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Vigorous exercise will often fortify a feeble constitution.
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— Lydia Sigourney
Yours for the unshackled exercise of every faculty by every human being.
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— Lydia M. Child
The bar... is an exercise in solitude. Above all else, it must be quiet, dark, very comfortable-and, contrary to modern mores, no music of any kind, no matter how faint. In sum, there should be no more than a dozen tables, and a client that doesn't like to talk.
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— Luis Bunuel
Some think that they will exercise power for the general good, but that is what all those with power have believed. Power is evil in itself, regardless of who exercises it.
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— Ludwig von Mises
All one's feeling goes into practicing exercises, many of which are set to music. Therefore, somehow dancing with boyfriends doesn't attract me.
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— Ludmilla Tourischeva
People are very independent. And what I have seen with all the unions is that you have members who, regardless of who their union choose to endorse, ultimately want to exercise their own judgment and want to vote for the person they feel is best.
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— Lucy Flores
I saw Cara Delevingne like five, six times. And I was never talking about the film [Valerian]. And then at the end, I say okay, let's do some test. She says yeah, yeah, good. So I took her in the room, and I test her for like six hours non-stop. Exercise, exercise, exercise for six hours. It was actually funny. And then I knew at the end of the six hours.
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— Luc Besson
I love and approve of myself. I love and approve of my body. I feed it nourishing foods and beverages. I exercise it in ways that are fun.
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— Louise Hay
Clothing is . . . an exercise in memory. It makes me explore the past: how did I feel when I wore that. They are like signposts in the search for the past.
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— Louise Bourgeois
People say, on the raft, you must have hallucinated. Baloney. We were sharper after 47 days than the day we started because our minds were empty of all the war and contamination; we had clean minds to fill with good thoughts. Every day we'd exercise our minds.
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— Louis Zamperini
I believe that for the small numbers of Jewish people in the United States, they exercise a tremendous amount of influence on the affairs of government.
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— Louis Farrakhan
All the impressions which are made on us by Nature are designed to exercise our soul during its terms of penitence, to prompt us towards the eternal truths shown beneath a veil, and to lead us to recover what we have lost.
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— Louis Claude de Saint-Martin
The Revolution has grown cold; all its principles are weakened; there remains only red caps worn by intriguers. The exercise of terror has made crime blasé, as strong liquors made the palace blasé.
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— Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
To me, writing is much freer than dancing. With writing, you could do it whenever you wanted. You didnt have to do little exercises and stay in shape. You could have great moments of inspiration that advanced the story. In dance, unless youre going to choreograph things yourself, youre at the service of someone else.
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— Lorrie Moore
A contemplative life has more the appearance of a life of piety than any other; but it is the divine plan to bring faith into activity and exercise.
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— Lord David Cecil
Regularity in the hours of rising and retiring, perseverance in exercise, adaptation of dress to the variations of climate, simple and nutritious aliment, and temperance in all things are necessary branches of the regimen of health.
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— Lord Chesterfield
Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority...
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— Lord Acton
Exercise, not philosophically and with religious gravity undertaken, but with the wild and romping activities of a spirited girl who runs up and down as if her veins were full of wine.
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— Lola Montez
Even a simple imaginary exercise can change your mood: Close your eyes, and take yourself back to your last holiday where there was a lovely warm sun, beautiful sea, relaxed beach and fun meals in the evenings. Open your eyes and consider how you feel now.
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— Liz Miller
People who relax by watching TV instead of going out to engage with the world tend to be far less energetic. the benefits of exercise in protecting against depression and mental ill-health are huge. Those around you can also affect your energy levels. Self-talk also works wonders on energy levels.
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— Liz Miller
Mood reflects the biology of the brain. How you feel is affected by the chemicals in the brain, and these are the same chemicals that form the basis of mood-altering drugs. You may use yoga, meditation, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) or exercise to alter your mood, or revert to healthy eating, regular exercise and getting enough sleep.
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— Liz Miller
Postural exercises such as yoga, Pilates, Egoscues, Alexander technique and martial arts are about avoiding pain and injury as much as helping you feel good. Attractive men and women have good posture.
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— Liz Miller
Many difficulties which nature throws in our way, may be smoothed away by the exercise of intelligence.
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— Livy
Promoting health without encouraging others to seek wholeness is an exercise in futility. Not until we realize that our bodies are mirrors of our interpersonal, spiritual, professional, sexual, creative, financial, environmental, mental, and emotional health will we truly heal.
— Lissa Rankin
The palace started as a single vaulted room and grew in proportion to my despair. It began as an exercise to keep my mind from its melancholy, then it became a dream and a necessity. . . . I built a temple in my head. . . . Its hallways were as lofty as a cathedral, and the arch of each window as supple as a bow. Its corridors were the passages of my own brain.
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— Lisa St. Aubin de Terán
I try to get enough sleep and exercise, try not to make mountains out of molehills, and vent a lot. I have a good team to support my work. I also do lots of mundane things, which will center me.
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— Lisa Loeb
By learning about my body and making small, subtle changes, I find out what I enjoy and what is effective. I'm always finessing: adjusting my diet and my workouts. You have to figure out which exercises are fun and interesting and stimulate your brain - or else you'll never keep at them.
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— Lisa Edelstein
Exercise helps me with stress. It changes your brain chemistry. I turn to Ashtanga yoga when I feel the need to relax. I love it, but it's not right for everybody. It's taught to you a little bit at a time, according to your body type and your strength. That keeps things challenging.
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— Lisa Edelstein
Even the nonreligious may exercise aesthetic judgment in matters of religion, and indeed our age has given the unbelieving a sophisticated taste in religious literature.
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— Lionel Trilling
Somewhere in the child, somewhere in the adult, there is a hard, irreducible, stubborn core of biological urgency, and biological necessity, and biological reason that culture cannot reach and that reserves the right, which sooner or later it will exercise, to judge the culture and resist and revise it.
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— Lionel Trilling
It's what I call "mental masturbation", when you engage is some pointless intellectual exercise that has no possible meaning.
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— Linus Torvalds
I've tried it a couple of times over the years, mainly because the thing Ubuntu did so well was make Debian usable. I always felt that Debian was a pointless exercise because to me, the point of a distribution is to make everything easy. Easy to install, to be pretty and to be friendly and Ubuntu did that to Debian.
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— Linus Torvalds
Adopting a new healthier lifestyle can involve changing diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as increasing levels of exercise.
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— Linford Christie
When Stevie and I joined the band, we were in the midst of breaking up, as were John and Christine. By the time Rumours was being recorded, things got worse in terms of psychology and drug use. It was a large exercise in denial - in order for me to get work done.
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— Lindsey Buckingham
When it comes to exercise, I don't like anything that's too serious.
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— Lindsay Ellingson
Attention is the most powerful tool of the human spirit. We can enhance or augment our attention with practices like meditation and exercise, diffuse it with technologies like email and Blackberries, or alter it with pharmaceuticals. In the end, though, we are fully responsible for how we choose to use this extraordinary tool.
— Linda Stone
Exercise is an incredible key to feeling well.
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— Linda Hamilton
I feel better if I exercise and eat healthily.
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— Linda Gray
I don't happen to think magazines should be full of thin people. What I do say is that we can all work a little harder with what we have. It is possible to achieve a better body shape and heart rate with nutrition and exercise.
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— Linda Evangelista
Writing down your trades is the best exercise in the world.
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— Linda Bradford Raschke