doomed Quotes

Any approach that doesn't acknowledge the Palestinians' legitimate rights is doomed to fail. That also applies to any strategy that ignores the fact that Hamas is a part of the Palestinian resistance.
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— Khaled Mashal
People who make war in order to escape slavery may possibly win....This will doubtless bring death and suffering to thousands....But people who tamely allow slavery to be imposed on them without resorting to a defensive war are inevitably doomed to years of death and suffering-and far more of each than any war would bring to them....The army doesn't exist that can annihilate men in their own land-not if they love it sufficiently.
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— Kenneth Roberts
A language possesses utility only insofar as it can construct conventional boundaries. A language of no boundaries is no language at all, and thus the mystic who tries to speak logically and formally of unity consciousness is doomed to sound very paradoxical or contradictory. The problem is that the structure of any language cannot grasp the nature of unity consciousness, any more than a fork could grasp the ocean.
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— Ken Wilber
Kids who don't eavesdrop on adult conversations are doomed to a childhood of ignorance.
tags: adult childhood kids doomed ignorance
— Kelley Armstrong
Which of my feelings are real? Which of the me's is me? The wild, impulsive, chaotic, energetic, and crazy one? Or the shy, withdrawn, desperate, suicidal, doomed, and tired one? Probably a bit of both, hopefully much that is neither.
tags: crazy wild doomed
— Kay Redfield Jamison
Why would you want to keep the bluebird houses mounted in a place that you now know is unsafe for them? Bluebirds are not ornaments for pictures, they are living things that deserve your best effort if you are going to be a landlord to them. There is no magic spell that will protect those bluebirds-they have to depend on you or they are doomed.
tags: living magic doomed
— Kathy Griffin
If we do with Latinos what we did with African-Americans, Republicans and conservatives will be doomed.
tags: doomed conservative
— Karl Rove
Hopes were wallflowers. Hopes hugged the perimeter of a dance floor in your brain, tugging at their party lace, all perfume and hems and doomed expectation. They fanned their dance cards, these guests that pressed against the walls of your heart.
tags: heart brain expectation hope dance doomed
— Karen Russell
He's trying not to laugh. I tell him I would have doomed mankind for him, and he's trying not to laugh.
tags: mankind doomed
— Karen Marie Moning
It appears to me that our sex is only discussed publicly in a derogatory manner. The respectable woman is doomed to anonymity.
tags: women sex doomed
— Karen Essex
I always wanted to play the boyfriends of doomed girls.
tags: girls doomed
— Justin Long
Surely being a Professional Beauty - let alone an ageing one - is one of the most insecure and doomed careers imaginable.
tags: beauty alone career doomed
— Julie Burchill
By death the moon was gathered in Long ago, ah long ago;Yet still the silver corpse must spinAnd with another's light must glow.Her frozen mountains must forgetTheir primal hot volcanic breath,Doomed to revolve for ages yet,Void amphitheatres of death.And all about the cosmic sky,The black that lies beyond our blue,Dead stars innumerable lie,And stars of red and angry hueNot dead but doomed to die.
tags: death lies star age die moon black doomed
— Julian Huxley
The family dinner table is the cornerstone of civilization and those who 'graze' from refrigerators or in front of the television sets are doomed to remain in a state of savagery.
tags: civilization doomed
— Judith Martin
My sister and I may have been crafted of the same genetic clay, baked in the same uterine kiln, but we were disparate species, doomed never to love each other except blindly.
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— Judith Kelman
In the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore got more votes than George W. Bush, but still lost the election. The Supreme Court's ruling in Florida gave Bush that pivotal state, and doomed Gore to lose the Electoral College. That odd scenario - where the candidate with the most votes loses - has happened three times in U.S. history.
tags: time lost college doomed
— Juan Williams
What is memory but the repository of things doomed to be forgotten, so you must have History. You must have labor to invent History. Being faithful to all that happens to you of significance, recording days, dates, events, names, sights not relying merely upon memory which fades like a Polaroid print where you see the memory fading before your eyes like time itself retreating.
tags: time memory eyes doomed invent
— Joyce Carol Oates
A dedication to perfection means that we are doomed always to be just a heartbeat way - from exposure. Perfection is unchanging; lives are ongoing.
tags: live perfection doomed
— Joy Browne
Even if we are all doomed to live under the state, it doesn't follow that there is, or even can be, such a thing as a good state.
tags: live doomed
— Joseph Sobran
Stem cells are probably going to be extremely useful. But it isn't a given, and even if it were, I don't think the end justifies the means. I am not against stem cells, I think it's great. Blanket objection is not very reasonable to me-any effort to control scientific advances is doomed to fail. You cannot stop the human mind from working.
tags: human control mind fail doomed
— Joseph Murray
Those who are scandalized by a naked body-thinks the Devil-are easy prey: they are already doomed.
tags: doomed
— Jose Bergamin
Basically, if reverse engineering is banned, then a lot of the open source community is doomed to fail.
tags: community fail doomed
— Jon Lech Johansen
If the resurrection of Jesus cannot be believed except by assenting to the fantastic descriptions included in the Gospels, then Christianity is doomed. For that view of resurrection is not believable, and if that is all there is, then Christianity, which depends upon the truth and authenticity of Jesus' resurrection, also is not believable.
tags: truth authenticity jesus christianity gospel doomed
— John Shelby Spong
Papal infallibility and biblical inerrancy are the two ecclesiastical versions of this human idolatry. Both papal infallibility and biblical inerrancy require widespread and unchallenged ignorance to sustain their claims to power. Both are doomed as viable alternatives for the long- range future of anyone.
tags: power future human doomed ignorance
— John Shelby Spong
To say that we're doomed is just an obvious remark.
tags: doomed
— John Mellencamp
It's my theory that if you hear enough applause and laughter at a young enough age, you're doomed
tags: laughter young age doomed
— John Lithgow
Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it, it's doomed to failure.
tags: failure impossible god doomed
— John Haggai
This is why people cry at the movies: because everybody's doomed. No one in a movie can help themselves in any way. Their fate has already staked its claim on them from the moment they appear onscreen.
tags: fate people moment help movie doomed
— John Darnielle
I've seen the people who talk about their love lives in print invariably have doomed relationships with the person they're talking about.
tags: people live relationship doomed
— John Cusack
I did consider marriage and motherhood extreme and doomed commitments. Not out of any experience of them as such, but it was simply the way I looked at things.
— Joan Didion
I think MySpace is doomed, I give them about two more years.... I think Facebook is the next Microsoft in both the bad and the good senses. That's an amazing company that is going to do a lot of good and bad things.
tags: bad microsoft company year doomed
— Jimmy Wales
Man may be doomed to loss, sorrow, and desolation, but if he tries his strength and will, however briefly, upon the indifferent vast hostility of the elements, he rages against futility and asserts his right of being
tags: men loss sorrow right strength doomed
— Jim Perrin
Reality (i.e., the truth) is that there is a God in heaven. Reality is that He made us and we are accountable to Him. Reality is that this God has spoken and what He says matters-eternally. Reality is that without His salvation, we are doomed to eternal torment. Reality is that God's Son, Jesus Christ, has died for the sins of the world, that He has risen again, and that whoever believes on Him is given eternal life.
tags: reality world believe god jesus sin christ salvation son heaven doomed
— Jim Berg
I am doomed or fortunate to stick to what I do best.
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— Jill Sobule
Learn from history or you're doomed to repeat it.
tags: learn doomed
— Jesse Ventura
We are all doomed to seek our own happiness; we can't help ourselves. We are all, the cruel and the gentle alike, condemned to seeking that happiness in the dark. We use our need as the blind use a walking stick, to determine the safety of every forward step.
tags: happiness dark help doomed
— Jesse Browner
Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I'm talking about welfare for all. Without it, you're going to have warfare for all.
tags: failure food job care dignity american doomed
— Jerry Brown
The pursuit of holiness must be anchored in the grace of God; otherwise it is doomed to failure
tags: failure grace doomed
— Jerry Bridges
O Logic: born gatekeeper to the Temple of Science, victim of capricious destiny: doomed hitherto to be the drudge of pedants: come to the aid of thy master, Legislation
tags: master doomed victim
— Jeremy Bentham
The only love that feels like love is the doomed kind. (Fun fact.)
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— Jenny Offill