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I believe in fate. Sometimes that means an old bearded guy sitting on a cloud and pulling the strings; sometimes it means random atoms swirling through a cheerless universe; sometimes it means everything being preordained thanks to your karma credit from your previous lives.
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— Kyle MacLachlan
The main thing I like about New Yorkers is that they understand that their lives are a relentless circus of horrors, ending in death. As New Yorkers, we realize this, we resign ourselves to our fate, and we make sure that everyone else is as miserable as we are. Good town.
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— Kyle Baker
The world isn't purposeful. It isn't ruled by reason. The world wants to play. Fashion queens have always aroused more interest than future generations and their fate.
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— Kurt Tucholsky
You have to want to make a film for other reasons - to say something, to tell a story, to show somebody's fate - but you can't want to make a film simply for the sake of it.
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— Krzysztof Kieslowski
I have little space from the suffering of elephants right now. I wake up with it and go to sleep with it. The plight of animals in shelters, of kids used for labor for the metals in our electronics and endless other things, the fate of our water supply to dye our blue jeans and water our lawns, the sad painful life of conventionally raised meat...For me, I am working to not contribute to this. I really don't want to hurt others for my benefit.
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— Kristin Bauer van Straten
Nearly every BRCA mutation carrier's main concern is how to avoid the fate of relatives who have had, and possibly died from, breast or ovarian cancer.
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— Kristi Funk
Change your plate. Change your fate.
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— Kris Carr
Fate has a way of getting what she wants, no matter how we try to avoid it.
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— Kresley Cole
Beneath the surface of states and nations, ideas and language, lies the fate of individual human beings in need. Answering their needs will be the mission of the United Nations in the century to come.
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— Kofi Annan
No worse fate can befall a young man or woman than becoming prematurely entrenched in prudence and negation.
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— Knut Hamsun
When good befalls a man he calls it Providence, when evil fate.
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— Knut Hamsun
Let's face it, there's no point in running away. I will find that person myself and I will change Saet Byul's fate
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— Kim Soo-hyun
In that endless time, we are born in the same age. In that infinite space, to be able to meet and become one with you, that fate is really amazing and the miracle is really beautiful.
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— Kim A-joong
I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway. And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you.
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— Kiersten White
When you have counted eighty years and more, Time and Fate will batter at your door; But if you should survive to be a hundred, Your life will be death to the very core.
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— Khushwant Singh
I was born human. But this was an accident of fate - a condition merely of time and place. I believe it's something we have the power to change.
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— Kevin Warwick
Drawing Lavi's smile eases me precisely because he has such a sad fate.
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— Katsura Hoshino
Of all created things the source is one, Simple, single as love; remember The cell and seed of life, the sphere That is, of child, white bird, and small blue dragon-fly Green fern, and the gold four-petalled tormentilla The ultimate memory. Each latent cell puts out a future, Unfolds its differing complexity As a tree puts forth leaves, and spins a fate Fern-traced, bird feathered, or fish-scaled.
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— Kathleen Raine
I was behaving, just like I promised, but fate intervened.
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— Katherine Paterson
In our society mothers take the place elsewhere occupied by the Fates, the System, Negroes, Communism or Reactionary Imperialist Plots; mothers go on getting blamed until they're eighty, but shouldn't take it personally.
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— Katharine Whitehorn
God the father, and even more often the devil himself, appears at times in the place of fate in the modern tragedy. Why is it thatthis has not induced any scholar to develop a theory of the diabolical genre?
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
We have become makers of our fate when we have ceased to pose as its prophets.
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— Karl Popper
To allow the market mechanism to be the sole director of the fate of human beings and their natural environment....would result in the demolition of society.
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— Karl Polanyi
When I take up my pen, nothing can happen to me. Fate, remember that.
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— Karl Kraus
Certainly inside my heart I know degrees of difference. But I can't blame any of these men who share a common fate with me. The big folly of this trial is that it lacks the two men who are to blame for anything which is criminal, namely Hitler and Himmler.
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— Karl Donitz
Fate is the opportunity. Choice is what you do with it.
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— Karen Rose
I tell of hearts and souls and dances... Butterflies and second chances; Desperate ones and dreamers bound, Seeking life from barren ground, Who suffer on in earthly fate The bitter pain of agony hate, Might but they stop and here forgive Would break the bonds to breathe and live And find that God in goodness brings A chance for change, the hope of wings To rest in Him, and self to die And so become a butterfly.
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— Karen Kingsbury
I've never found it helpful to treat fate with a gentle hand. Everytime I've stroked, hopin' fer a favor, she's slapped me hand and laughed at me. If ye want something, take fate by the throat and shake it out o' her.
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— Karen Hawkins
Fate decides until challenged by the fated
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— Kami Garcia
the wheel of fate crushes us all
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— Kami Garcia
Fate is a wheel that turns without our hand
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— Kami Garcia
The thing about fate is, are you the master of your fate, or are the stars?
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— Kami Garcia
I guess the sacrifice of my dignity is the only thing that will save us now. The things I endure for love. The Fates laugh at my torment.
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— Julie Kagawa
Lady Madelyne had sealed her own fate. She'd warmed his feet.
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— Julie Garwood
As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends to compensatingly increase and the dictator... will do well to encourage that freedom in conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope, movies, and radio. It will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate.
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— Julian Huxley
I'm afraid that surprise, shock, and regret is the fate of authors when they finally see themselves on the page.
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— Julia Child
From Mother you will inherit the belief that you can journey to your fate, there's a place to be located on a map that's destiny. If only you can get there. If it isn't too late. If no one stops you.
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— Joyce Carol Oates
I wouldn't change any part of my life that I've lived up until now. I kind of believe in fate a little bit and I believe that whether it be good or bad, everything is happening for a reason regardless of how good or how terrible it is.
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— Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi
The top 1 percent have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, but there is one thing that money doesn't seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up with how the other 99 percent live. Throughout history, this is something that the top 1 percent eventually do learn. Too late.
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— Joseph Stiglitz
Fate and necessity are unconquerable.
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— Joseph Joubert