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Leave your ego, play the music, love the people.
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— Luther Allison
I think sometimes your worst enemy is inside your head. All your insecurities, your ego, your fears, your expectations.
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— Luis Gerardo Mendez
Society is only possible on these terms, that the individual finds therein a strengthening of his own ego and his own will.
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— Ludwig von Mises
Coyness is a rather comically pathetic fault, a miscalculation in which, by trying to veil the ego, we let it appear stark naked.
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— Louis Kronenberger
If I ever tried to take credit for what God deserves the credit, He would be displeased with me, and I'm more interested in pleasing Him than pleasing ego or vanity.
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— Louis Farrakhan
I've had two great years, probably five good years. So I had 20 years of just kind of uncertainty and suffering and ego destruction and poverty. All these things. There's no way I'm ever going to catch up to the misery years. It's impossible... If I don't do anything dumb or I don't get a disease or something, and then I've got to five to eight years I think where it'll really be great and then it will start to degenerate like uranium, you know?
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— Louis C. K.
I've had, what, two years? Probably five good years. Before that I had twenty years of uncertainty and suffering and ego destruction and poverty. All those things. That'll always outweigh the good times.
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— Louis C. K.
I think it's pretentious to create art just for the sake of stroking the artists ego.
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— Lou Reed
Fabio kept asking me out, but I knew we'd never get his ego through the door.
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— Lorna Luft
There are much better ways to handle the delicate male ego. With a two-by-four? Only as a last resort and never in public.
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— Lora Leigh
I have an ego the size of a small planet.
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— Linus Torvalds
I definitely have an alter ego that can come out and get me out of situations where I'm having social anxiety. I can take a deep breath and create a bubble so I can perform in some way.
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— Lindy Booth
Wearing a corset, a ball gown, heels and a swan hat with wings to fight in the forest gave me a whole new appreciation for everyday clothes, because you really become that alter ego while wearing those costumes in those environments on the set. They just influenced everything you tried to do.
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— Lily Collins
I'm in love with language again because Luke B. Goebel is not afraid to take us back through the gullet of loss into the chaos of words. Someone burns a manuscript in Texas; someone's speed sets a life on fire; a heart is beaten nearly to death, the road itself is the trip, a man is decreated back to his animal past-better, beyond ego, beautiful, and look: there's an American dreamscape left. There's a reason to go on.
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— Lidia Yuknavitch
I definitely prefer to be in a band. There's too many solo people, and bands are suffering. There's too many great bands that have split up because somebody's got an ego, and then he goes solo.
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— Liam Gallagher
If you're working out in front of a mirror and watching your muscles grow, your ego has reached a point where it is now eating itself. That's why I believe there should be a psychiatrist at every health club, so that when they see you doing this, they will take you away for a little chat.
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— Lewis Black
All unhappiness is caused by our trying to be limited, to be an ego. The more we are our Self, the happier we are. We will never be completely happy until we are completely being our Self.
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— Lester Levenson
The facade is the ego. It is motivated by our seeking love. The only reward is frustration, as it is only by loving that one finds love.
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— Lester Levenson
Every problem is an ego problem. In order to have a problem there has to be an ego-frustration.
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— Lester Levenson
Growth is transcending yourself, your habitual self, which is none other than ego.
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— Lester Levenson
He's totally different from the typical jock. He has no ego. That's unique for someone with such accolades. His strength comes from a higher power. You can't explain Steve Largent by computer " he doesn't belong on an NFL field. You put his size and speed in an IBM computer up in Silicon Valley, it would chew up his data card and laugh.
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— Lester Hayes
You proceed from a false assumption: I have no ego to bruise.
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— Leonard Nimoy
One of the great dangers on the spiritual path is that the ego becomes spiritualized. The ego loves to think of itself as spiritually evolved. It is just another way that it manages to feel important and in control. It is very difficult to free yourself from an enlightened ego.
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— Leonard Jacobson
When you are present, you are transcendent of the mind and ego and so you can witness your mind and ego. You can be conscious of your thoughts without being lost in them when they arise.
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— Leonard Jacobson
Me, me, me! Mine, mine, mine! I'm right, I'm right, I'm right. What's in it for me? How do I use this? How do I take advantage of it? This is the way of the ego. Own this within yourself and you will begin to release yourself from it.
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— Leonard Jacobson
People have no clue that they're in prison, they don't know that there is an ego, they don't know the distinction.
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— Leonard Jacobson
You need to open up so that more comes through. And you can just feel that when your ego is not in the way and when you're letting it be what it wants to be. You have to let it be what it wants to be as opposed to what you think it should be.
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— Lenny Kravitz
I'm very much about the environment, I'm very much about health, about being able to, at the very least, eat organic, whole foods that are healthy for us. And then, of course, everyone being able to eat and at least have a humane way to live. There's enough for everybody, but unfortunately, there's a lot of greed and a lot of ego.
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— Lenny Kravitz
Resistance is a result of our mind being attached to having things a certain way rather than the way they actually are. It is a mental habit of the ego that we need to become aware of in order to see the consequences. Only then can we see into our thought system and realize that nothing could be more of a waste of time than to resist and complain about what already is.
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— Lee L Jampolsky
Creative people are 50% ego and 50% insecurity.
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— Lee Clow
...the goal of all spiritual life is to get your ego out of the way - outwit the sucker; dissolve it; shoot it; kill it. Silence the incessant planning, organizing, running, manipulating, possessing, and processing"... "because these activities preclude awareness of the Divine.
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— Lawrence Kushner
The question is: Will Trump's ego allow him to reconsider any negative moves that he now might have in mind? Such reconsideration is really out of character for him.
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— Lawrence Davidson
Since those who believe they need a hero/celebrity outnumber the actual heroes/celebrities, people feel safe and comfortably justified in numbers, committing egregious crimes in the name of the greater social ego. Ironically diminishing their own true hero-celebrity nature in the process.
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— Lauryn Hill
Every time truth comes we hate it, because it's coming against our ego. Are you going to let the ego come between you and this person you love?
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— Lauryn Hill
I keep what I know about Sarah Lynn and Lawrence to myself. I also remind myself that even if Sarah Lynn does have a scary strict father, that doesn't release her from the responsibility of treating others with respect. Abuse of power is wrong, no matter the context, no matter the history. What is "power" anyway? Power is an ego trip. Power is a way to rise yourself up by lowering others, and I want nothing of it.
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— Lauren Myracle
What is 'power' anyway? Power is an ego trip. Power is a way to rise yourself up by lowering others, and I want nothing of it.
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— Lauren Myracle
And that's when I realised that a mans' ego was like fruit; easily bruised.
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— Lauren Kate
When you're playing someone who has a strong ego about themselves, you can't play them when you have the opposite opinion of the one they have of themselves.
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— Laura Dern
I'm 35 but because I've been acting professionally playing women since I was eighteen years old - I never played a teenager - people constantly think I'm like ten years older than I am, which is a little hard on my ego.
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— Laura Benanti
Discipline allows you to trade effectively. You can take your ego out of it. You can go wrong 60, 70% of the time and still make a lot of money. If you ignore the discipline of managing risk, you have to be right 80% of the time or more, and I don't know anyone who's that good.
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— Larry Rosenberg