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I think that the early feminism at least overlooked the fact that partnership and children can provide happiness. It isn't the only way but for very many people it is the most important way.
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— Kristina Schroder
Conservative feminism is such an artificial term that doesn't mean much to me. For me conservatism means accepting reality. I acknowledge that there are differences between men and women.
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— Kristina Schroder
I think it would be really rotten to tell boys that schools won't cater for them properly because men have unquestionably been dominant for thousands of years. A feminism that deliberately neglects boys is immoral in my opinion.
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— Kristina Schroder
As for feminism, I am a womanist more than I'm a feminist.
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— Kola Boof
When feminism does not explicitly oppose racism, and when antiracism does not incorporate opposition to patriarchy, race and gender politics often end up being antagonistic to each other and both interests lose.
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— Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
Korean feminism has been swept away by popular culture. It became a sort of old-fashioned trend or a joke.
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— Kim Hyesoon
If you propose there is a feminism problem in Korea, somebody would point out that you are bringing up antiquated issues. No one acknowledges that discrimination against women is still widespread.
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— Kim Hyesoon
It seems Korean women are enjoying a passive and fragile status, intoxicated by appearance. Not only feminism, but any serious discourse ends up being swept away by popular culture in Korea.
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— Kim Hyesoon
Korean feminism is on the brink of death. Korea has a less clear boundary between popular literature and serious literature than in other countries. I feel that feminism is abandoned like a product that was a craze in the past.
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— Kim Hyesoon
I think Julia is defining a new feminism. It's the power of the open heart. And its ok to be sexual.
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— Kenny Loggins
There's an individual feminism, if you will, that you make your own choices.
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— Kellyanne Conway
I am the dictionary definition of feminist in that I believe women are equal to men. People sometimes use the word for different meanings and it is important to understand that feminism at its core is really is just believing that everyone is equal and should have the same rights. We are all beautiful women, we are still in the fight for equal pay, and we don't need to fight each other.
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— Kelly Osbourne
I don't know what happened through the '80s, '90s, and '00s that took feminism off the table, that made it something that women weren't supposed to identify with and were supposed to be ashamed of. Feminism is about the fight for equality between the sexes, with equal respect, equal pay, and equal opportunity. At the moment we are still a long way off that.
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— Keira Knightley
Feminism, unlike almost every other social movement, is not a struggle against a distinct oppressor - it's not the ruling class or the occupiers or the colonizers - it's against a deeply held set of beliefs and assumptions that we women, far too often, hold ourselves.
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— Kavita Ramdas
I am not a feminist, but I do believe in the strength of women... This social revolution of feminism in the '70s really achieved so many of its goals-not every single one of them, obviously-but I think we should say it's great that these young women don't feel like they need to be feminists.
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— Katy Perry
Modern feminism cannot survive without victims.
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— Katie Pavlich
Younger feminists actually care about stuff that came before them, the same way that I totally cared about and loved and felt so lucky to have access to the feminism that came before me. To have younger people take what me and my friends have done, and to say 'We have access to that, but we're going to put that through our own Internet generation filter and we're going to make it into something that speaks to us and is a lot smarter.'
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— Kathleen Hanna
Feminism is something you do. It's a verb. It's what you are. It's an activity; it's something you're actively engaged in.
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— Kathleen Hanna
I don't need to convince men that feminism is important, that just isn't a goal of mine. I can't even have that conversation of whether or not it's important, because if someone asks me that... I don't want to have a conversation with them until they grow up.
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— Kathleen Hanna
My mom and I had secret from my dad that we didn't think we were stupid, that we didn't think we needed feminism to be explained to us.
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— Kathleen Hanna
My political views have definitely changed over the years. Maybe a better way of saying it is that I have grown into my convictions; the values and ideas of radical feminism that I started to articulate in my late teens feel more internalized or "second nature."
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— Kathleen Hanna
Since I loved underground music, I tried to carve a space for feminism within it. Those were my hopes.
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— Kathleen Hanna
My original goal in the '90s, after I found feminism and I was the first generation in my family to go to college, was to spread this information that feminism was still very much alive, and that you can't believe the media telling you that it doesn't need to exist and that it doesn't exist.
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— Kathleen Hanna
I think that feminism is in cycle. Feminism rotates between backlash and interest.
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— Kathleen Hanna
I'm more interested in a feminism that ends discrimination for all people. It's not just about a woman becoming the CEO of a company or something. It's connected to racism and classism and gender issues that go beyond the binary.
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— Kathleen Hanna
Young girls getting into feminism.
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— Kathleen Hanna
I don't appreciate it when women - or men - bandy about these stupid stereotypes about feminism that are age-old, and that are meant to keep people turned off from it. It's like, "All you have to do is Wikipedia feminism to know that it's not about man-hating - so shut up." That makes me annoyed.
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— Kathleen Hanna
There are people who view their feminism in different ways. I used to beat myself up if I didn't react to things like I was supposed to.
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— Kathleen Hanna
I'm not a goddess, for crying out loud. I'm a regular person who took feminism - which I have a deep connection to - and mixed it with music, which I really love to do.
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— Kathleen Hanna
Gay marriage! That's a huge change and a huge win-win for feminism.
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— Kathleen Hanna
What I've heard from younger women and women my age is that the albums changed their lives or it was the first time they had heard feminism that they could relate to. So that's great.
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— Kathleen Hanna
Thanks to feminism, women can now acquire status in two ways: through marriage or their own achievements. Cure cancer or marry the man who does, either way society will applaud. Unless he marries into the British royal family, it doesn't work that way for men. Wives shed no glory on their husbands. Having tea with Nancy Reagan is an honor; having tea with Denis Thatcher is a joke.
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— Katha Pollitt
One of the very important ideas of feminism for me has always been women helping and supporting each other.
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— Katha Pollitt
A feminist is a person who answers 'yes' to the question 'Are women human?' Feminism is not about whether women are better than, worse than or identical with men...It's about justice, fairness, and access to the broad range of human experience.
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— Katha Pollitt
Like Broadway, the novel, and G-d, feminism has been declared dead many times
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— Katha Pollitt
For many people, feminism is one of those words of which, as St. Augustine said about time, they know the meaning as long as no one is asking.
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— Katha Pollitt
The complete destruction of traditional marriage and the nuclear family is the 'revolutionary or utopian' goal of feminism.
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— Kate Millett
Feminism is such an incredibly awkward word for us these days, isnt it? Not to be feminist would be bizarre, wouldnt it?
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— Kate Atkinson
The way I view feminism - and I know there are a lot of different things going on - but, at its purest form, to me, it's a very positive, supportive, nurturing, empowerment thing. I mean, God, who isn't a feminist? If you don't think women are as good as men, you're not a good person. I like to think that most of the population of people worth being friends with are feminists, if that's what feminism means.
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— Kat Dennings
The enemy of feminism isn't men. It's patriarchy, and patriarchy is not men. It is a system, and women can support the system of patriarchy just as men can support the fight for gender equality.
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— Justine Musk