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    games Quotes

    I have mad luck. I'm super-good at games like backgammon or anything that requires rolling dice.
    — Zoe Kazan
    tags: luck  games 
    Boredom!!! Shooting!!! Shelling!!! People being killed!!! Despair!!! Hunger!!! Misery!!! Fear!!! That's my life! The life of an innocent eleven-year-old schoolgirl!! A schoolgirl without a school, without the fun and excitement of school. A child without games, without friends, without the sun, without birds, without nature, without fruit, without chocolate or sweets, with just a little powdered milk. In short, a child without a childhood.
    — Zlata Filipovic
    We must not let ourselves get driven off course, no matter what happens we must stick to our natural game.
    — Zinedine Zidane
    tags: games 
    You can't get bored of winning. You can win 10 games in a row but you keep the same will to snatch the 11th. You always need more.
    — Zinedine Zidane
    tags: winning  games 
    There was huge pressure, especially before the big games. Not many people believed in us, but we believed in ourselves. We wanted to do something good and we did.
    — Zinedine Zidane
    tags: people  games 
    I may have had a lot of luck in my life, but I still need to find a challenge in the game.
    — Zinedine Zidane
    tags: challenge  luck  games 
    Ronaldinho is a special player, but Thierry Henry is probably technically the most gifted footballer ever to play the beautiful game.
    — Zinedine Zidane
    tags: beautiful  games 
    Sometimes I don't know what takes me over during a game. Sometimes I just feel I have moved to a different place and I can make the pass, score the goal or go past my marker at will.
    — Zinedine Zidane
    tags: past  goal  games 
    My memories of events and games are fragmented.
    — Zinedine Zidane
    tags: memory  games 
    Know all the Questions, but not the Answers Look for the Different, instead of the Same Never Walk where there's room for Running Don't do anything that can't be a Game
    — Zilpha Keatley Snyder
    tags: questions  running  games 
    Human affairs are like a chess game. Only those who do not take it seriously can be called good players.
    — Zicheng Hong
    tags: human  chess  games 
    People respond to political characters in archetypal ways. A fun game is to think of a politician and ask, "Which god is that? Are they like Aries? Are they like Athena?"
    — Zephyr Teachout
    If you play good attack, you win the game, but, if you play good defence you win championships
    — Zeljko Obradovic
    tags: games 
    Welcome your problems with open arms! Like any other game, the game of life is played as per your aptitude; the more expert you are, the more difficult it gets. Embrace the problems and hardships that come your way, for you are the ones chosen to handle them.
    — Zeina
    tags: problem  games 
    Some girls like to say one thing and mean another. And me being who I am, I'm very straightforward. Everything is very black and white for me. I don't really like playing mind games.
    — Zayn Malik
    tags: girls  mind  games  black 
    I'm always drawing, so Draw Something is a cool game to play against your friends when you're bored and sat chilling out and relaxing.
    — Zayn Malik
    tags: friends  games 
    I will see this game of life out to its bitter end
    — Zane Grey
    tags: games 
    Heroes' really changed the game for me in a way that nothing before it had.
    — Zachary Quinto
    tags: hero  games 
    I want to be working with directors who are at the top of their game. I want to be raising the bar for myself, and to me, the best way to do that is to prove to them that I'm the best for this job.
    — Zachary Quinto
    tags: job  games 
    I'm still kind of nerdy about video games, but I've had to take a little bit of a step back. I was really not getting a lot of things done in life because I was playing so much Destiny. I loved it, but I've gotta prioritize.
    — Zachary Levi
    tags: games 
    I am a huge comic book nerd and video game nerd, so to get to actually play one of those characters would be off the chain. It would be amazing.
    — Zachary Levi
    tags: character  book  games 
    I never go easy on kids when I play board games. The sooner they learn what the consequence of entering a competition is, the better. If they win, I punch them in the face like any adult.
    — Zach Braff
    I don't care about image and all that nonsense. I'm in sweat pants every day. I don't play the game at all.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: care  games 
    One time I considered making a video game about my life where people control a character called 'Zach Braff' and run around being awesome. Then I realized that getting to pretend to be me would be like shooting up heroin for anyone who played it, and I don't want that on my conscience.
    — Zach Braff
    The waiter just flashed me something that said, "Chew bubblegum." Every morning, when I was about to go to the Oprah competition, my friend used to say this line in a video game to me: "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum." There's a strict policy that you can't encourage anyone on a reality show, that would give them an edge.
    — Zach Anner
    I'm very specific about scripts that I like. I don't have a master plan or, like, a game plan. I don't have a chart that I'm following or anything like that. I'm very much playing it by ear. Certain things just happen and it's undeniable, you just go that way. But I don't have a specific path I'm following, I'm just playing it by ear.
    — Zac Efron
    tags: master  path  games 
    In sixth grade, my basketball team made it to the league championships. In double overtime, with three seconds left, I rebounded the ball and passed it - to the wrong team! They scored at the buzzer and we lost the game. To this day, I still have nightmares!
    — Zac Efron
    tags: lost  wrong  games 
    Anyone who says that softball is a boring game to watch isn't looking at the right things.
    — Yvonne Zipter
    tags: right  games 
    I don't know if this classifies as a video game, but I have a terrible obsession with Angry Birds.
    — Yvonne Strahovski
    tags: games 
    The rules of the game must be constantly updated to keep up with the expanding technology. Otherwise we overkill the classic climbs and delude ourselves into thinking we are better climbers than the pioneers.
    — Yvon Chouinard
    Softball is an easy sport to fall in love because our game is fast paced and action packed.
    — Yvette Girouard
    tags: action  games 
    I have learned from the first Olympics, of course. When I went to my first Olympic Games, I experienced all of the pressure and was able to win the gold medal. I try not to feel the pressure, and I try not to be nervous when I am on the ice and when I compete.
    — Yuna
    tags: games 
    For an athlete myself, it is especially meaningful for our country to host an Olympics. Every athlete hopes to participate in an Olympics, so I still can't believe the games of dreams is going to take place in Korea.
    — Yuna
    tags: believe  hope  dreams  games 
    The most important part of a RPG is the player feeling like they are taking the role of a character in a fully realised fantasy world. They can explore, visit various towns and places, talk to people, customise their character, collect various items, and defeat monsters. The story is not the focus of the experience and is only there to make the atmosphere of the fantasy world more interesting and engaging during the course of the game.
    — Yuji Horii
    A mixtape is for the street, it's something you without necessarily thinking about it, because you have to stay in the game. It's like writing an e-mail saying hello to your friends.
    — Young Thug
    It definitely changed the game. I happen to be in the game around [the time] when the internet kicked in.
    — Young Jeezy
    tags: internet  games 
    I don't just do music for the clubs, I do music for the struggle. I do music for everyday niggas, the kids who ain't got no sense of direction. I'm trying to restore some of the morals back into the game, as far as the street.
    — Young Jeezy
    tags: struggle  music  morals  kids  games 
    I can't speak for everybody, but sometimes, people get in this showbiz game and they get the money, but then they forget why they got in the game in the first place. I don't even look at it as fame, I just look at it as me being me, and me going out here everyday and being productive, because I am the product, and I'm selling myself. I'm selling my ambition and my integrity and my adversity, and I'd just like to be that.
    — Young Jeezy
    Married to the game. If we're dancing with the devil at least teach us how to dance when the son of making dollars.
    — Young Jeezy
    tags: devil  dance  son  games 
    My music is more like ghetto gospel; there's a message in my words, so people listen. Sometimes you might here different things; it depends on how you feel. You might feel down, and I might be the cat in the same sentence saying, "You need to get up and do your thing." And then I could be the same cat, when you at the top of your game, telling you, "It feel good, don't it?" but with the same words.
    — Young Jeezy
    tags: people  saying  music  cat  games 
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