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Spirit, faith, and positive energy are the core of human life, without them you lose your way. You live without Zest. You go through the motions but there's no passion
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— Lee Bolman
So in every sense, from an independent artist to a major label artist, you just have to have great product, great faith and great people, they all go together.
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— Ledisi
My faith is not identified by my title. My faith is identified by how I live. Wearing the uniform is not the same as playing the game.
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— LeCrae
A great storm puts out a little fire but feeds a strong one. Trials conquer weak faith but grow a strong faith.
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— LeCrae
I don't think the music industry has done any damage to my faith - it's probably strengthened it because it's made me see how necessary and relevant it is. I think if you don't keep your guard up, obviously there's a lot of potential for being half-hearted throughout the whole process because you can compare yourself to other people instead of the ultimate standard.
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— LeCrae
For me, my faith dictates everything I do, so no matter what I'm saying in my art, my faith is the driver for that. That's what I'd encourage people to understand as they listen to my music. It's distinct. My worldview bleeds through my music.
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— LeCrae
It's such a phenomenon for a hip-hop artist to fully embrace his Christian roots and his faith. And that becomes something that people almost need you to justify.
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— LeCrae
For me, Christianity is not a genre. It's faith. The Gospel is not a genre either. It's faith. I definitely understand the semantics of naming things to give them some kind of distinction but I think my faith is pretty distinct. If you want to call it hip hop, essentially it is. That's the art form.
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— LeCrae
Keep on shining, keep on smiling, don't lose faith, and don't lose heart. When you're crying, just keep trying to remind yourself, you're a shining star, yes you are.
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— LeAnn Rimes
I had very supportive parents that made the way for me, even at a time when there were very few women - no women, really; maybe two or three women - and very few, fewer than that, African-American women heading in this direction, so there were very few people to look up to. You just had to have faith.
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— Leah Ward Sears
I'm not an atheist. I do have faith in God. I do not judge people for their faith. I judge people who use religion to hurt people. I don't believe in a religion that shuns people for their beliefs, or that you should hurt people for their beliefs.
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— Leah Remini
There are many countries where you can only believe more or you can believe less. But in the United States we have this incredible smorgasbord, and it really interests me why people are drawn to one faith rather than another, especially to a system of belief that to an outsider seems absurd or dangerous.
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— Lawrence Wright
If you put all your strength and faith and vigor into a job and try to do the best you can, the money will come.
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— Lawrence Welk
Leadership requires followership and following is an act of trust, faith in the course of the leader, and that faith can be generated only if leaders act with integrity.
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— Lawrence M. Miller
Science is only truly consistent with an atheistic worldview with regards to the claimed miracles of the gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moreover, the true believers in each of these faiths are atheists regarding the specific sacred tenets of all other faiths. Christianity rejects the proposition that the Quran contains the infallible words of the creator of the universe. Muslims and Jews reject the divinity of Jesus.
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— Lawrence M. Krauss
There are a lot of legislators who are afraid that kids will learn science and lose their faith.
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— Lawrence M. Krauss
I am big supporter of the idea of a global anti-corruption movement - but one that begins by recognizing that the architecture of corruption is different in different countries. The corruption we suffer is not the same as the corruption that debilitates Africa. But it is both corruption, and both need to be eliminated if the faith in democracy is not going to be destroyed.
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— Lawrence Lessig
[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, in his rather undiplomatic way, demanded that Washington bring words and actions together into a coherent, 100 percent pro-Israeli policy. Obama, apparently still having faith in a "two-state solution," refused to do this.
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— Lawrence Davidson
I'm not hoping to see that day but I know that my cinema will reach Filipinos. I know that they will embrace it one day. It will happen. I'm very sure of that. I still have faith in cinema. I still believe it can affect change.
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— Lav Diaz
I have more faith in my bra than I have in my accountant.
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— Laurie Notaro
Is it not an amazing thing, that men shall attempt to investigate the mystery of the redemption, when, at the same time that it is propounded to us as an article of faith solely, we are told that "the very angels have desired to pry into it in vain"?
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— Laurence Sterne
It was lovely to see cynicism in one so young. It positively restored his faith in human nature.
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— Lauren Willig
Because with time, faith, and love...even our scars can become beautiful.
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— Lauren Scruggs
I've always been a woman of faith.
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— Lauren London
We put our faith in love.
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— Lauren Kate
Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can't always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.
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— Lauren Kate
That's the thing that always stuck out to me - the idea that quantity becomes quality. I always took it to mean if you do anything enough, if you keep putting effort in, eventually something will happen, with or without you. You don't have to have faith when you start out, you just have to dedicate yourself to practice as if you have it.
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— Lauren Graham
I feel annoyed that in His wisdom, [God] chose to reel me in with middle-brow Christian fiction. It could be worse, I suppose. I could have come to faith while reading Left Behind.
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— Lauren F. Winner
Some days I am not sure if my faith is riddled with doubt, or whether, graciously, my doubt is riddled with faith. And yet I continue to live in a world the way a religious person lives in the world; I keep living in a world that I know to be enchanted, and not left alone. I doubt; I am uncertain; I am restless, prone to wander. And yet glimmers of holy keep interrupting my gaze.
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— Lauren F. Winner
Second chances, miracles, angels, faith and religion all promise us a way of doing things better to smooth over the regrets and hope we make better decisions in the future. We all want to become better than who we are now, and we're all continuing to know ourselves better.
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— Laura San Giacomo
What's great is that a lot of us are playing so against type in this, and it's awesome. All of the writers put faith in the fact that we know what we're doing. We have creative freedom, and it's awesome. I think it all worked out. Everybody on the show is so good.
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— Laura Prepon
What God asks of men, said [Billy] Graham, is faith. His invisibility is the truest test of that faith. To know who sees him, God makes himself unseen.
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— Laura Hillenbrand
I want to thank the pioneering women who years ago opened the doors of politics in Costa Rica. My government will be open to all Costa Ricans of good faith.
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— Laura Chinchilla
I'm inspired by my faith and all the different people around me.
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— Laura Bush
We all have views on what our Irishness means to us. Two members of the band were born in England and were raised in the Protestant faith. Bono's mother was Protestant and his father was Catholic. I was brought up Catholic. U2 are a living example of the kind of unity of faith and tradition that is possible in Northern Ireland.
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— Larry Mullen, Jr.
I think you have a deeply anxious leadership in China that knows its legitimacy is drifting away, that's sending its [personal] money and its children abroad because they have no faith in the future of their own regime.
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— Larry Diamond
I am very optimistic about the long run prospects for democracy in China. Chinese society is being dramatically and rapidly transformed. And there's rising evidence that the new generation not only lacks faith in communism anymore, they think it's a joke. They're very cynical about their leadership and they want democratic change.
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— Larry Diamond
Over commitment in business is usually due to a lack of faith, which results in fear - specifically, the fear of failure. But if we really believe God is in control, then we also should believe He's able to make us successful while we are keeping our lives in balance.
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— Larry Burkett
Without the tao, Kindness and compassion are replaced by law and justice; Faith and trust are supplanted by ritual and ceremony.
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— Laozi
He who has no faith in others shall find no faith in them.
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— Laozi