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    dog Quotes

    I think breeds of dogs and breeds of men are quite a bit alike. If you think it's insulting that I compare people with animals, well, if you knew how I love animals, you would understand that coming from me, this is a compliment.
    tags: animals men people dog compliment
    — Zsa Zsa Gabor
    Diamonds are a girl's best friend and dogs are a man's best friend. Now you know which sex has more sense.
    tags: friends girls dog sex diamond
    — Zsa Zsa Gabor
    Wherever wolves run free, indigenous cultures have revered them as symbols of loyalty, free will, fearlessness and unity. But wolves haven't had it easy in North America, where negative myths prevail. Fear-based stereotypes and use of public lands for cattle ranching have resulted in Mother Nature's dogs being aggressively persecuted to the point of near extinction.
    tags: nature culture loyalty dog america mother
    — Zoe Helene
    I would look at a dog and when our eyes met, I realized that the dog and all creatures are my family. They're like you and me.
    tags: eyes dog
    — Ziggy Marley
    The thing about owls is that they do sort of have this facial disc, which is unlike any other bird. They kind of have a face, more than like a dog or a giraffe. They have this weird, alien face that you can actually make expressive.
    tags: dog
    — Zack Snyder
    I don't mind it if blacks want equal rights, as long as they mean rights equal to a dog
    tags: right dog mind black
    — Zach Braff
    I'm not lazy, I drive everywhere myself, the dog could've learned something from me.
    tags: lazy dog
    — Zach Braff
    My dog has a cough. If you've never seen a dog with a cough, I recommend trying to find one. It's hilarious.
    tags: hilarious dog
    — Zach Braff
    I like hot dogs. I like eggplant. I like pizza and creamed corn and beer. But I don't like Arabs.
    tags: dog
    — Zach Braff
    One of the things I like about being a celebrity is that you can get away with murder. Not just metaphorically, literally. Remember that annoying blond dog reporter at E News used to talk smack about me? I paid two mobsters five million dollars each to throw her off the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas.
    tags: murder celebrity dog
    — Zach Braff
    A dog, for me, it's not just getting a dog. I couldn't leave him at home. I'm looking for a life partner and I'm not ready. I'm not emotionally mature enough.
    tags: dog
    — Zac Efron
    My dogs are crazy. They're always getting into some kind of trouble but then again, they're my most loyal friends.
    tags: friends crazy dog
    — Zac Efron
    I've always loved dogs. I grew up with them and I love working with them. They're really fun.
    tags: fun dog
    — Zac Efron
    My wife and I volunteer for the Guide Dog Foundation, and we have two giant labs.
    tags: dog wife
    — Yul Vazquez
    Bad stories are written about me because the press knows they can make me into a weeping dog and few people will object.
    tags: people bad dog stories
    — Yoko Ono
    The moon, our own, earthly moon is bitterly lonely, because it is alone in the sky, always alone, and there is no one to turn to, no one to turn to it. All it can do is ache across the weightless airy ice, across thousands of versts, toward those who are equally lonely on earth, and listen to the endless howling of dogs. ("A Story About The Most Important Thing")
    tags: earth alone sky dog moon stories
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    A poetess who had died young of cancer had said in one of her poems that for her, on sleepless nights, 'the night offers toads and black dogs and corpses of the drowned.
    tags: young night dog poem black
    — Yasunari Kawabata
    We have a saying in France. A dog doesn't make a cat.
    tags: saying cat dog
    — Yannick Noah
    A samurai will use a toothpick even though he has not eaten. Inside the skin of a dog, outside the hide of a tiger.
    tags: dog
    — Yamamoto Tsunetomo
    Quarreling over food and drink, having neither scruples nor shame, not knowing right from wrong, not trying to avoid death or injury, not fearful of greater strength or of greater numbers, greedily aware only of food and drink - such is the bravery of the dog and boar.
    tags: death food right knowing wrong shame dog strength bravery
    — Xunzi
    If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.
    tags: conscience dog
    — Woodrow Wilson
    I must give you a piece of intelligence that you perhaps already know, namely that the ungodly arch-villain Voltaire has died miserably like a dog, just like a brute. That is his reward!
    tags: dog intelligence
    — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    I don't consider myself an A-list celebrity or a big dog, but every time I meet somebody, even rappers who've been in the game for years... they're like, 'Man, I'm trying to get on your level.'
    tags: time men celebrity dog games year
    — Wiz Khalifa
    We say 'forest' but this word is made of the unknown, the unfamiliar, the unencompassed. The earth. Clods of dirt. Pebbles. On a clear day you rest among ordinary, everyday things that have been familiar to you since childhood, grass, bushes, a dog (or a cat), a chair, but that changes when you realize that every object is an enormous army, an inexhaustible swarm.
    tags: earth dog childhood
    — Witold Gombrowicz
    I'm working on the world, revised, improved edition, featuring fun for fools blues for brooders, combs for bald pates, tricks for old dogs.
    tags: world fun dog fools
    — Wislawa Szymborska
    The more I see of dogs, the more I like children.
    tags: children child dog
    — Winifred Holtby
    A big dog tends to be much more at ease with kids and gentle with them than a little one that's always yelping.
    tags: dog kids
    — Wilt Chamberlain
    I'm a big man and I like big dogs.... The dogs kept growing until only one of us could get in the elevator. It caused enough hassles so they finally kicked me out of my apartment.
    tags: men dog
    — Wilt Chamberlain
    Some time in the night I got up, tiptoed to my window, and looked out at my doghouse. It looked so lonely and empty sitting there in the moonlight. I could see that the door was slightly ajar. I thought of the many times I had lain in my bed and listened to the squeaking of the door as my dogs went in and out. I didn't know I was crying until I felt the tears roll down my cheeks.
    tags: time thoughts night tears crying dog
    — Wilson Rawls
    I buried Little Ann by the side of Old Dan. I knew that was where she wanted to be. I also buried a part of my life along with my dog.
    tags: dog
    — Wilson Rawls
    I have three dogs, a cat, fish. I'm a huge animal lover. They're amazing.
    tags: animals cat dog lover
    — Willow Shields
    The pressure to perform is relentless in today's workplace - regardless of where you work. We are all being asked to do more with less. I think what we could borrow from the culture of Silicon Valley is "eat your own dog food ." That is an expression used by tech types to mean using what you make or sell.
    tags: work food culture dog sell
    — Willow Bay
    The dog of your boyhood teaches you a great deal about friendship, and love, and death: Old Skip was my brother. They had buried him under our elm tree, they said-yet this wasn't totally true. For he really lay buried in my heart.
    tags: friendship heart true dog
    — Willie Morris
    Although the frankfurter originated in Frankfurt, Germany, we have long since made it our own, a twin pillar of democracy along with Mom's apple pie. In fact, now that Mom's apple pie comes frozen and baked by somebody who isn't Mom, the hot dog stands alone. What it symbolizes remains pure, even if what it contains does not.
    tags: alone facts dog democracy
    — William Zinsser
    Man Ray... loved games and absolutely knew about the camera. It is interesting to note that, although I used him in only about 10 percent of the photographs and videotapes, most people think of him as omnipresent in my work. It irked me sometimes to be known only as the guy with the dog, but on the other hand it was a thrill to have a famous dog.
    tags: men people work dog games
    — William Wegman
    Once you have learned to fly your plane, it is far less fatiguing to fly than it is to drive a car. You don't have to watch every second for cats, dogs, children, lights, road signs, ladies with baby carriages and citizens who drive out in the middle of the block against the lights. . . . Nobody who has not been up in the sky on a glorious morning can possibly imagine the way a pilot feels in free heaven.
    tags: children child sky cat dog heaven imagine
    — William T. Piper
    At the time my dog had a fungus on her chest that wouldn't heal and resisted treatment. I made an ointment with our product and it cleared up in two days. She lived to 17 years.
    tags: time dog year
    — William Standish Knowles
    I'll be Pavlov, you be the dog.
    tags: dog
    — William Stafford
    My wife and my three kids and my grandchildren are my life, but my horses and my dogs are everything else.
    tags: dog kids wife
    — William Shatner
    I also derive a great deal of pleasure from horses and dogs... the ocean... and love.
    tags: pleasure ocean dog
    — William Shatner
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