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I love the psychological thriller piece of it. Because we are trapped in this isolated environment with a deadly virus, what's really interesting is that everyone's darkness comes out because we've got these life-and-death stakes going on. And then, there're these interesting relationships going on, but we can't quite deal with the relationship right now because we've got something better to do, which is survive.
— Kyra Zagorsky
My way of communicating love and interest in people is through cooking. I grew up in an environment where food was really celebrated, and that gave me the message: food makes people happy.
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— Kylie Kwong
Every psychological event depends upon the state of the person and at the same time on the environment, although their relative importance is different in different cases
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— Kurt Lewin
No one ever sees the sleepless nights, the years of studying and 14-hour days earning your dues. I spent three years isolated in an academic environment to be the best actor I could.
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— Kunal Nayyar
The work environment is very important in determining how enjoyable work is. It is very important to work with smart guys who have a superior level of intellectual bandwidth and still have softer skills as well.
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— Kumar Mangalam Birla
Caring about the environment has always been a big part of my life. When you grow up in a really beautiful place and you hear that it is jeopardised you want to do something.
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— KT Tunstall
I don't agree with a core statement by most feminists, the statement by Simone de Beauvoir: "One is not born a woman, one becomes one." Even as a schoolgirl I wasn't convinced by the claim that gender has nothing to do with biology and is only shaped by one's environment.
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— Kristina Schroder
I am sure that, had I grown up with both parents, had I grown up in a safe environment, had I grown up with a feeling of safety rather than danger, I would not be the way I am.
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— Kristin Scott Thomas
The whole subject with weight pressure worries me because a lot of young actresses are really unhealthy. It didn't happen to me when I was younger because I grew up in South Carolina in a very safe and secure environment.
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— Kristin Davis
We're taught to solely blame our luck-of-the-draw genes for our health issues, rather than our daily habits, dietary choices, and interplay with the environment that surrounds us.
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— Kris Carr
I'm inspired by everything that I encounter, from the environment to people to other songs, movies and artists.
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— Kreesha Turner
One of the most thoughtless statements, parroted ad nauseam ever since rational concern for our environment exploded into an emotional syndrome, calls Man the only animal that soils its own nest. Every animal soils its nest with the products of its metabolism if unable to move away. Space technology gives us for the first time the freedom to leave our nest, at least for certain functions, in order not to soil it.
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— Krafft Arnold Ehricke
Every mutation through a new combination of genetic factors that provides the organism with a new opportunity for coming to terms with the conditions of its environment signifies no more and no less than that new information about this environment has got into that organic system. Adaptation is essentially a cognitive process.
— Konrad Lorenz
In such an environment, I was able to study things that could be of immediate usefulness to the world. That learning experience undoubtedly served me well when I eventually entered the work force.
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— Koichi Tanaka
A developed country is one that allows all its citizens to enjoy a free and healthy life in a safe environment
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— Kofi Annan
Contrary to popular belief, we do not face a choice between economy and ecology, It is often said that protecting the environment would constrain or even undermine economic growth. In fact, the opposite is true: unless we protect resources and the earth's natural capital, we shall not be able to sustain economic growth.
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— Kofi Annan
Over time you get to understand the nature of man and the environments you are dealing with, and you can't always allow emotions and temper to flare up because you're displeased with something, or you want to change it.
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— Kofi Annan
It is important to recognize that behind the razzmatazz of consumerism, we all remain dependent on basic natural resources - land, air, water and biodiversity - for every product and service. There can be no free lunch on the environment.
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— Klaus Topfer
Entrepreneurship is the engine fuelling innovation, employment generation and economic growth. Only by creating an environment where entrepreneur- ship can prosper and where entrepreneurs can try new ideas and empower others can we ensure that many of the world's issues will not go unaddressed.
— Klaus Schwab
Yes, I was invited to make the sound environment at a booth of a huge electronic company, during the Hanover Industrial Fair in 1973. It was a job. Slightly good paid. But not as much as my producer then told the press.
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— Klaus Schulze
I have faith in God and not that we have evolved from a rock, not from worshiping the environment or endangered bugs.
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— Kirk Cameron
When it comes to the environment, the invisible hand never picks up the check.
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— Kim Stanley Robinson
My experiences in film and theatre in the States have been much more rigorous-in England there's an environment of, Let's try this.
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— Kim Cattrall
People come into work and actually go home to their families. They want to go there and explore and have a good time, but they also want to go home, which is the best kind of working environment. You go in and do your job, and then you go home and enjoy your life.
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— Khandi Alexander
Trump has been very, very open and clear on what he's going to do. He's going to make the U.S. very competitive on taxes, corporate and personal. He's eliminating policy on carbon and the regulatory environment on shale and energy and pipeline development. These are all things that Canada has to do and we no longer have a competitive environment to do them in. It manifests itself in the slow grind of our economy.
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— Kevin O'Leary
Protecting Americans from harm goes beyond police and national defense. It's imperative that we not destroy the commons, the physical environment on which we rely.
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— Kevin O'Leary
Every ex-player I meet says the exact same thing to me 'I wish I had given it longer'. Too many players get flights home when they have the opportunity because they' re missing their mates and home, then they go back into that environment and get comfortable.
— Kevin Kilbane
The most certain thing you can say about the environment tomorrow is that it probably is going to be just like today, for the most part.
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— Kevin Kelly
But in a turbulent environment the change is so widespread that it just routes around any kind of central authority. So it is best to manage the bottom-up change rather than try to institute it from the top down.
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— Kevin Kelly
In a broad systems sense, an organism's environment is indistinguishable from the organism itself.
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— Kevin Kelly
Each organism's environment, for the most part, consists of other organisms.
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— Kevin Kelly
When a system is in turbulence, the turbulence is not just out there in the environment, but is a part of the organization or organism that you are looking at.
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— Kevin Kelly
The organization and the environment are in concert.
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— Kevin Kelly
The current understanding was that it was impossible to predict how something would evolve because it was a very turbulent environment full of things interacting with each other.
— Kevin Kelly
Each system is trying to anticipate change in the environment.
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— Kevin Kelly
The most interesting thing about change in the environment is that for the most part the environment isn't changing.
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— Kevin Kelly
An organization's reason for being, like that of any organism, is to help the parts that are in relationship to each other, to be able to deal with change in the environment.
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— Kevin Kelly
Just because your environment or living space changes doesn't mean that your attitude necessarily has to change.
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— Kevin Hart
Being in the neighborhood and the poverty stricken environment that I grew up in, I took a detour. I gravitated towards some of the individuals that did a lot of the wrong things with the right intentions.
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— Kevin Gates
Extraordinary potential exists in all of us. With the right environment, resources, skills and knowledge, 'ordinary' people can produce extraordinary results.
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— Kevin Eikenberry