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In reggae I have a model of artistic excellence and possibility that is challenging and inspiring. The poem remains a demanding thing - an object to be understood and shaped into my own sense of self, the same is true of the play, the novel, the short story. Yet, for some reason, I approach these existing genres with the kind of confidence that the reggae artist approaches any song floating around out there.
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— Kwame Dawes
An achievement-oriented culture is very pro-employee - it's so much more fun than one that isn't. Excellence is a tremendous amount of fun; mediocrity is not.
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— Kip Tindell
You should aspire to a level of personal excellence - to be the best you can be. You should aspire to have the richest life you can get in terms of fulfillment, happiness and peace.
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— Kimora Lee Simmons
A poet is a bird of unearthly excellence, who escapes from his celestial realm arrives in this world warbling. If we do not cherish him, he spreads his wings and flies back into his homeland.
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— Khalil Gibran
Average is the enemy of excellence, and average commitment will prevent you from enduring to the end.
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— Kevin W. Pearson
I just want to keep having the courage to raise the bar for myself, and to keep striving for excellence in artistic integrity and public service. And to continue to challenge myself to move outside of my comfort zone, personally and professionally.
— Kerry Washington
Reducing our dependence on foreign energy - that is critically important to America's economic future. Excellence in education - if we're not the best educated, we're not going to be the most powerful for very long.
— Kent Conrad
In today's global economy, however, it is important to raise the bar of excellence even higher. Today's students must be prepared to compete effectively on an international level.
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— Kenny Marchant
I work hard and I have a standard of excellence - and I expect everyone at the Interior Department to meet that same standard. I delegate a lot. I might appear to be doing a lot of different things, but there's a strong team helping me. I believe we're going to have the strongest team of any agency in the Obama administration.
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— Ken Salazar
We usually evaluate creative process in terms of how much feeling or thinking was behind the work or how well the work was done. Isn't there any other way of appreciating the process? What if the standard of excellence was how fully present the artist was during the process?
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— Kazuaki Tanahashi
The lesbian is the archtypical feminist, because she's not into men - she's the independent woman par excellence.
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— Kate Millett
I'm on the pursuit of awesomeness, excellence is the bare minimum.
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— Kanye West
Excellence demands effort and planned, deliberate practice of increasing difficulty
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— K. Anders Ericsson
Excellence is the name of the game...
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— Judith Jamison
And with a few moments like that, with doubt from here and there, and within ourselves we were just striving for excellence. We had somehow understood and felt that all the musicians who would come to the House later on, that all the singers, the big artists, were striving for excellence in their life and we thought a house for them, there's no limit to the excellence it should have because it should match their strive for perfection
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— Jørn Utzon
Excellence - Take what you have and do the BEST with it.
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— Joyce Meyer
Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we don't live in a perfect world.
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— Joyce Meyer
Excellence is going the extra mile.
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— Joyce Meyer
Beautiful forms and compositions are not made by chance, nor can they ever, in any material, be made at small expense. A composition for cheapness and not excellence of workmanship is the most frequent and certain cause of the rapid decay and entire destruction of arts and manufacturers.
— Josiah Wedgwood
The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety.
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— Joshua Waitzkin
An artist who brings to his work a mind tolerably furnished with the general principles of art, and a taste formed upon the works of good artists – in short, who knows in what excellence consists - will, with the assistance of models... be an overmatch for the greatest painter that ever lived who should be debarred such advantages.
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— Joshua Reynolds
Genius is supposed to be a power of producing excellences which are put of the reach of the rules of art: a power which no precepts can teach, and which no industry can acquire.
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— Joshua Reynolds
Excellence is never granted to man, but as the reward of labour.
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— Joshua Reynolds
Excellence is never granted to man but as the reward of labor. It argues no small strength of mind to persevere in habits of industry without the pleasure of perceiving those advances, which, like the hand of a clock, whilst they make hourly approaches to their point, yet proceed so slowly as to escape observation.
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— Joshua Reynolds
The excellence of every art, must consist in the complete accomplishment of its purpose
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— Joshua Reynolds
While I recommend studying the art from artists, Nature is and must be the fountain which alone is inexhaustible, and from which all excellences must originally flow.
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— Joshua Reynolds
Every successive generation becomes a living memorial of our public schools, and a living example of their excellence.
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— Joseph Story
Mediocrity is excellence in the eyes of the mediocre.
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— Joseph Joubert
A few words worthy to be remembered suffice to give an idea of a great mind. There are single thoughts that contain the essence of a whole volume, single sentences that have the beauties of a large work, a simplicity so finished and so perfect that it equals in merit and in excellence a large and glorious composition.
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— Joseph Joubert
Good maxims are the germs of all excellence.
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— Joseph Joubert
The banker, therefore, is not so much primarily a middleman in the commodity "purchasing power" as a producer of this commodity. However, since all reserve funds and savings today usually flow to him, and the total demand for free purchasing power, whether existing or to be created, concentrates on him, he has either replaced private capitalists or become their agent; he has himself become the capitalist par excellence.
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— Joseph A. Schumpeter
Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do.
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— Jose Ortega y Gasset
I think that a lot of people who like training with guns are probably drawn to it not only for practical reasons, but also in that same restless quest for physical excellence that draws people to a martial arts dojo.
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— Jonathan Gottschall
'Dance to the Music' was just Sly Stone being his natural crazy self right from the beginning. The man was an original and his first AM hit was nothing if it wasn't the example per excellence of the Sly Stone music machine.
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— Jon Landau
Anything really well-made has the effect of making you want to do what you do-better. Abrams has always made very beautiful books. It's exciting to see this same excellence applied to the presentation of comics. Abrams ComicArts shows comics are stepping out of vaudeville and into Carnegie Hall-but the Marx Brothers will always be welcome!
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— Jon J Muth
Tis a meaner part of sense to find a fault than taste an excellence.
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— John Wilmot
Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach.
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— John W. Gardner
The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.
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— John W. Gardner
Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.
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— John W. Gardner
Some people have greatness thrust upon them. Very few have excellence thrust upon them.
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— John W. Gardner