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I just had to find all my friends that used to be in the business. As I say, the music business didn't die, it just moved to Nashville.
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— Lionel Richie
I always thought I wanted to play professionally, and I always knew that to do that I'd have to make a lot of sacrifices. I made sacrifices by leaving Argentina, leaving my family to start a new life. I changed my friends, my people. Everything. But everything I did, I did for football, to achieve my dream.
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— Lionel Messi
I've always really just liked football, and I've always devoted a lot of time to it. When I was a kid, my friends would call me to go out with them, but I would stay home because I had practice the next day. I like going out, but you have to know when you can and when you can't.
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— Lionel Messi
Practice and practice and practice, and you'll make friends all over the world.
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— Lionel Ferbos
Old friends die on you, and they're irreplaceable. You become dependent.
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— Lionel Blue
My biggest complaint about drivers out in the country has tended to be that they're not in a great hurry to get where they're going. This is particularly true of old men wearing hats. If you get behind an old guy wearing a hat on a winding road, you might as well just phone ahead on your cell and tell your friends you're going to be late.
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— Linwood Barclay
I love making friends.... it's people I can't stand.
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— Linus Torvalds
Like thousands of other boys, I had a little chemical laboratory in our cellar and think that some of our friends thought me a bit crazy.
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— Linus Pauling
It seems kind of silly, but it's really nice to chill in the kitchen with a friend and bake. It relaxes me, and mixing is probably my favorite part.
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— Lindsey Vonn
I never felt sidelined, I was supported by my friends, my family and my team. I always knew I could do it. I had confidence in myself.
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— Lindsey Vonn
What brings a real and lasting joy is our relationships with God, and our love for His other children He has put in our lives. It's people; friends and family that fulfil us. All else, fame, popularity, beauty, is so fleeting.
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— Lindsey Stirling
My mom's disease, Hodgkin's disease, wiped us out financially. We eventually lost our businesses. I understand we're all one car wreck from needing help.But what it told Lindsey Graham, above all else, is that family, friends and faith really do matter. I'm a lucky man to have had all the support I've had all these years.
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— Lindsey Graham
Conservatives have a different view of a lot of issues versus our friends on the other side. The election determines how that shakes out.
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— Lindsey Graham
I'm an angel compared to some of my friends.
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— Lindsay Lohan
I've never been a junkie, and never will be. I just like going out late to clubs with friends and listening to music. Always have done. It's not that unusual for girls of 26.
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— Lindsay Lohan
I won't live in L.A. again, hell no, my friends tell me s**t when they come over I don't want to hear. I don't even know who got married and who got pregnant. You turn on the news in L.A. and it is all gossip about people. All the stuff that is going on in the world right now and this gossip is the news?... I love the BBC. I haven't heard myself mentioned on TV since I have been here. That has been really weird for me, and great.
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— Lindsay Lohan
[On a strained relationship between a tennis champion and her mother:] There comes a time when it's probably not cool for your mom to be your best friend.
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— Lindsay Davenport
I never had tons of friends on tour. I was quiet and went about my business.
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— Lindsay Davenport
Major fluctuations in weight gain and loss are detrimental to your health and embarrassing to explain to your friends and family.
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— Linda Sunshine
Changing schools and friends is hard on children and can often make them desperate and lonely enough to form closer ties with a sibling.
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— Linda Sunshine
In my family and among Korean-Americans, there just is no occasion that people would get together without bibimbap. It's something that people eat when they're wanting to celebrate or have a good time with friends.
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— Linda Sue Park
The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn't fit, you make alterations.
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— Linda Hunt
A woman once described a friend of hers as being such a keen listener that even the trees leaned toward her, as if they were speaking their innermost secrets into her listening ears. Over the years I've envisioned that woman's silence, a hearing full and open enough that the world told her its stories. The green leaves turned toward her, whispering tales of soft breezes and the murmurs of leaf against leaf.
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— Linda Hogan
Tom Walls' buddies remain an isolated minority, except during times of economic or social stress, when a mass following develops to blame cranky sociopaths for the problems besetting society. If it weren't for brown-nosing evil firebrands, he would have no friends. The ideas backing up his rejoinders are extremely superficial and sex-crazed.
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— Linda Chavez
As all my friends said, 'Linda, enjoy this time.' It wasn't enjoyable the first time because they're were too many questions. But I think I've lived a solid life. You can look at who I've been, good, bad or indifferent.
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— Linda Blair
If you know me, I don't live in this dismal world. I mean, I like to have fun. My friends are comedians.
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— Linda Blair
When I get called in for stuff for Hollywood, I get to be the best friend of the Caucasian leadIf I want to play the main guy, I have found, I have to write it.
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— Lin-Manuel Miranda
I had friends who only listened to hip-hop. I had friends who only listened to musicals, and I stood proudly in the middle.
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— Lin-Manuel Miranda
It's sort of scary to work with your parents when you're in the same business. But there was something so very safe about that. Acting with her was just like working with a wonderful actress who just happens to be my best friend and also my mother.
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— Lily Rabe
I did have wonderful things to draw from, from my own experience and also just from friends and people I'd gone to school with who were very much immersed in this world right now.
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— Lily Rabe
At first, I didn't hang out with celebrity kids. That wasn't the way I was brought up. I went to a run-of-the-mill Catholic primary school when we first moved to L.A. But then I went to a high school where there were lots of 'industry' children. Those weren't my best friends and I've never set out to make myself a part of that scene.
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— Lily Collins
I love baking, it's the most calming thing for me. It's therapeutic, it makes the house smell good, and I get to take the goods to my friends. I do it for other people.
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— Lily Collins
I used to be a big planner and had to have things figured out ahead of time, but I'm learning to love living in the moment. Last night, I called my friend up randomly and said, 'Where are you? I want to come see you!' It's not a new version of me. I'm just embracing it more.
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— Lily Collins
A lot of my friends aren't working, especially since fewer films are being made now and there's more competition.
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— Lily Collins
America has had an influence on me, as has going out with a Cuban-American guy and having lots of American friends. But I am still fundamentally British and speak with a British accent and feel very English.
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— Lily Cole
I never want to position myself where I seem like an ambassador of anti-racism. I am fortunate enough to say that I've never experienced extreme amounts of racism, but a lot of my friends do.
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— Lilly Singh
The depth of a friendship - how much it means to us ... depends, at least in part, upon how many parts of ourselves a friend sees, shares and validates.
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— Lillian B. Rubin
Sometimes we choose a friend who mirrors our fantasies, dreams of a self we wish we could be.
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— Lillian B. Rubin
To be rich in friends is to be poor in nothing
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— Lilian Whiting
My friends need to be punished.
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— Lil' O