forgiveness Quotes

Let him cry whoever feels like crying, for we were animals before we became reasoning beings, and the shedding of a tear, whether of forgiveness or of pity or of sheer delight at beauty, will do him a lot of good.
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— Lin Yutang
None of us wants to admit that we hate someone... When we deny our hate we detour around the crisis of forgiveness. We suppress our spite, make adjustments, and make believe we are too good to be hateful. But the truth is that we do not dare to risk admitting the hate we feel because we do not dare to risk forgiving the person we hate.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
Spoken forgiveness, no matter how heartfelt, works best when we do not demand the response we want. I mean that when we tell people we forgive them, we must leave them free to respond to our good news however they are inclined. If the response is not what we hoped for, we can go home and enjoy our own healing in private.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
Forgiveness is God's invention for coming to terms with a world in which people are unfair to each other and hurt each other deeply. He began by forgiving us. And He invites us all to forgive each other.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
I am certain that people never forgive because they believe they have an obligation to do it or because someone told them to do it. Forgiveness has to come from inside as a desire of the heart. Wanting to is the steam that pushes the forgiving engine.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
Not even God can make something fair out of what is intrinsically unfair. Only one thing can be done. Something must break through the crust of unfairness and create a chance for a new fairness. Only forgiveness can make the breakthrough.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
When forgiveness is necessary, don't wait too long. We must begin to forgive, because without forgiving, we choke off our own joy; we kill our own soul. People carrying hate and resentment can invest themselves so deeply in that resentment that they gradually define themselves in terms of it.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
Gandhi was right: if we all live by 'an eye for an eye' the whole world will be blind. The only way out is forgiveness.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
The first and often only person to be healed by forgiveness is the person who does the forgiveness... When we genuinely forgive, we set a prisoner free and then discover that the prisoner we set free was us.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
Our history is an inevitable component of our being. One thing only can release us from the grip of our history. That one thing is forgiveness.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
Forgiveness is the key that can unshackle us from a past that will not rest in the grave of things over and done with. As long as our minds are captive to the memory of having been wronged, they are not free to wish for reconciliation with the one who wronged us.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
The only way to heal the pain which will not heal itself is to forgive the person who hurt you. Forgiveness heals the memory's vision. ... You set a prisoner free, but you discover the real prisoner was yourself.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
Let bygones be bygones because everybody knew that forgiveness was divine.
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— Lesley Kagen
We don't preach salvation. We preach forgiveness.
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— Leonard Ravenhill
I think one of the serious breakdowns in modern evangelism is this: it has offered too much for too little. What we do mostly is offer forgiveness. We need cleansing! There is no true conversion until a man takes up his cross.
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— Leonard Ravenhill
I would say that playing this character has caused me to think about a lot of things. He's always questioning himself and trying to get back to something he lost touch with and trying to find forgiveness. Everybody struggles with these things to some extent in their life.
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— Lee Tergesen
Few things accelerate the peace process as much as humbly admitting our own wrongdoing and asking forgiveness.
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— Lee Strobel
Believing the right things about Jesus isn't enough. You're not adopted as God's child until you confess and turn away from your wrongdoing and receive the freely offered gift of forgiveness and eternal life that Jesus purchased with his death on the cross. Until you do that, you'll always be on the outside looking in.
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— Lee Strobel
I think there's a faith formula in that verse: believe plus receive equals become. So I think believing's important, having intellectual agreement with Christian doctrine is important, but there has to be a time when we receive God's gift of grace - not that we've earned it or merit it or deserve it - but receive this free gift of forgiveness and eternal life that Jesus purchased on the cross for us.
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— Lee Strobel
Forgiveness is essential to health, growth, and healing.
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— Lee L Jampolsky
Forgiveness is almost a selfish act because of its immense benefits to the one who forgives.
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— Lawana Blackwell
There are few instances of the exercise of particular virtues which seem harder to attain to, or which appear more amiable and engaging in themselves, than those of moderation and the forgiveness of injuries.
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— Laurence Sterne
At that moment, something shifted sweetly inside him. It was forgiveness, beautiful and effortless and complete. For Louie Zamperini, the war was over.
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— Laura Hillenbrand
Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins.
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— Laozi
Forgiveness frees the forgiver.
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— Lance Morrow
It's good to learn early that every show is a family--complete with dysfunctional relationships, tough love, and plenty of occasion for forgiveness...
— Kristin Chenoweth
I think it's important to remember that Christianity was based in love and tolerance and forgiveness and acceptance.
— Kristin Chenoweth
Forgiveness is beautiful and it feels good when someone gives that gift to you. But it's one thing for someone you wronged to forgive you. It was another to forgive yourself.
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— Kristen Ashley
Truth, honesty, perseverance, strength, love of all kinds and forgiveness are all beautiful, Tack. The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take.
— Kristen Ashley
God makes it really clear that society and civilization is really held together by the glue of families... When a man and a woman come together and say 'I do,' they are committing for a lifetime to love each other and to model what love is and what forgiveness is and what joy is to their kids.
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— Kirk Cameron
I believe the Scriptures teach that there's a literal heaven and a literal hell, just like Jesus said. And without forgiveness of sins that, yeah, the place of punishment is called hell.
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— Kirk Cameron
Forgiveness depends on the person. If he's saying sorry to make himself comfortable, then don't forgive him. If he's asking for forgiveness sincerely, then it's okay to forgive him. If you don't know what's on that person's mind... It's easy. Watch carefully how that person has lived up to now, and how he's living right now.
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— Kim Du-han
GIFTS is an acronym for Gratitude, Intention, Forgiveness, Triumphs, and Self-love. I believe that those are the principles we need to explore in order to discover our true gifts.
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— Kim Coles
I admit I have no forgiveness. If anyone is ever rude to me, however much they may try to make up, I can't bring myself to re-establish the old [connection]. And when they drop me, I have a sense of relief.
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— Khushwant Singh
The chemist who can extract from his heart's elements compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness and compound them into one can create that atom which is called love
— Khalil Gibran
Soon I realized that if beauty equalled forgiveness, I was never going to be forgiven.
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— Kevyn Aucoin
You have many choices. You can choose forgiveness over revenge, joy over despair. You can choose action over apathy..- Stephanie MarstonLetting your kids see u helping others and not expect anything in return can be contagious
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— Kevin Heath
Forgiveness is an embrace, across all barriers, against all odds, in defiance of all that is mean and petty and vindictive and cruel in this life.
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— Kent Nerburn
Forgiveness allows us to live in the sunlight of the present, not the darkness of the past. Forgiveness alone, of all our human actions, opens up the world to the miracle of infinite possibility.
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— Kent Nerburn