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My experience at the 1992 Winter Olympics was my fulfillment of dreaming the Impossible Dream.
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— Kristi Yamaguchi
I've been thinking I'd like to be Daisy; I'd like to have someone like Gatsby stare at my house for whole years and never stop dreaming of me
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— Koren Zailckas
Each moment of my life I was dreaming of how great I could be, and continued working hard. Each time I closed my eyes I could see me shining bright like a sun.
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— Kobe Bryant
I'm spending nights just dreaming / And playing the music loud / They're banging on the ceiling / They're praying that I'll soon be out.
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— Kim Wilde
A man who excels in creating new things is the one who is good at dreaming when not sleeping.
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— Khem Veasna
In the depths of your hopes and desires, lies your silent knowledge of the beyond, and like seeds dreaming beneath the snow, your heart dreams of spring. Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
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— Khalil Gibran
They tell me: If you see a slave sleeping, do not wake him lest he be dreaming of freedom. I tell them: If you see a slave sleeping, wake him and explain to him freedom.
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— Khalil Gibran
Life is but a sleep disturbed by dreaming, prompted by the will; the saddened soul with sadness hides it's secrets, and the gay, with thrill.
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— Khalil Gibran
Your house is your larger body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless. Does not your house dream, and dreaming, leave the city for grove or hilltop?
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— Khalil Gibran
Like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.
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— Khalil Gibran
Life is to be lived through action not by dreaming.
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— Kenneth G. Wilson
What separated me from all my homeboys is the fact that I didn't get caught inside the reality. I was always dreaming about doing something else or going somewhere else.
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— Kendrick Lamar
The concepts of community and community life, have since the Dreaming, always held special significance for Aboriginal people because both provided the physical, cultural, spiritual and social environments, which supported children, young people, families and the aged.
— Ken Wyatt
In a special sense... the three great natural states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep contain an entire spectrum of spiritual enlightenment.
— Ken Wilber
The point of the overall meditative path is to have Wakefulness (or Consciousness as Such) transcend and include all state-realms, so it ceases to "black out" or "forget" various changes of state (such as dreaming and deep sleep), and instead recognizes a "constant Consciousness" or ever-present nondual Awareness, the union (and transcendence) of individual finite self and infinite Spirit.
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— Ken Wilber
We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true.
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— Katie Holmes
I have become interested in languages which I cannot make up, which I cannot create or even create in: I have become interested in languages which I can only come up upon (as I disappear), a pirate upon buried treasure. The dreamer, the dreaming, the dream. I call these languages, languages of the body.
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— Kathy Acker
O never harm the dreaming world, the world of green, the world of leaves, but let its million palms unfold the adoration of the trees It is a love in darkness wrought obedient to the unseen sun, longer than memory, a thought deeper than the graves of time. The turning spindles of the cells weave a slow forest over space, the dance of love, creation, out of time moves not a leaf, and out of summer, not a shade.
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— Kathleen Raine
Church always seemed the same. Jess could tune it out the same way he tuned out school, with his body standing up and sitting down in unison with the rest of the congregation but his mind numb and floating, not really thinking or dreaming but at least free.
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— Katherine Paterson
Nothing is more tedious than the dreaming platitude.
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— Karl Marx
People really get myopic as they get older. We're not a culture that encourages dreaming or distraction. We're not ever good at just being. I remember reading some Adrienne Rich quote where she talks about how important it was just to watch bubbles rise in a glass.
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— Karen Russell
Your dreams are always going to be the most important to you than they will be to anybody else. So keep dreaming, keep believing, keep pressing forward. So all those warriors out there " be encouraged
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— Kai Greene
The world was a world of dreaming souls who could not die.
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— Justin Cronin
We forgot about Buddha. We forgot about God. We developed a coldness inside us that still has not thawed. I fear my soul has died. We stopped writing home to our mothers. We lost weight and grew thin. We stopped bleeding. We stopped dreaming. We stopped wanting.?
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— Julie Otsuka
We lost weight and grew thin. We stopped bleeding. We stopped dreaming. We stopped wanting.
tags: dreaming lost
— Julie Otsuka
I'm dreaming about making movies for eight weeks, because it's a luxury. But time is money. That's the reality.
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— Julie Delpy
Dreaming is to think by moonlight by the light of an inner moon.
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— Jules Renard
I had some wonderful dreaming meetings. I can't tell you specifically what they've been in the recent months. In the past they've been verbal kinds of messages that he needed to give me. Now they're more dreams of his presence.
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— Judy Collins
There you'll find the place I love most in the world. The place where I grew thin from dreaming. My village, rising from the plain. Shaded with trees and leaves like a piggy bank filled with memories. You'll see why a person would want to live there forever. Dawn, morning, mid-day, night: all the same, except for the changes in the air. The air changes the color of things there. And life whirs by as quiet as a murmur...the pure murmuring of life.
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— Juan Rulfo
Flying fosters fantasies of childhood, of omnipotence, rapid shifts of being, miraculous moments; it stirs our capacity for dreaming.
tags: fantasy dreaming childhood
— Joyce Carol Oates
You don't often see the words "Discipline" and "Dreaming" in the same sentence. But I believe this duality is critically important to win in both business and life. Dreaming without discipline is fantasy land. Discipline without dreaming creates rigid and stifling bureaucracies. Having a process to enable the creative process will help liberate the creativity that lives within every organization and individual.
— Josh Linkner
That's what keeps me going: dreaming, inventing, then hoping and dreaming some more in order to keep dreaming.
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— Joseph Barbera
There is nothing better than picking up sun-warmed tomatoes and smelling them, feeling them and scrutinizing their shiny skins for imperfections, dreaming of ways to serve them.
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— Jose Andres
The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream.
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— Jorge Luis Borges
All writing is dreaming
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— Jorge Luis Borges
From the opening lines, Sleeping with Schubert is a hilarious, whimsical romp through the looking glass of a great musical mystery. The writing snaps, crackles, and pops with humor as Bonnie Marson makes Schubert a sexy, happening kind of guy who gives new meaning to our dreaming the impossible.
tags: humor meaning mystery dreaming impossible hilarious writing sexy
— Jonis Agee
Even if your fantasy comes true, that doesn't mean you should stop dreaming.
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— Jonathan Knight
But opinions, judgments, memories, dreaming about the future-ninety percent of the thoughts spinning around in our heads have no essential reality.
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— Joko Beck
The test of real and vigorous thinking, the thinking which ascertains truths instead of dreaming dreams, is successful application to practice.
tags: truth dreaming successful real thinking dreams
— John Stuart Mill
I have never seen white so absolute / And alone, glistening in awkward form / Dreaming across the water a bright path. / As it stirs and changes I see what it is: / Two swans have found the mirror in the lake / Where a V of horizon lets light through / To make them light-source and light-shape in one. / Now they swim and fade through windows of reed / And disrobe the lake of apparition.
tags: alone dreaming water path
— John O'Donohue