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New England has two factors to get them ready to play. They've consistently been, if not the best, the second best team all year and they're playing confidently. And a lot of those guys were on field when they lost to LA. They'll take motivation in that.
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— Landon Donovan
I had had a huge background in the nuance of the accent because I went to drama school in England for four years.
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— Lake Bell
I worked with an amazing dialect coach named Jill McCullough. We did Skype sessions while I was shooting "No Escape" in Thailand, actually. So three times a week I would have long, two-hour sessions with her just working on the nuance of the accent, which I had had a huge background in because I went to drama school in England for four years.
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— Lake Bell
In my opinion, the form of Government may be different in different countries, according to their circumstances, their wishes, their wants. England loves her Queen, and has full motive to do so.
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— Lajos Kossuth
It is considered in England and the United States that the Government of South Africa is altogether too harsh with its native peoples. It is sadly humorous to notice that the native in South Africa, however, holds an exactly reverse opinion and the fault he finds with the South African Government is that it is far too lenient in its administration of laws throughout the native populace.
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— L. Ron Hubbard
I have a dialect myself; it's more pronounced, because I have studied theatre and been in England. It's half-British, half-Indian.
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— Kunal Nayyar
I'm a pro! No, what I mean is I have performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company in England. I have been all over the place. I have studied theatre for seven years.
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— Kunal Nayyar
I can't move back to England. My home is in France now. I'd love to but I can't. My family's all there now.
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— Kristin Scott Thomas
Often, the roles I'm offered in England are melancholic women who are filled with regret for the past, regret for their fading beauty.
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— Kristin Scott Thomas
I am in England and the food here is not to be tasted as much as just swallowed without grimacing.
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— Kristen Gilbert
The British have been more up for it than the Americans were, particularly with respect to nudity in the show. In Europe there are adverts that show the breasts, so people are less frightened of that aspect of the show. Americans can withstand incredible violence on TV shows - which, as I come from England and Canada, I find difficult to stomach - but they are more puritanical when it comes to nudity on screen.
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— Kim Cattrall
My experiences in film and theatre in the States have been much more rigorous-in England there's an environment of, Let's try this.
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— Kim Cattrall
I've always tried to write California history as American history. The paradox is that New England history is by definition national history, Mid-Atlantic history is national history. We're still suffering from that.
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— Kevin Starr
Look, I might have lived in England for the last several years but I'm still an American citizen and I have not given up my right to privacy,
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— Kevin Spacey
During my time as England captain I have always been both helpful and direct in my communications with the ECB.
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— Kevin Pietersen
I have some real big goals with England.
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— Kevin Pietersen
I love England and I love cricket.
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— Kevin Pietersen
England was never my home. I had a home there but Dublin is my home so leaving Ireland was the hardest thing I had to do.
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— Kevin Kilbane
There are too many coming from different countries. When we started, foreign players were in the minority. All the best players from Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina are going to England. And Ireland is bound to suffer.
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— Kevin Kilbane
England have the best fans in the world and Scotlands fans are second to none
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— Kevin Keegan
England can end the millenium as it started - as the greatest football nation in the world.
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— Kevin Keegan
I didn't realise you could travel so far and still be in England.
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— Kevin Bond
England is so defined, the class system, your education. I think what was unique about the Canterbury scene.
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— Kevin Ayers
When England was a kingdom, we had a king. When we were an empire, we had an emperor. Now we're a country, and we have Margaret Thatcher.
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— Kenny Everett
There's a lot of people who don't understand the circle crops in England. Pure enigma.
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— Ken Kesey
It's essential that we learn how to defend the Bible and the Christian faith for our sake and our children's. If we don't, the empty and obsolete churches in England will foreshadow the future in America.
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— Ken Ham
You never know," Jack said speculatively. "There may come a time when savages like William Hamleigh aren't in power; when the laws protect the ordinary people instead of enslaving them; when the king makes peace instead of war. Think of that - a time when towns in England don't need walls!
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— Ken Follett
To wake up in England and have the newspaper on your front door with a headline that says, 'Ozzie's Beach Whale of a Daughter,' doesn't really do much for your self-esteem at all.
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— Kelly Osbourne
If I am going to be the future bloody Queen of England I'm going to wear that dress once because I'm giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy. At least I can get a new dress every day!
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— Kelly Osbourne
Genetic studies in Iceland have found that many of the women who were the founding stock of Iceland came from England and what is now France. Some were probably captured and carried off in Viking raids only 40 generations ago.
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— Keith Henson
The highest percentage of England's top jobs are filled by graduates from about two different universities.
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— Keira Knightley
My life is dedicated to the discovery of God, the advancement of science, and the pre-eminence of England.
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— Kedar Joshi
I once said the Queen of England could use some fashion advice.
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— Kathie Lee Gifford
I was sent to a nice Church of England girls' school and at that time, after university, a woman was expected to become a teacher, a nurse or a missionary - prior to marriage.
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— Kate Adie
In England, wit is at least a profession, if not an art. everything becomes professional there, and even the rogues of that islandare pedants. So are the "wits" there too. They introduce into reality absolute freedom whose reflection lends a romantic and piquant air to wit, and thus they live wittily; hence their talent for madness. They die for their principles.
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
I had almost forgotten to tell you that I have already been to the Parliament House; and yet this is of most importance. For, had I seen nothing else in England but this, I should have thought my journey thither amply rewarded.
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— Karl Philipp Moritz
The Tories in England had long imagined that they were enthusiastic about the monarchy, the church and beauties of the old English Constitution, until the day of danger wrung from them the confession that they are enthusiastic only about rent.
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— Karl Marx
A great deal of capital, which appears to-day in the United States without any certificate of birth, was yesterday, in England, the capitalised blood of children.
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— Karl Marx
There are less than 1 per cent of anorexic girls, but there more than 30 per cent of girls in France - I don't know about England - that are much, much overweight. And it is much more dangerous and very bad for the health.
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— Karl Lagerfeld
I'm sold as a literary writer in Holland; I'm sold as crime fiction in England. I think of it as just literature.
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— Karin Slaughter