fools Quotes

Life was a fool's errand, carrying news to the worms.
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— Kylie Tennant
It's just hypocrisy on hip-hop's part to cry racial profiling when your race is on TV acting like fools.
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— KRS-One
I prefer to be hated than be false and fool people.
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— Kristen Stewart
Sincerity seems to be a problem today. I'd rather be true and hated than be false and fool people.
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— Kristen Stewart
Isn't the act of calling everyone a fool left and right the indication of a true fool?
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— Kohta Hirano
Yes, I know that you feel you are not strong enough. That's what the enemy thinks, too. But we're gonna fool them.
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— Knute Rockne
The wisest fool in Christendom.
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— King James I
You can't close your eyes to the lies perpetrated by dangerous fools / 'cos they're handing out rules
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— Kim Wilde
It was not power that corrupted people, but fools who corrupted power.
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— Kim Stanley
Don't look at people like they're fools. I don't want to be misunderstand...and I don't want to be a fool again.
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— Kim A-joong
Every time I see you with sunbae, I always feel unhappy. This time the same thing happened. Why is it not me but another woman? This is not the first, but the second time. I'm always like this. Just like a fool.
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— Kim A-joong
I write two hours in the morning and two hours before bed no matter. No matter what. I also write during the day if I have to get something down, but the four hours a day is the one thing in my life I don't fool with.
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— Kiese Laymon
I once heard a learned man say, "Every evil has its remedy, except folly. To reprimand an obstinate fool or to preach to a dolt is like writing upon the water. Christ healed the blind, the halt, the palsied, and the leprous. But the fool He could not cure."
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— Khalil Gibran
He who does not seek advice is a fool. His folly blinds him to Truth and makes him evil, stubborn, and a danger to his fellow man.
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— Khalil Gibran
Many are the fools who say that Jesus stood in His own path and opposed Himself; that He knew not His own mind, and in the absence of that knowledge confounded Himself.
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— Khalil Gibran
The earth destroys its fools, but the intelligent destroy the earth.
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— Khalid ibn al-Walid
Wise men change, fools stay the same.
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— Kevin Gates
Only fools mistake politicians for messiahs.
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— Kevin Barrett
A fool will seek revenge, the wise man will allow God's karma.
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— Keshia Chante
...Good leaders wait to be called and they give up their power when they are no longer needed. Selfish men and fools put themselves first and keep their power until someone throws them out. It is no good to have a way where selfish men and fools fight with each other to be leaders, while the good ones watch.
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— Kent Nerburn
Am I a fool? I don't think I'm a fool. But I think I sure was fooled.
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— Kenneth Lay
Independence is all very well, but we animals never allow our friends to make fools of themselves beyond a certain limit; and that limit you've reached
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— Kenneth Grahame
The zombies were like Canadians, in that they looked enough like real people at first, to fool you.
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— Kelly Link
Remember when we met? Before you left, you said you were going to make a fool of yourself over me. That's still what you're worried about. That you'll find yourself doing things you never dreamed of doing, things you laughed at in others, and you'll make a fool of yourself.
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— Kelley Armstrong
I could only stare, any sense that maybe I understood him evaporating as it always did. I'd glimpse something underneath, and he'd snatched it away so fast it left bruises that called me a fool for hoping for more.
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— Kelley Armstrong
I don't really like the gym. I like to fool my body. I run around the beach and then there's scaffolding so I can just do different pulls-ups there.
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— Kellan Lutz
I've been very much intrigued by and impressed with women. But I've never been intimidated. Even if I make a fool of myself, it's better to have tried.
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— Kellan Lutz
Regret is just a waste of time for fools.
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— Kazuya Minekura
You see if you tell yourself the same tale over and over again enough times then the tellings become separate stories and you will generally fool yourself into forgetting you started with one solitary season out of your life.
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— Kaye Gibbons
I could lay here and read all night. I am not able to fall asleep without reading. You have the time when your brain has nothing to do so it rambles. I fool my brain out of that by making it read until it shuts off. I just think it is best to do something right up until you fall asleep.
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— Kaye Gibbons
I've wanted you since the moment you tried to run me over. You are unlike any woman I have met before. You are strong, and courageous, and you do not suffer fools...
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— Katie MacAlister
When my pals in high school were starting to drink, it always looked unappealing to me. I would be at a big party and see one of the popular girls or football players completely wasted and puking and acting a fool, and think to myself, there is nothing cool about that. I never wanted to be that out of control.
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— Kathy Griffin
The older I get, the less I suffer fools gladly
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— Kathleen Turner
One may have been a fool, but there's no foolishness like being bitter.
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— Kathleen Norris
The girl in the mirror caught my eye briefly...It is an uncanny feeling, that rare occasion when one catches a glimpse of oneself in repose. An unguarded moment, stripped of artifice, when one forgets to fool even oneself.
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— Kate Morton
But history is a faithless teller whose cruel recourse to hindsight makes fools of its actors.
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— Kate Morton
Nothing shows the kind of fool you are as quick as your tongue.
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— Kate Langley Bosher
Last words are for those fools who believe they have not yet said enough...
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— Karl Marx
Go on, get out - last words are for fools who haven't said enough. To his housekeeper, who urged him to tell her his last words so she could write them down for posterity.
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— Karl Marx
Nothing makes you look older than attempting to look young. You can fool anyone, apart from the young. The worst are the lip operations. There are people who have it done and I don't recognise them afterwards. They look like they flew through the windscreen during a car accident and were patched up badly afterwards.
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— Karl Lagerfeld