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    gender Quotes

    What people in Burma need is a democratic federal Burma that guarantees autonomy, rights and protection for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or race.
    tags: people right gender race protection
    — Zoya Phan
    I think feminism's a bit misinterpreted. It was about casting off all gender roles. There's nothing wrong with a man holding a door open for a girl. But we sort of threw away all the rules, so everybody's confused. And dating becomes a sloppy, uncomfortable, unpleasant thing.
    tags: men girls gender wrong rules dating
    — Zosia Mamet
    Sizing was also important to me; I wanted to make sure that nobody felt alienated or felt like they weren't thought about in the process of this brand. I wanted to make sure that everyone felt included, which brings us to the gender neutral pieces - the idea of wearing what you want and whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. I think that's the overall feeling of the Daya collection.
    tags: thoughts process gender ideas
    — Zendaya
    I believe that a lot of progress has been achieved to address gender inequality: We have moved from a time where women in the US could not apply for credit card without their husband's signature to a time where women are the owners of their businesses.
    tags: time women believe progress gender business
    — Zainab Salbi
    ... religious insults are considered acceptable even by those who decry slurs about race, ethnicity, and gender. Religious people seem to deserve such treatment.
    tags: people gender religious race insult
    — William Murchison
    It's difficult to write a book where a character is on virtually every page of the book but you cannot refer to his or her gender. It gets rid of every his, her, she and he.
    tags: character gender book write
    — William Least Heat-Moon
    Why would one's identity be a matter of feelings? I think that that's a misuse of terms, philosophically. Identity is mind independent. It's something that is objective, regardless of how you feel. So, the term gender identity seems to me to be something of an oxymoron. It's not really about one's identity. It's rather a matter of one's self-perception or one's feelings about oneself.
    tags: identity oneself gender mind
    — William Lane Craig
    We need not just a new generation of leadership but a new gender of leadership
    tags: gender leadership
    — William J. Clinton
    In our hearts and in our laws, we must treat all our people with fairness and dignity, regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. . . .
    tags: people heart law gender dignity sexual race
    — William J. Clinton
    If there were genders to genres, fiction would be unquestionably feminine.
    tags: gender fiction
    — William H. Gass
    Here we meet, on the page, naked and unadorned: shorn of class, race, gender, sexual identity, age and nationality.
    tags: identity age gender sexual race
    — Will Self
    What fiction offers us is an intimacy shorn of the messy contingencies of human existence - gender, race, class or age. Those moments of transcendence when we exclaim "You know exactly what I mean!" depend for much of their force on the anonymous character of the intimacy between writer and reader.
    tags: character human existence age moment gender intimacy fiction race
    — Will Self
    With women, you always have to make an educated decision to figure out what they're thinking. It's not one that's necessarily sympathetic, always. Of course, we're all human beings, but the gender thing is big thing. And a great thing.
    tags: women human decision gender thinking
    — Will Oldham
    What does it mean to be an American today? The question of that is always pointing at now. It allows someone to say what lens that will be through. A lot of my work has been about identity in different ways. Part of that for me falls into the question of gender identity certainly but also about what it means to be an American theater artist.
    tags: work identity gender questions artist american
    — Will Davis
    Everybody brings their thing to their criticism. I bring this wealth of opinions and feeling and knowledge about race and gender and sexuality. I feel like I have it, I may as well express it, and if it's applicable to what I'm writing about and I'm not forcing it, I should try to use it, because it's interesting. It speaks to more than some people.
    tags: criticism people sexuality gender opinion writing wealth race
    — Wesley Morris
    All of great leaders evidence four basic qualities that are central to their ability to lead: adaptive capacity, the ability to engage others through shared meaning, a distinctive voice, and unshakeable integrity. These four qualities mark all exemplary leaders, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, or race.
    tags: integrity meaning age gender leader race quality
    — Warren G. Bennis
    Stereotypes are ways of making extremely primitive and simple differentiations. Differentiations of gender, race, class, social status - so ordinary social life is very much built upon a whole repertoire of stereotypes we carry around. And those are immediately laminated onto people, and it isn't just visual.
    tags: people gender race
    — W. J. T. Mitchell
    I feel like I have had to catch up to the art I've made, and learn from the protagonists I have written, especially in relation to gender.
    tags: gender learn
    — Vivek Shraya
    Children are receptive to talking about gender creativity, confirming the importance of the book as a means to instigate this dialogue at an early age.
    tags: children age gender child book creativity
    — Vivek Shraya
    We come from the future, essentially, because we have all these ideas about gender equality, sexual freedom, and these are not shared by the working class, the peasantry among whom we work.
    tags: work freedom future equality gender sexual ideas
    — Vijay Prashad
    Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage; marriage under law is a union of equals.
    tags: law gender marriage
    — Vaughn Walker
    Thought has no gender.
    tags: thoughts gender
    — Vanna Bonta
    America cannot be America in the new century until it deals with these new questions of gender, including the trans issues, and the questions around faith and Islam.
    tags: gender questions faith america
    — Van Jones
    One feels so despairing on some levels about what's going on in our culture, in regards to things like gender inequality. But there is progress. There is enhanced empathy and respect for others, we are fighting the tide, even though it seems like a tug of war sometimes.
    tags: culture respect empathy progress gender fighting war
    — Uma Thurman
    I have always felt one of the things dance should do - its business being so clearly physical - is challenge the culture's gender stereotypes.
    tags: culture challenge gender dance business
    — Twyla Tharp
    I think that the society and our democracy are mature enough to place emphasis on the quality and the value of the individual politician, rather than their gender. Some people will find it fashionable to have a woman leader, but I think the reason people chose me as the leader of this country is because my policies and my values suit the needs of Taiwan today. We represent people who want to have change in the society.
    tags: people women society value gender democracy leader quality
    — Tsai Ing-wen
    Love is pure and true; love knows no gender.
    tags: gender
    — Tori Spelling
    There's a major fault in Western society. It makes room for only one god, and in only one gender. There's no balance, no co-existence, no partnership.
    tags: society gender balance god
    — Tomson Highway
    American movies are often very good at mining those great underlying myths that make films robustly travel across class, age, gender, culture.
    tags: travel culture age gender movie film american
    — Tom Hooper
    In real life these women experienced different sides of the same sexism coin. People who didn't like Hillary called her a ballbuster. People who didn't like Sarah called her Caribou Barbie. People attempted to marginalize these women based on their gender.
    tags: people women gender real
    — Tina Fey
    If you watch [The] Search for Signs of Intelligent Life [in the Universe], or The Incredible Shrinking Woman, or 9 to 5, there is a lot of gender politics at the forefront of Lily Tomlin work, which was kind of thrilling for me to be watching as a 10-, 11-, 12-year-old kid.
    tags: work women gender politics kids
    — Tina Fey
    When someone new walks into a room, the first thing we notice about that person is probably their gender. And the second things is what they're wearing. And based on what they're wearing, we start making certain assumptions about them.
    tags: people gender
    — Tim Gunn
    Why must she dress that way? I think she's confused about her gender.
    tags: gender
    — Tim Gunn
    There are many graphic artists who have interpreted The Ancient One as a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, we're kind of shifting that a bit. We're trying not to be fixed, we're trying not to be fixed to any one thing, any one gender, any one spiritual discipline, and any one race even; we're just trying to wing it beyond that. So it's a new gesture really, just another interpretation.
    tags: gender discipline spiritual artist race wings
    — Tilda Swinton
    Not since the days of the Hitler Youth have young people been subjected to more propaganda on more politically correct issues. At one time, educators boasted that their role was not to teach students what to think but how to think. Today, their role is far too often to teach students what to think on everything from immigration to global warming to the new sacred trinity of 'race, class and gender.'
    tags: time people youth young gender sacred race
    — Thomas Sowell
    Creating whole departments of ethnic, gender, and other 'studies' was part of the price of academic peace. All too often, these 'studies' are about propaganda rather than serious education.
    tags: peace gender education
    — Thomas Sowell
    Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green; all else is necessarily subservient to it, hence, race, gender and ethnicity cannot be considered within it.
    tags: gender capitalism race
    — Thomas Sowell
    Few professors would dare to publish research or teach a course debunking the claims made in various ethnic, gender, or other 'studies' courses.
    tags: gender research
    — Thomas Sowell
    It's very strange how electronic music formatted itself and forgot that its roots are about the surprise, freedom, and the acceptance of every race, gender, and style of music into this big party.
    tags: freedom acceptance gender music race
    — Thomas Bangalter
    There are not as many women who support the national defense budget now as men. I really think there is a gender gap in the support for the large expenditures that are necessary to modernize the force.
    tags: men women gender
    — Theodore Stevens
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