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Since the show [Helix] is based in real science, there are real-life epidemic scares out there, throughout history, where there are these huge viruses that have wiped out huge populations. So, we're dealing with something that the CDC hasn't seen before, but it comes from a virus. That's something that's based in reality, and then you put the science fiction on that and it's a really interesting combination.
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— Kyra Zagorsky
As you may know, my motto is: "All memory is fiction." It could just as easily be: "All fiction is memory." Unpacked, these two statements defy the ease of logic, but offer some really important truths about narrative art, at the very least, and about memory. So I would say that all art is personal.
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— Kwame Dawes
All memory is fiction.
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— Kwame Dawes
I believe that all fiction is personal and all writing is at some level personal.
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— Kwame Dawes
Unlike fiction, which you create before you go into production, with reality you kind of create it after everything is produced. The drama and the storytelling is really done in post.
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— Kurt Sutter
Rod Clark has one of the most unique voices I have ever encountered. I still quote some of his political insights years later. To have him write political science fiction is both appropriate and intriguing.
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— Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Honestly, when you start talking about genres, you're talking as much about the business side of writing as anything else. Certainly there are elements of reader expectation that play into various genres, and those are important, but it also becomes about packaging, placement, audience....In the end, I'm not a fan of labels. I think the best fiction blurs the boundaries between genres, stretches and breaks them.
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— Kristin Hannah
Truth is better than fiction in terms of telling the story.
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— Kristi Jacobson
I make the case in the book that Standard English, that language we all aspire to live and move and have our being within, is actually based on a fiction. It's not anyone's native way of speaking or writing. That's why we have to take classes in it. Language is just really squishy.
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— Kory Stamper
Some people, when they're called before the police, like nothing better than to spill everything, fact and fiction alike, hoping to create a good impression.
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— Kobo Abe
If I had unlimited funds, wall space and storage, I would collect a lot more things, like 'Planet of the Apes,' 'Star Wars,' science fiction stuff, autographs, and prop guns and weapons. I have to draw the line somewhere.
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— Kirk Hammett
I don't read much fiction because I already read a lot of scripts, so I want to learn about the world.
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— Kirby Bliss Blanton
There's a fine line between fiction and non-fiction and I think I snorted it somewhere in 1979
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— Kinky Friedman
The art of writing fiction is to sail as dangerously close to the truth as possible without sinking the ship
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— Kinky Friedman
It is not extraordinary that the extraterrestrial origin of women was a recurrent theme of science fiction.
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— Kingsley Amis
[Science fiction is] that class of prose narrative treating of a situation that could not arise in the world we know, but which is hypothesised on the basis of some innovation in science or technology, or pseudo-science or pseudo-technology, whether human or extra-terrestrial in origin. It is distinguished from pure fantasy by its need to achieve verisimilitude and win the 'willing suspension of disbelief' through scientific plausibility.
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— Kingsley Amis
With some exceptions in science fiction and other genres I have small difficulty in avoiding anything that could be called American literature. I feel it is unnatural, not I think entirely because it uses a language that is not mine, however closely akin to my own.
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— Kingsley Amis
You can never properly predict the future as it really turns out. So you are doing something a little different when you write science fiction. You are trying to take a different perspective on now.
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— Kim Stanley
I suppose most writers are following Twain's advice to tackle what they know, and my own readings habits drew me to writers who seemed to be writing honestly from their own experiences, whether they presented it in the guise of fiction or not.
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— Kevin Keck
I got to spend all of my time every day at work reading and editing papers about cutting-edge technical research and getting paid for it. Then I'd go home at night and turn what I learned into science fiction stories.
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— Kevin J. Anderson
Dune is the bestselling science fiction book of all time. It's something you really need to read in your lifetime. If you're going to read The Lord of the Rings, which everyone should, then you have to read Dune, too.
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— Kevin J. Anderson
We sat around on a hotel balcony with a bottle of wine and tried to figure out how you would go about blowing up a planet. That's the kind of conversations science fiction writers have when they get together. We don't talk about football or anything like that.
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— Kevin J. Anderson
As a fan of science fiction and as a kid who loves monsters, science fiction movies and this, that and the other, there's no real way to make a career out of that. Especially when I grew up.
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— Kevin Grevioux
Comics also led a lot of young people to science fiction.
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— Kerry James Marshall
The condition of visibility as it relates to black people was crucial. Connected to that, I've always been interested in science fiction and horror films and was acutely aware of the political and social implications of Ralph Ellison's description of invisibility as it relates to black people, as opposed to the kind of retinal invisibility that H.G. Wells described in his novel Invisible Man.
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— Kerry James Marshall
This is important. Money on its most basic level is a hard fact - you either have it or you don't. But on it's emotional level it is purely a fiction. It becomes what you let it become.
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— Kent Nerburn
I love painting and music, of course. I don't know nearly as much about them as I know about poetry. I've certainly been influenced by fiction. I was overwhelmed by War and Peace when I read it, and I didn't read it until I was in my late 20s.
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— Kenneth Koch
I never wanted my books to be mistaken for poetry or fiction books; I wanted to write reference books. But instead of referring to something, they refer to nothing.
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— Kenneth Goldsmith
Science fiction made me aware of how big and strange the universe was, leaving aside the whole question of aliens.
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— Ken MacLeod
There is a real connection between Philosopy and fiction.
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— Ken Follett
The boundary between philosophy and fiction is not as clear cut as you may think and the two definitely interact..
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— Ken Follett
I read mostly fiction, a lot of 19th-century novels.
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— Ken Follett
Tony Black is the Tom Waits of Crime Fiction, yes, that good.
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— Ken Bruen
I'm not well-versed in the science fiction world. I'm hoping that I'll get more opportunities in it because you get to create a new world.
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— Kelly Masterson
Everyone has a bizarre childhood and unusual life experiences, whether they know it or not. There's no such thing as a normal childhood. What's useful in writing weird fiction is learning how to understand and articulate those moments of personal, particular strangeness.
— Kelly Link
When I'm up for an award, there are usually two or three other things on the ballot that I like better than my own fiction.
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— Kelly Link
Topiary has always seemed like a good occupation, comparable in some ways to writing short fiction.
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— Kelly Link
Most of the history is a divine work of fiction.
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— Kedar Joshi
If we're talking about the science fiction or action genres, I've always tried when I could to do them in a way that's not just cookie-cutter - that they bring something fresh or original to it, have some kind of ideas to it. I've been fortunate, in some sense, to do those kinds of movies that are unique.
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— Keanu Reeves
I know Stephen King is uncompromising on the idea that writers should practise their craft every single day, and it clearly works for him. Personally, I relish a day off with some boredom; it gives me space to feel the world, observe, stir up the epiphanies, which I need if I'm creating fiction. On the other hand, I'm a big advocate for beauty and creativity on the weekend, which can be incredibly rejuvenating.
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— Katrina Onstad