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When I was 5, some financial things happened, and I moved seven times in a year. We moved from apartment to apartment, sometimes living with friends. My mom would always say, 'Don't get comfortable, because we may not be here long.'
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— LeBron James
We are inheriting the worst financial system since the Depression. We're inheriting a situation - when people go back and study major banking crises a quarter century from now, the one that America developed in 2007 and 2008 is going to be one of those crises.
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— Lawrence Summers
Blaming speculators as a response to financial crisis goes back at least to the Greeks. It's almost always the wrong response.
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— Lawrence Summers
In this age of electronic money, investors are no longer seduced by a financial 'dance of a thousand veils.' Only hard and accurate information on reserves, current accounts, and monetary and fiscal conditions will keep capital from fleeing precipitously at the first sign of trouble.
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— Lawrence Summers
You want the story to end when it's supposed to and not be squeezed for somebody's financial gain.
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— Lauren Graham
I called my business manager in California and said, 'Sell all of my stock' - what little of it I had - and it's the only smart financial move I ever made.
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— Lauren Bacall
I think I would co-direct because I love actors and I've got a very good eye. I'm not a second-guesser. I don't think that I would be very happy, getting inundated by financial issues. I would love to co-direct with somebody because that would be a real freedom and an adventure, and then I could leave all the pain and misery to them. I'm not glib about it. I would take the responsibility to make a really good movie.
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— Lance Henriksen
Maybe we all need to leave our children with a value legacy, and not a financial one. A value for things with a personal touch - an autographed book, a soul-searching letter.
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— Lakshmi Pratury
Without strong financial roots, our generation is in a constant state of redefinition. This forces us to think outside the box when it comes to making a living... which sometimes makes it look like we're a mess, but really we're just creative. And we like weed.
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— Lake Bell
President Obama has a good sense not just of the economic requisites for financial crisis firefighting but also how you build political support for moving forward on reforming the financial system, making sure that the banks are carrying enough capital.
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— Lael Brainard
Never again will NAACP find itself near financial ruin.
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— Kweisi Mfume
A nation that encourages its people to spend more and save less promotes economic backwardness, social decay and its own financial doom.
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— Kurt Richebacher
Discovering various economists, economic works, reading financial periodicals and keeping up on current events in geopolitics and economics around the world opened my eyes to many facets of how the extended order works.
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— Kurt Bills
There is plenty of work to do, but big business isn't investing in rebuilding a green economy for the 21st century. Instead, they put their money into a gigantic financial casino, and when that led to catastrophe in 2008-9, they made us pay for it.
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— Kshama Sawant
Every one says: 'Listen, I'd love to reinvest. I'd love to hire people. But I have no idea what this healthcare bill is going to do to my bottom line. I have no idea what this financial reform bill is going to do... I'm not going to step out a limb and do any of those until I know what this government is going to do to me.
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— Kristi Noem
A big part of being in a wedding is the financial obligation, and that's something that people don't really talk about, but if you're asked to be in a wedding, you're gonna have to fork over some cash.
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— Kristen Wiig
So many people have fat bank accounts! But when God wants them to give they can't give. When God wants them to do certain things they can't do it " then they're not really rich. They are not really! Because they do not have the financial abundance to obey God's will. .
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— Kong Hee
Real prosperity is " Having the financial abundance to obey God's will whenever He wants you to, and however he wants you to.
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— Kong Hee
Applaud us when we prevail, correct us when we fail; but, above all, do not let this indispensable, irreplaceable institution wither, languish or perish as a result of Member States' indifference, inattention or financial starvation.
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— Kofi Annan
We need to ensure the poorest in the planet - who will be hardest hit by the financial crisis - are not forgotten.
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— Kofi Annan
While we can't begin to repay the debt we owe our veterans for their brave service, we can certainly take steps to ease the physical, psychological and financial hardships they may be experiencing.
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— Kirsten Gillibrand
I feel very lucky that I don't have to rely on a man to give me financial security. That's a big deal.
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— Kirsten Dunst
You have to pretend that your life is a financial pleasure even when your autographs are bouncing.
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— Kinky Friedman
Nothing is more useless in developing a nation's economy than a gun, and nothing blocks the road to social development more than the financial burden of war. War is the arch enemy of national progress and the modern scourge of civilized man.
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— King Hussein I
The banks should give a full, fair, and accurate account of their financial positions and they are failing that test.
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— Kevin Warsh
2009 was a tough year, but Australia rose to the challenge of the global financial crisis. It shows what can be done when we all join together and work together, governments of all persuasions state, territory and local; businesses large and small; unions and local communities right across the nation.
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— Kevin Rudd
The road to riches is never straight and narrow. It can be riddled with financial land mines.
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— Kevin O'Leary
Computer hacking really results in financial losses and hassles. The objectives of terrorist groups are more serious. That is not to say that cyber groups can't access a telephone switch in Manhattan on a day like 9/11, shut it down, and therefore cause more casualties.
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— Kevin Mitnick
When somebody shows up at your job and jeopardizes your job, yelling and screaming, that's financial abuse. It threatens your ability to take care of yourself.
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— Kerry Washington
I'd never really heard of financial abuse, although it makes so much sense when you hear it defined.
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— Kerry Washington
Trillions of dollars every day are being exchanged around the world in all of the financial markets.
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— Kenneth Lay
My undergraduate education, at the City College in New York, was made possible only by the existence of that excellent free institution and the financial sacrifices of my parents.
— Kenneth Arrow
It seems to me that at least as far as the financial markets are concerned, there is increasing evidence against rational expectations, even at the macro level.
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— Kenneth Arrow
The trouble is that the risks that are being hedged very well by new financial securities are financial risks. And it appears to me that the real things you want to hedge are real risks, for example, risks in innovation. The fact is that you'd like companies to be able to take bigger chances. Presumably one obstacle to successful R&D, particularly when the costs are large, are the risks involved.
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— Kenneth Arrow
Studies have consistently shown that financial hardship is the biggest obstacle to heterosexual marriage, yet the Republican leadership has done precious little to help address the financial hardship faced by American families.
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— Kendrick Meek
We're a small part of this ecosystem. When we go to a school and talk about investment banking, they are these monster financial conglomerates, and so we end up in the same pot. That is still an issue for us.
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— Ken Moelis
I don't want to pick on Deutsche Bank, but I think the world of the regulated financial conglomerate, it is a strange thing. There is nothing in common between writing checks and running branch offices, issuing credit cards - those are good businesses, but they really have zero in common with M&A advice. They're a different customer.
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— Ken Moelis
I worked at Drexel Burnham and DLJ, and then I worked at a financial conglomerate that had 60,000 people - there was a difference. But we went to the schools and said it's the same. The experience I had in 1992 is exactly what you're going to get in 2002.
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— Ken Moelis
I have no interest in managing my financial affairs.
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— Ken Livingstone
When I became mayor, the city was in tough financial straits.
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— Ken Boshcoff