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    genius Quotes

    In politics, as in fishing, you don't have to be a genius. You just have to be smarter than the fish.
    — Ze'ev Chafets
    tags: politics  genius 
    Well, Bradbury's a genius. Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite books of all time, and The Illustrated Man as a collection of short stories ranks up there. When you read it you realize how influential it is on so many other stories and people.
    — Zack Snyder
    tags: time  men  people  genius  stories  book  read 
    In the Making Of book ["300"] there's a guy named Victor Davis Hanson who is a a frickin genius. He's a Greek historian and we showed him the movie because I wanted him to write a forward to the Making Of book. I was a little nervous to be honest, because I wasn't sure how he'd react.
    — Zack Snyder
    tags: movie  genius  book  write 
    It's a good thing I'm a professional and could see the pure genius talent behind the raw sexual beauty.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: beauty  talent  sexual  genius 
    Clay Cook is a first class musician. Tender tormented genius here in 'North Star'. I will kill him if he leaves my band and he knows it. Great record.
    — Zac Brown
    tags: star  genius 
    Everyone is an artist and a genius, I think. If we don't choose to limit ourselves then we are totally accomplished.
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: genius  artist 
    The knife is the most durable, immortal, the most genius thing that man created. The knife was the guillotine; the knife is the universal means of solving all knots; and along the blade of a knife lies the path of paradox - the single most worthy path of the fearless mind.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    tags: men  lies  fearless  immortal  mind  genius  path 
    Philosophers of genius, children, and the people are equally wise - because they ask equally foolish questions. Foolish to a civilized man who has a well-furnished European apartment with an excellent toilet and a well-furnished dogma.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    It is unethical not to know. It is unethical not to think. It is unethical not to love. It is unethical not to live an impassioned life. It is unethical not to attain greatness. It is unethical to succumb to the fear of envy and the conspiracy of mediocrity. It is unethical not to self-bestow genius. It is unethical not to be the first monkey.
    — Yasuhiko Kimura
    tags: fear  live  greatness  envy  genius 
    That adage about genius being 5 percent inspiration and 95 perspiration - it's true.
    — Yanni
    tags: true  genius 
    Each man's soul is his genius.
    — Xenocrates
    tags: soul  genius 
    Eggs Benedict is genius. It's eggs covered in eggs. I mean, come on, that person should be the president.
    — Wylie Dufresne
    tags: people  genius 
    Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.
    — Woody Guthrie
    tags: genius  fools 
    "Genius is divine perseverance." Divine patience I believe he originally used, perseverance is better in my opinion. Genius I cannot claim nor even extra brightness but perseverance all can have.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    A lot of chefs are traditional and do it very well. But the ones who are the most successful are the ones who change things. That is why someone like Heston Blumenthal is a genius.
    — Wolfgang Puck
    tags: successful  genius 
    Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.
    — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.
    — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    tags: soul  genius 
    Alfred Nobel regretted that his invention, dynamite, was converted to degrading use, hence his creation of the Nobel Prize, as the humanist counter to the destructive power of his genius.
    — Wole Soyinka
    tags: power  creation  genius 
    The philosophic spirit of inquiry may be traced to brute curiosity, and that to the habit of examining all things in search of food. Artistic genius is an expansion of monkey imitativeness.
    — William Winwood Reade
    tags: food  curiosity  genius  spirit 
    Artistic genius is an expansion of monkey imitativeness.
    — William Winwood Reade
    tags: genius 
    Organization is simply the means by which the acts of ordinary men can be made to add up to extraordinary results. To this idea of progress that does not wait on some lucky break, some chance discovery, or some rare stroke of genius, but instead is achieved through systematic, cumulative effort, the engineer has contributed brilliantly.
    — William Wickenden
    Lord of the golden tongue and smiting eyes; Great out of season and untimely wise: A man whose virtue, genius, grandeur, worth, Wrought deadlier ill than ages can undo.
    — William Watson
    tags: men  age  virtue  genius  worth 
    It is true there is nothing displays a genius, I mean a quickness of genius, more than a dispute; as two diamonds, encountering, contribute to each other's luster. But perhaps the odds is much against the man of taste in this particular.
    — William Shenstone
    tags: men  true  genius  diamond 
    A man of remarkable genius may afford to pass by a piece of wit, if it happen to border on abuse. A little genius is obliged to catch at every witticism indiscriminately.
    — William Shenstone
    tags: men  abuse  genius 
    The genius of America is production; and a large percentage of our productive enterprises are headed by men who have come up from the worker's bench.
    — William S. Knudsen
    tags: men  america  genius 
    The light of genius is sometimes so resplendent as to make a man walk through life, amid glory and acclamation; but it burns very dimly and low when carried into "the valley of the shadow of death." But faith is like the evening star, shining into our souls the more brightly, the deeper is the night of death in which they sink.
    — William Mountford
    tags: death  men  soul  star  night  faith  genius 
    [A]s if it were not the masterful will which subjugates the forces of nature to be the genii of the lamp... that forces a life-thought into a pregnant word or phrase, and sends it ringing through the ages!
    — William Mathews
    tags: nature  genius 
    The unrecognized genius of our time.
    — William March
    tags: time  genius 
    Don't be a genius, my son, it isn't good for anybody.
    — William John Locke
    tags: genius  son 
    The genius of the Constitution rests not in any static meaning it might have had in a world that is dead and gone, but in the adaptability of its great principles to cope with current problems and current needs.
    — William J. Brennan
    tags: world  meaning  problem  gone  genius 
    I know of no such thing as genius, genius is nothing but labor and diligence.
    — William Hogarth
    tags: genius 
    It is always well to get near to men of genius.
    — William Henry Moody
    tags: men  genius 
    It art can only succeed through the cooperating imagination and intelligence of its consumers, who fill out, for themselves, the artist's world and make it round, and whose own special genius partly determine the ultimate glory of it.
    — William H. Gass
    I started a funny book from the 1930s called The Code of the Woosters by P. G. Wodehouse. Wodehouse is a comic genius.
    — William Gurstelle
    tags: funny  genius  book 
    Learning is the ally, not the adversary of genius... he who reads in a proper spirit, can scarcely read too much.
    — William Godwin
    tags: learning  genius  read  spirit 
    Genius is the very eye of intellect and the wing of thought; it is always in advance of its time, and is the pioneer for the generation which it precedes.
    — William Gilmore Simms
    tags: time  eyes  genius  wings 
    He who would acquire fame must not show himself afraid of censure. The dread of censure is the death of genius.
    — William Gilmore Simms
    tags: death  fame  genius  afraid 
    The dread of criticism is the death of genius.
    — William Gilmore Simms
    tags: criticism  death  genius 
    Reading is the royal road to intellectual eminence...Truly good books are more than mines to those who can understand them. They are the breathings of the great souls of past times. Genius is not embalmed in them, but lives in them perpetually.
    — William Ellery Channing
    tags: time  live  past  soul  genius  reading  book 
    When human power becomes so great and original that we can account for it only as a kind of divine imagination, we call it genius
    — William Crashaw
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