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    ghost Quotes

    If the mind is illumined, there is clear blue sky in a dark room. If the thoughts are muddled, there are malevolent ghosts in broad daylight.
    tags: thoughts dark sky ghost mind
    — Zicheng Hong
    In whatever you do, if you leave a sense of incompleteness, then Creation cannot resent you, ghosts and spirits cannot harm you. If you insist on fulfillment in your work and perfection in achievement, you will become either inwardly deranged or outwardly unsettled.
    tags: work creation achievement perfection ghost spirit
    — Zicheng Hong
    The Tao is in all things, in their divisions and their fullness. What I dislike about divisions is that they multiply, and what i dislike about multiplication is that it makes people want to hold fast to it. So people go out and forget to return, seeing little more than ghosts.
    tags: people seeing ghost
    — Zhuangzi
    Even if we want to eradicate our ghosts, our dead, our murdered, even if you erase a name and the record of the existence of a person, somebody remembers.
    tags: people existence ghost
    — Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
    For Kenya: we have a chance to start again each time we meet one another. The ghosts do not need to define the future.
    tags: chance time future ghost
    — Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
    You want inspiration to come in a natural way and let it happen when it's going to happen. The last thing you want is this ghost looming over you saying "it has to be good" - remember that feeling of loving what you do, and don't let the business aspect murder that. It takes away the creativity for me.
    tags: murder loving saying ghost creativity business
    — Yukimi Nagano
    There are certain types of genres that are impossible in China. Ghost stories, something too graphic, too violent, and of course if it's too political. Other than that, it will be fine.
    tags: impossible ghost political stories violent
    — Wong Kar-wai
    Value is the most invincible and impalpable of ghosts, and comes and goes unthought of, while the visible and dense matter remains as it was.
    tags: value ghost
    — William Stanley Jevons
    I can say, through the power of the Spirit that wherever God can get a people that will come together in one accord and one mind in the Word of God, the baptism of the Holy Ghost will fall upon them, like as at Cornelius' house.
    tags: people power ghost god holy mind spirit
    — William J. Seymour
    If death itself were to die, would it have a ghost, and would the ghost of death visit the dead in the guise of someone alive, if only to fright them from any temptation to return?
    tags: death die ghost temptation
    — William H. Gass
    A Corpse or a Ghost- I'd sooner be one or t'other, square and fair, than a Ghost in a Corpse, which is my feelins at present.
    tags: present ghost
    — William De Morgan
    For there is a wind or a ghost of wind in all books echoing the life there, a high wind that fills the tubes of the ear until we think we hear a wind, actual.
    tags: ghost book
    — William Carlos Williams
    I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.
    tags: forgiveness hell danger ghost god christianity christ salvation holy politics heaven
    — William Booth
    There is a day coming when there will be a religion without repentance, a salvation without the Holy Ghost, a Heaven without Hell.
    tags: hell ghost salvation holy heaven
    — William Booth
    You may have the administration of angels, you may see many miracles; . . . but I claim that the gift of the Holy Ghost is the greatest gift that can be bestowed upon man.
    tags: men gift ghost angel holy
    — Wilford Woodruff
    Some people prefer the finer things in life, I'm alright just hanging out with the ghost of Vincent Price
    tags: people ghost
    — Wednesday 13
    In quantum physics, the study of material at the subatomic level, you get down to the tiniest levels. When they take these subatomic particles, put them in particle accelerators and collide them, quantum physicists discover there's nothing there. There's no one home - no ghost in the machine.
    tags: ghost physics machine
    — Wayne Dyer
    What if we're all like that? Like ghosts ... in someone's mind ... gradually fading ... fading ... until finally ... one day ... we just disappear ... drift into nothingness. Wouldn't that be sad?
    tags: ghost mind
    — Walter Wykes
    After all, what is every man? A horde of ghosts - like a Chinese nest of boxes - oaks that were acorns that were oaks. Death lies behind us, not in front - in our ancestors, back and back until.
    tags: death lies ghost
    — Walter de La Mare
    A muddy little stream, a village grown unfamiliar with time and trees. I turn around and retrace my way up Main Street and park and have a Coke in the confectionery store. It is run by a Greek, as it used to be, but whether the same Greek or another I would not know. He does not recognize me, nor I him. Only the smell of his place is familiar, syrupy with old delights, as if the ghost of my first banana split had come close to breathe on me.
    tags: time ghost
    — Wallace Stegner
    For the world is broken, sundered, busted down the middle, self ripped from self and man pasted back together as mythical monster, half angel, half beast, but no man...Some day a man will walk into my office as a ghost or beast or ghost-beast and walk out as a man, which is to say sovereign wanderer, lordly exile, worker and waiter and watcher.
    tags: men world self broken wanderer ghost angel
    — Walker Percy
    Behind the corpse in the reservoir, behind the ghost on the links, Behind the lady who dances and the man who madly drinks, Under the look of fatigue, the attack of migraine and the sigh There is always another story, there is more than meets the eye.
    tags: men eyes ghost stories dance
    — W. H. Auden
    Revenge is like a ghost... It takes over every man it touches... Its thirst cannot be quenched... Until the last man standing has fallen.
    tags: men revenge ghost
    — Vladimir Makarov
    I'm very into dark colors. I try to rock the dark against the ghost white skin as much as humanly possible.
    tags: dark ghost
    — Vanessa Marano
    Ghost stories really scare me. I have such a big imagination that after I watch a horror movie like 'The Grudge', I look in the corners of my room for the next two days.
    tags: horror movie ghost stories imagination
    — Vanessa Hudgens
    When the ghost comes round at midnight Well you both can have some fun He can drive you mad, he can make you sad He can keep you from the sun When they take him down, he'll be both safe and sound And the hand does fit the glove And no matter what they tell you, There's good and evil in everyone.
    tags: evil sad hell fun ghost
    — Van Morrison
    I have been waiting for the devil living inside of me to stop making love to all the ghosts you left behind.
    tags: living devil ghost
    — Tyler Kent
    And in turn I'm hostile guess you could call me anti-social. Niggaz shakin like they caught the holy ghost when I approach em.
    tags: ghost holy
    — Tupac Shakur
    Thug Life hit me like the Holy ghost.
    tags: ghost holy
    — Tupac Shakur
    If I had a ghost living on my street. I would try to stay alive, and offer him some meat!
    tags: living ghost
    — Trey Anastasio
    I'm trying not to move, it's just your ghost passing through
    tags: ghost
    — Tori Amos
    Largely this is a class thing - writers tend to be cosseted little middle-class kiddies who think that the world owes them a royalty cheque. But just doing it - being in your room for years on end, locked in your head, alone with invented ghosts - it weakens and softens the body. And I know I can't just live in my head.
    tags: live world alone body ghost year
    — Tony Parsons
    There are no gods here, no ghosts and spirits in America, there are no angels in America, no spiritual past, no racial past, there's only the political, and the decoys and the ploys to maneuver around the inescapable battle of politics.
    tags: past battle ghost god spiritual angel america political politics spirit
    — Tony Kushner
    I am filled suddenly with hope. I don't think I will ever die. We are looking for ghosts, but, I think, a good story will do.
    tags: die ghost stories hope
    — Tony Earley
    In fact, I think I have had a ghost in my house. Although not active lately, unexplainable things would happen and the kitties were particularly sensitive - especially, Marlon Brando... the cat not the man.
    tags: men facts cat ghost
    — Tippi Hedren
    If you will study the scriptures diligently, your power to avoid temptation and to receive direction of the Holy Ghost in all you do will be increased.
    tags: power ghost holy temptation
    — Thomas S. Monson
    There are savages without God in any proper sense of the word, but none without ghosts.
    tags: ghost god savage
    — Thomas Huxley
    And in these four things, opinion of ghosts , ignorance of second causes, devotion towards what men fear , and taking of things casual for prognostics , consisteth the natural seed of religion ; which by reason of the different fancies, judgments and passions of several men, has grown up into ceremonies so different, that those which are used by one man, are for the most part ridiculous to another.
    tags: fear men opinion ghost passion ignorance
    — Thomas Hobbes
    And if a man consider the original of this great Ecclesiastical Dominion, he will easily perceive, that the Papacy , is no other than the Ghost of the deceased Romane Empire , sitting crowned upon the grave thereof: For so did the Papacy start up on a Sudden out of the Ruines of that Heathen Power.
    tags: men power ghost
    — Thomas Hobbes
    The Papacy is not other than the Ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.
    tags: ghost
    — Thomas Hobbes
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