian Campbell
    Most successful entrepreneurs share their knowledge as a way of giving back. They do not demand compensation. Those who do are usually trying to take advantage of you.
    — Vivek Wadhwa
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