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I garden a lot in LA, so fashion consists of boots, work pants and T-shirts, unless I'm going out.
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— Kyle MacLachlan
The world isn't purposeful. It isn't ruled by reason. The world wants to play. Fashion queens have always aroused more interest than future generations and their fate.
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— Kurt Tucholsky
I am totally, completely, 100% in love with fashion. I would wear Chanel gowns to the grocery store if I could. I'm a huge fan of Chanel and Versace, and I actually have always dreamed of designing my own line one day.
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— Ksenia Solo
To me, that's the biggest problem with hip-hop today is the fact that everyone believes that all of hip-hop is rap music, and that, when you say "hip-hop," it's synonymous with rap. That when you say "hip-hop," you should be thinking about breakdancing, graffiti art, or MCing - which is the proper name for rap - DJing, beat-boxing, language, fashion, knowledge, trade. You should be thinking about a culture when you say, "hip-hop.".
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— KRS-One
Sometimes you just get burnt out with fashion.
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— Kristin Davis
I think fashion can have a very negative impact on young people who feel they have to be thin. I am not part of that trend. There is so much pressure on teenage girls.
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— Kristin Davis
I like fashion because it's sort of my job, so I'm into it when I have to be. But when I'm not working, I wear jeans and T-shirts. I go to vintage stores all the time to find funky T-shirts.
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— Kristen Stewart
I'm a geek who loves fashion. There's been a reinvention of the word geek. It means being passionate about anything that's under the radar or sort of frowned upon, like Comic-Con
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— Kristen Bell
Fashion is so subjective, and I think it should be playful.
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— Kourtney Kardashian
Being a mom, I love to play with my kids and have fun with them, but I also love fashion. My mom and both of my grandmothers have always been into fashion, so it's been around us our whole lives.
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— Kourtney Kardashian
I investigated reported Japanese atrocities committed by the Japanese Army in Nanking and elsewhere. Verbal accounts of reliable eyewitnesses and letters from individuals whose credibility is beyond question afford convincing proof that the Japanese Army behaved and is continuing to behave in a fashion reminiscent of Attila and his Huns. Not less than 300,000 Chinese civilians were slaughtered, many in cold blood.
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— Koki Hirota
The acceleration and saturation leads to things becoming outmoded, or out of fashion before they've even happened. That's a pretty complicated situation. Hype becomes autonomous from its object and runs away with itself.
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— Kode9
I just don't know anything about fashion.
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— Kit Harington
I wanted to be a fashion journalist and went to the London College of Fashion to do a journalism and promotion course.
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— Kirsty Gallacher
I was quite creative at school, and was also interested in fashion , but I was shy - I'm still not the loudest of people, believe it or not.
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— Kirsty Gallacher
I was very sporty at school, and sport was probably the thing I was best at, but my real passion was for fashion.
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— Kirsty Gallacher
I don't believe that fashion should exclude people - I have always been about making it accessible to everyone.
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— Kimora Lee Simmons
Nirvana's success drew attention to a marketing demographic previously ignored by the mainstream, and inadvertently started a gold rush with advertising executives, product manufacturers, merchandise distributors, fashion coordinators, and rock imitators, the latter of whom have yet to equal the sincerity, power, and wit of Nirvana.
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— Kim Thayil
[Kanye West] took me to a fashion meeting in Paris once. I'd never met these people; I was so nervous. It was the beginning of our relationship, and I didn't know anyone in fashion. And he passed out at the table. I'm like, "I'm so sorry, we're jet-lagged." You don't know the number of times I've had to say that. I always flat-out lie that he's jet-lagged, even if we've been home for months.
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— Kim Kardashian
The things I'm passionate about are beauty and fashion.
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— Kim Kardashian
Fashion, at modern time, was actually a way for women to go out in the world. There was one painting of a woman sitting at a café, drinking a beer by herself and kind of pretending to read but really watching people, that sort of thing. It fascinated me.
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— Kim Gordon
In retrospect, it's ridiculous that anyone saw me as a fashion icon, since all I was trying to do was to dumb down my middle-class look by messing with my hair. Throughout the eighties I was invariably half-sure and half-confident about whatever it was I wore"Still, I've always believed-still do-that the radical is far more interesting when it looks benign and ordinary on the outside.
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— Kim Gordon
Twitter reminds me of an era in French literature - Emile Zola and Honoré de Balzac - and the beginning of modernity and gossip. They had these fashion magazines of the time on display with all of the Emile Zola references.
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— Kim Gordon
Many designers are gay men making clothes for women. Sometimes I think fashion is more of a conversation between men than it is for women.
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— Kim Gordon
I've always thought that if comics are a part of pop culture [then] they should reflect pop culture, but a lot of the time comics, superhero comics especially, just feed on themselves. For me, comics should take from every bit of pop culture that they can; they've got the same DNA as music and film and TV and fashion and all of these things.
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— Kieron Gillen
I am a huge fashion fan. It's a really cool way to express yourself.
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— Kiernan Shipka
I like being a consumer. I'll do collabs with brands I like, only because I would like something free to wear. But I don't want people to dress like me, which is what you're asking when you create a brand. The fashion industry's just a super-duper headache.
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— Kid Cudi
I love doing fashion.
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— Khloe Kardashian
I think the responsibility lies with the fashion world as a collective. We have to demand more variety.
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— Kevyn Aucoin
My worst fashion faux pas: probably orange shoes with white pants. I thought I looked spectacular.
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— Kevin O'Leary
Believe me, I'm in no shape, fashion, or form a star or anything like that right now. I can walk down the street and it's fine. I never have my 'fro out on an off-day, though. Definitely keep the hoodie on, or the do-rag or whatever.
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— Kevin michael
"ŽWhat color is a chameleon placed on a mirror? ... The chameleon responding to its own shifting image is an apt analog of the human world of fashion. Taken as a whole, what are fads but the response of a hive mind to its own reflection? In a 21st-century society wired into instantaneous networks, marketing is the mirror; the collective consumer is the chameleon.
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— Kevin Kelly
At the time I was first writing the stories/essays that appear in Oedipus Wrecked, I was still under the impression that people would be delighted to see their name in print. I overlooked the fact that I was writing about intimate matters, and people are a bit touchy about airing their private lives in such a public fashion. Especially when it's done without their consent.
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— Kevin Keck
I don't gravitate toward any one designer because I think of fashion as the costume of the everyday woman.
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— Kerry Washington
I'll be honest; I'm a student of fashion. I say that because I just wear what I feel. I'm not led by name brands and things like that.
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— Keri Hilson
Fashion is like eating. You shoudn't stick with the same menu.
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— Kenzo Takada
I love fashion. But I love it in a different way than most people. I'm not obsessed with it. I'm just obsessed with looking good and wearing clothes that make me feel good.
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— Kenya Moore
L.A. fashion is like lip injections. That confuses me. That's become not just a thing. It's become fashion, part of your outfit. But hey, to each his own.
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— Kenny Wormald
An errant May-fly swerved unsteadily athwart the current in the intoxicated fashion affected by young bloods of May-flies seeing life. A swirl of water and a 'cloop!' and the May-fly was visible no more
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— Kenneth Grahame
I've come to realize that, with social media today, people consume fashion very differently than they ever have before - they post it, tweet it, "like" it, retweet it. Today, people define themselves by a collection of various elements in their lives that they connect to.
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— Kenneth Cole