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As a film director and as film actors, you get used to a certain rhythm that's slow. But with TV, it's hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. It's a different pace. So, it's about adjusting to the pace. It's not meant for everybody.
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— Lee Daniels
I don't think anyone likes anything of mine. At the end of the day, I love it, but just because I love it... I happen to love broccoli, not a lot of people like broccoli. I always question if somebody else is going to love my films.
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— Lee Daniels
I always want to be growing in my craft. Any artist should - whether you paint, whether you do music or film - always grow and study.
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— LeCrae
Every practice, every film session, every game will help our chemistry.
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— LeBron James
Everybody has someone in their life that has breast cancer. It touches femininity, motherhood and sexuality and as Barbara Brenner says in the film, "you get to say breast out loud in public." Big corporations know this and market in a particular way knowing that women make most of the buying decisions in a household.
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— Leanne Pooley
While it is increasingly possible for filmmakers to find an audience on their own (something that is particularly popular amongst documentary filmmakers) I'm still a believer in the "specialist". By this I mean, I back myself as a filmmaker, but I leave the marketing and distribution of my films to the experts.
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— Leanne Pooley
So when my film career took off, I always felt like I was trying to play catch-up because I hadn't studied acting before. I didn't know how to manage money or my career. When I look back, I think I was a little bit shell-shocked.
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— Lea Thompson
The character is important, of course, but I like when there's intelligence in a movie. I like when it's, how do you say, sensible. So for me a film is very subjective, and it's a point of view. I like to be brought into a world of a director.
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— Lea Seydoux
Making movies in France is different, but it's still acting, you know. You still have doubts and you're scared, always, but I really love doing films in America, because I love to speak English. But I think there's something very entertaining about American films. But I also like the intimacy of French films.
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— Lea Seydoux
I'd love to do just straight theatre. I'd love to do film and television, too.
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— Lea Salonga
All the Disney Princess films are iconic and beautiful, so to have been a part of all that was really a wonderful part of my life. Its all fabulous, too, that I have a daughter that appreciates the whole Princess thing.
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— Lea Salonga
Film is an itch I have yet to scratch.
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— Lea Michele
I've been very blessed to work in some films that I'm very proud of. When you're going to commit yourself to a series, to a certain degree, you're almost saying, "Okay, some of these opportunities, I'm just not going to be available for," so it has to be something that you really, really are passionate about.
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— Laz Alonso
Every medium has its advantages and weaknesses and there are many things I can put down on paper that I might not be able to put into film or into a stage performance. In each form, one can communicate powerfully in different ways.
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— Lawrence Wright
As I've indicated, most books go out of print within one year. The same is true of music and film. Commercial culture is sharklike. It must keep moving. And when a creative work falls out of favor with the commercial distributors, the commercial life ends.
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— Lawrence Lessig
The movies that made me want to make movies were action movies, and thrillers, and Kurosawa films, you know, where you have an opportunity every day to shoot it in an unusual way. I was looking for something like that.
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— Lawrence Kasdan
That was certainly true the first time, when I did Body Heat, the first movie that I directed. I was looking for a vessel to tell a certain kind of story, and I was a huge fan of Film Noir, and what I liked about it was that it was so extreme in style.
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— Lawrence Kasdan
I don't think that my work appeals that much to the hard-core, avant-garde film audience. They appeal to people who teach film and those establishment figures on the East Coast.
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— Lawrence Jordan
Film is a very collaborative medium. If you're smart enough, you learn how to maintain your vision while drawing resourcefully from all the people around you.
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— Lawrence Bender
I come from an everyday middle class family in India. The film industry reached us only through our television sets and cinema halls.
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— Lavrenti Lopes
I make films, and festivals, museums, and academia are embracing the work. It will be heard. It's bound to happen because cinema is universal. You create it, some people will notice it, some people will watch it.
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— Lav Diaz
I'm very fatalistic about life. Whatever happens, happens. The imperative for me is that I do my contribution for my people, for my culture. I still want to make films for them. I still want to make films that confront our struggles.
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— Lav Diaz
There is no border. I'm branding my films as Malay cinema, but it's just about cinema. Everything that I make is about humanity's struggle, so there is no border, really.
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— Lav Diaz
There is no border in my films. You can see yourself in these stories. This is the greatest thing about the power of cinema. It's very present. It's all there. You can't escape it.
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— Lav Diaz
The thing that a lot of people may or may not know is every artist is a cinephile, whether they watch movies whether they're painting, or have films that influence them.
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— Laurie Simmons
In silent films, quite complex plots are built around action, setting, and the actors gestures and facial expressions, with a very few storyboards to nail down specific plot points.
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— Laurie R. King
I think women are amazing and womens friendships are like a sisterhood and we should see more of it in television and film.
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— Laurie Holden
When a certain show or film or celebrity captures the imagination of the masses that has a good deal to say about us, I think, and what is happening in our collective psyche.
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— Laurie Foos
Audiences, whether they're seeing a film or a reading or whatever it is, a concert, they decide very quickly what kind of show it is, and then they judge it. They judge the rest of the thing by whether it conforms to their rules for what a good symphony orchestra would be.
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— Laurie Anderson
My stage successes have provided me with the greatest moments outside myself, my film successes the best moments, professionally, within myself.
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— Laurence Olivier
It suits me to be in a series that takes ages to film.
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— Laurence Fox
I always feel like every film takes the franchise and hangs it in the balance.
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— Lauren Shuler Donner
I went to film school, so I certainly know how to make things quickly and cheaply. But at the same time, I have the experience of working with Steve Starkey for three years. I watched him produce some gigantic movies.
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— Lauren Miller
The way that I write songs is pretty simple. I hear music first, much like you would when you're scoring a film. I usually hear a soundtrack in my head, and after I get that soundtrack, it tells me what it's about, what it feels like, what the emotion is, and the words come after.
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— Lauren Hart
All my film ideas and subjects have come from photography.
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— Lauren Greenfield
Howard Hawks said he'd like to put me in a film with Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart. I thought, "Cary Grant-terrific! Humphrey Bogart-yucch."
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— Lauren Bacall
In terms of acting, we go through phases of being really inspired by film and television and actors and works that we've read.
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— Laura Vandervoort
I think one of the most shocking things is how little our elected officials knew about what the NSA was doing. Congress is learning from the reporting and that's staggering. Snowden and [former NSA employee] William Binney, who's also in the film as a whistleblower from a different generation, are technical people who understand the dangers.
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— Laura Poitras
I always said when I was younger, I wanted to write film music, and I think that's what my ultimate dream is.
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— Laura Mvula
One absolutely crucial change is that feminist film theory is today an academic subject to be studied and taught. "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" was a political intervention, primarily influenced by the Women's Liberation Movement and, in my specific case, a Women's Liberation study group, in which we read Freud and realised the usefulness of psychoanalytic theory for a feminist project.
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— Laura Mulvey