energy Quotes

Our knowledge of stars and interstellar matter must be based primarily on the electromagnetic radiation which reaches us. Nature has thoughtfully provided us with a universe in which radiant energy of almost all wave lengths travels in straight lines over enormous distances with usually rather negligible absorption.
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— Lyman Spitzer
In New York - whose subway trains in particular have been "tattooed" with an energy to put our own rude practitioners to shame - not an inch of free space is spared except that of advertisements.
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— Lyman Abbott
I've got a lot of energy at my shows, I'm very performative; that gave me the idea, I want to try to translate that into a musical project, having the same energy I have onstage and on my album.
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— Lunice
Some people are attracted to sickness, to the kind of madness where sparks fly off the head, to the incoherence of despair, masked by nervous energy, which winds up looking like bewildered joy.
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— Luke Davies
We need more leaders among our gente - more teachers, politicians, businesspeople, organizers, and such. Turn the energy that many young people are putting into "war" and "death" and put it into life and true justice.
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— Luis J. Rodriguez
We cannot continue to close our eyes to the fact that we have to truly embrace green jobs, new technologies and alternative sources of energy.
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— Luis Fortuno
An entrepreneur cannot be trained. A man becomes and entrepreneur by seizing an opportunity and filling the gap. No special education is required for such a display of keen judgment, foresight, and energy.
— Ludwig von Mises
The power of thought is the light of knowledge, the power of will is the energy of character, the power of heart is love. Reason, love and power of will are perfections of man.
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— Ludwig Feuerbach
The life contest is primarily a competition for available energy.
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— Ludwig Boltzmann
The general struggle for existence of animate beings is not a struggle for raw materials, these for organisms are air water & soil, all abundantly available, nor for energy which exists in plenty in the sun and any hot body in the form of heat, but rather a struggle for entropy, which becomes available through the transition of energy from the hot sun to the cold earth.
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— Ludwig Boltzmann
Available energy is the main object at stake in the struggle for existence and the evolution of the world.
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— Ludwig Boltzmann
It is only when we become aware that our time is limited that we can channel our energy into truly living
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— Ludovico Einaudi
Travel is the only context in which some people ever look around. If we spent half the energy looking at our own neighborhoods, we'd probably learn twice as much.
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— Lucy R. Lippard
These are tough times and under this Tory-led government many people in Manchester are suffering and getting left behind. If elected I will use all my energy, skills, experience and knowledge to stand up for our communities and get things done for the better.
— Lucy Powell
I generally won't do a role unless I feel like it's in my system somewhere, even if it's just a molecule of it. Like I just felt like I knew it and if I talked about it or discussed it or tried to rehearse it that it would take away the energy from that scene so I went in there and just did it.
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— Lucy Liu
It's a matter of resisting what something made you feel before. And resisting that as a consumer is not easy. I know it isn't for me, and not just when I consume pop culture. When I go into a book and it feels too familiar, I don't have the energy to do it. My whole reason for reading it is to be in a fictive space that is unfamiliar to me.
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— Lucy Corin
He played with enormous energy and great fighting spirit. Offering him a draw was a waste of time. He would decline it politely, but firmly. "No, thank you," he would say and the fight would go on and on and on.
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— Lubomir Kavalek
True thoughts have duration in themselves. If the thoughts endure, the seed is enduring; if the seed endures, the energy endures; if the energy endures, then will the spirit endure.
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— Lu Yen-hsun
We have record high temperatures and record high energy prices across the country, and we've seen the dangerous effects caused by extreme temperatures in the past.
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— Louise Slaughter
From the beginning moments of life, the urges for each of us to become a self in the world are there-in the liveliness of our innate growth energies, in the vitality of our stiffening-away muscles, in our looking eyes, our listening ears, our reaching-out hands.
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— Louise J. Kaplan
The invisible bond that gives the baby rein to discover his place in the world also brings the creeping baby back to home base....In this way he recharges himself. He refuels on the loving energies that flow to him from his mother. Then he's off for another foray of adventure and exploration.
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— Louise J. Kaplan
Infancy is the realm conveyed to us in dreams which look backward to the past. Adolescence, more like a work of art, is a prospective symbol of personal synthesis and of the future of humankind. Like a work of art that sets us on the pathway to new discoveries, adolescence promotes new meanings by mobilizing energies that were initially invested in the past.
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— Louise J. Kaplan
If you don't eat right and you don't know how to take care of your body, you're not going to have the energy to do anything wonderful.
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— Louise Hay
Food is as important as energy, as security, as the environment. Everything is linked together.
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— Louise Fresco
I began to stack my sculptures into an environment. It was natural. It was a flowing of energy.
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— Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
Aren't we grateful for our brains, that can take this electrical impulse that comes from light energy and use it to explore our world? Aren't we grateful that we have hearts that can feel these vibrations, in order for us to allow ourselves to feel the pleasure and beauty of nature?
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— Louis Schwartzberg
I've spent my life capturing beautiful images. And whether in wilderness or in the downtown of a giant city, I find connections, universal rhythms, patterns and beauty that I recognize as a part of me, a part of all of us that celebrates life. It's my great pleasure to share with you that energy which inspires me; this great visual beauty of our world.
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— Louis Schwartzberg
Eighty percent of the information we receive comes through our eyes. And if you compare light energy to musical scales, it would only be one octave that the naked eye can see, which is right in the middle.
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— Louis Schwartzberg
The prospective colonization of space responds, not to the particular problems of the American nation, or of any other nation, but to those of mankind as a whole... In an ideal view, such an undertaking by mankind as a whole would tend to divert it from its present preoccupation with international conflict, would tend to channel its energies into the pursuit of a great common purpose.
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— Louis J. Halle
I've learned from experience that if you work harder at it, and apply more energy and time to it, and more consistency, you get a better result. It comes from the work.
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— Louis C. K.
I learned that money can be a lot of things,It can be something that is hoarded, fought over, protected, stolen and withheld. Or it can be like an energy, fueled by the desire, will, creative interest, need to laugh, of large groups of people. And it can be shuffled and pushed around and pooled together to fuel a common interest, jokes about garbage, penises and parenthood.
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— Louis C. K.
The only thing that keeps a man going is energy. And what is energy but liking life?
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— Louis Auchincloss
It's easy: You simply follow the trail of your time, your affection, your energy, your money, and your allegiance. At the end of that trail you'll find a throne; and whatever, or whoever, is on that throne is what's of highest value to you. On that throne is what you worship.
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— Louie Giglio
Perfect Night has that magic and it has the raw energy that grabs you by the throat.
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— Lou Reed
High energy does not necessarily mean fast, high energy has to do with heart.
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— Lou Reed
We all have a dark side. Most of us go through life avoiding direct confrontation with that aspect of ourselves, which I call the shadow self. Theres a reason why. It carries a great deal of energy.
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— Lorraine Toussaint
I've always been full of nervous energy, but I'm not really as happy as I seem.
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— Loretta Lynn
People see a lot of huge stuff on Broadway, but there's always Off-Broadway energy and also shows that you can work in.
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— Loretta Devine
Churchill was the canny political animal, very devious, bursting with energy and determination, learning as hard as he could.
— Lord Mountbatten
Although mechanical energy is indestructible, there is a universal tendency to its dissipation, which produces throughout the system a gradual augmentation and diffusion of heat, cessation of motion and exhaustion of the potential energy of the material Universe
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— Lord Kelvin