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    feminism Quotes

    Feminism without spirituality runs the risk of becoming what it rejects: an elitist ideology, arrogant, superficial and separatist, closed to everything but itself. Without a spiritual base that obligates it beyond itself, calls it out of itself for the sake of others, a pedagogical feminism turned in on itself can become just one more intellectual ghetto that the world doesn't notice and doesn't need.
    — Joan D. Chittister
    Women do not have to embrace principles of imperialism, corporatism and militarism in order to be a feminist. There is another feminist choice, which is consistent with the broader principles of feminism.
    — Jill Stein
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    The stereotypes of feminists as ugly, or man-haters, or hairy, or whatever it is - that's really strategic. That's a really smart way to keep young women away from feminism, is to kind of put out this idea that all feminists hate men, or all feminists are ugly; and that they really come from a place of fear.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    If there's an article about sexual assault, if there's a video about feminism on YouTube, you're going to get the most horrible, disgusting comments ever. And sometimes the comments are pornographic, and sometimes the comments are really harassing. So I think that it's kind of a difficult place for women to write sometimes.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    We've been growing our readership every month, and we're kind of like, where are they all coming from? This is wonderful! And I think one of the best surprises was that you hear so often that young women don't care about feminism, that young women don't identify as feminists. But really, the majority of our readers are young women. So to see so many young people kind of get involved and really take to Feministing.com was a really exciting thing.
    — Jessica Valenti
    Feminism isn't simply about being a woman in a position of power. It's battling systemic inequities; it's a social justice movement that believes sexism, racism and classism exist and interconnect, and that they should be consistently challenged.
    — Jessica Valenti
    If feminism wasn't powerful, if feminism wasn't influential, people wouldn't spend so much time putting it down.
    — Jessica Valenti
    My informal writing style is a political choice, because I want feminism to be more accessible.
    — Jessica Valenti
    I think that it's incredibly important that we're actually paying attention to the feminism that's going on on the ground in different countries and see what we can do to support the work that's already going on, as opposed to kind of assuming that we know best for women in other areas.
    — Jessica Valenti
    Something you hear a lot is that feminism dead. But if feminism is dead, why do people try so hard to kill it? Something just isn't making sense there. So I think when young women hear like, hey, someone's trying to get something over on me, you know, someone's trying to deliberately keep me away from a movement that could make my life better, I think that really resonates with them.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    I hope that by modeling feminism in my own life, work and relationships that it will haut become an organic part of my daughter's life. But I'm also fully prepared for her to become a Republican as a way to rebel as a teenager - that would be just my luck!
    — Jessica Valenti
    There have been women who stumbled across Feministing randomly, through a bizarre Google search or something, and had no idea what feminism was. They thought it was something older women do, or bought into the hairy bra-burning man-hating stereotype 100 percent. Anything that deviates from that is very exciting for them.
    — Jessica Valenti
    The biggest thinker that's influenced my feminism is definitely Bell Hooks, who's a feminist cultural critic, because of her accessibility but also just because she's a genius.
    — Jessica Valenti
    tags: feminism  genius 
    It used to be that if someone was to get involved in feminism, it was probably because they were already interested. They were already interested in feminism; they were already interested in being an activist, and they found their way to like a NOW meeting or to a consciousness-raising group or something like that.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    I think feminism has always been global. I think there's feminism everywhere throughout the world.
    — Jessica Valenti
    tags: world  feminism 
    I think feminism is taking off. It's just not visible in the way that we would like it to be.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    I'm really aware of how feminism and feminist rhetoric has been appropriated by the right.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    I always go with the dictionary definition of feminism, which is just social, political and economic equality for women.
    — Jessica Valenti
    I think the idea that feminism is dead is dangerous because it leads women and men to believe that (1) they don't have to do anything; the work has been done, and that everything is okay now; and (2) it leaves them kind of alone, I think, in a struggle, and that's something I've seen a lot when I go to colleges and I speak to young women.
    — Jessica Valenti
    I think people resist feminism because they're scared. I think for women, they're scared of being picked on or of being called out.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    I think the biggest hurdle American feminists have in terms of taking a more global approach is that too often when you hear American feminists talk about international feminism or women in other countries, it kind of goes along with this condescending point of view like we have to save the women of such-and-such country; we have to help them.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    I think that blogging and the Internet has completely changed feminism for ever, I think.
    — Jessica Valenti
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    You have to have your personal life, and at the end of the day I think what people forget, especially when you're online, is that you're a person too, right, and that you're not this ideal of feminism, that everything you do like feminism just like falls in your wake.
    — Jessica Valenti
    What bothers me the most about the way that people appropriate feminist language is that they are the same people who are - you know, anti-feminists - they're the same people who say that feminism is ruining the family, yet when it behooves them to, they'll say Sara Palin's a feminist - when all of a sudden it works in their favor.
    — Jessica Valenti
    People seem to think, because of the way that the media has appropriated third-wave feminism or young feminism, that all young feminists are about is like pole dancing and girls gone wild and how empowering it is. Like they'll start calling anything feminist.
    — Jessica Valenti
    tags: people  feminism  young  girls  wild  gone  media 
    I've been thinking a lot about Lady Gaga and what she means for feminism. I think - I find her completely fascinating, and I really like what she has to say.
    — Jessica Valenti
    Feminism now seems to be defined as success is defined: as being as good at capitalism as men are. I feel very estranged from it.
    — Jessa Crispin
    Nearly a half-century on from feminism, simply being a woman artist is still a revolutionary act. And getting one's work shown continues to be met by enormous inbuilt resistance.
    — Jerry Saltz
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    Most of these feminists are radical, frustrated lesbians, many of them, and man-haters, and failures in their relationships with men, and who have declared war on the male gender. The biblical condemnation of feminism has to do with its radical philosophy and goals. That's the bottom line.
    — Jerry Falwell
    I'm very interested in the visual world because I'm also very interested in feminism. I find that the world of watching takes us into the most psychotic state of, like, "You are this one person, but you have to become another person to see these images."
    — Jenny Hval
    tags: people  world  feminism 
    feminism is about ultimate, limitless reality ...
    — Jane Fonda
    tags: reality  feminism 
    I see many more men who are feminist, or at least who have learned about life in the context of feminism.
    — Jane Fonda
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    I knew that my newfound activism and feminism was going to improve my acting, because I was seeing things not just in very narrow, individual, kind of Freudian terms, but seeing them in a much broader, societal way that was going to deepen and enrich my talent.
    — Jane Fonda
    tags: feminism  talent  seeing 
    I don't belong to any clubs, and I dislike club mentality of any kind, even feminism - although I do relate to the purpose and point of feminism. More in the work of older feminists, really, like Germaine Greer.
    — Jane Campion
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    Ecology movements, futurism, feminism, urbanism, protest and disarmament, personal individuation cannot alone save the world from the catastrophe inherent in our very idea of the world. They require a cosmological vision that saves the phenomenon 'world' itself, a move in soul that goes beyond measures of expediency to the archetypal source of our world's continuing peril: the fateful neglect, the repression, of the anima mundi.
    — James Hillman
    It's not enough just to be a mother. It's not only the social pressure on mothers by certain kinds of feminism and other sources. There is also economic pressure on them.
    — James Hillman
    Feminism is what I do with my life, it's how I spend my days, it's my job, it's not just an opinion I have among many other opinions.
    — Jaclyn Friedman
    tags: feminism  job  opinion 
    I would suggest that a feminism which does not also seek to alter the exploitation of poorer women is not feminism at all, but is simply a varient for of upper-class politics & self-privileging.
    — Jack D. Forbes
    tags: women  feminism  politics 
    For whatever reason, various outlets and individuals are committed to making the world think that young girls don't talk or care about feminism anymore, that it's totally over. But it's not.
    — J. Courtney Sullivan
    tags: world  feminism  young  girls  care 
    I think if more people would understand how simple and what really feminism is, I would imagine that most men I know are feminists without verbalising or saying so.
    — Hozier
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