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    dna Quotes

    I think that music, beats, melody, sound are a natural part of our DNA, our vibe. It's just a part of the cycle of our lives, we're born, we have eyes, we have music.
    tags: live eyes music dna
    — Ziggy Marley
    I've always wanted to have kids of my own, it's just tough finding a woman I wouldn't be wasting my DNA on.
    tags: women kids dna
    — Zach Braff
    Sometimes when you're producing or directing something, and which I've been at fault to do in the past, you find yourself trying to do a portion of everyone else's job because you're just trying to be so in control and you think that you have to be hands on, on absolutely everything. You give your sense, you give your keynote to make sure the DNA is consistent. I think that's all you can really do.
    tags: past control job dna
    — Wilmer Valderrama
    Passionate ideological opposition to race preferences does not seem to be part of the Bush DNA, and President Bush has been no exception to this rule . . . It is not the legitimate business of government in America to promote 'diversity.'
    tags: rules government america business race dna
    — Ward Connerly
    And luckily, for whatever reason, I've found people who are interested in living with and owning and existing around the DNA of my mind, which is my visual work. I've found collectors who are willing to put money down to live with my work. So I can't criticize the whole mechanism. But I can criticize it as an artist, in spite of the fact that I benefit from it. And there are problems with it.
    tags: people work living live problem facts mind artist money dna
    — Wangechi Mutu
    Three billion bases of DNA sequence can be put on a single compact disc and one will be able to pull a CD out of one's pocket and say, 'Here is a human being; it's me!'
    tags: human dna
    — Walter Gilbert
    These are very difficult times for new artists. Back in the day, a hit song could really seep into a person's DNA with radio and MTV. A hit today is not the same as a hit twenty years ago. Now there is so much competition, it is very hard to reach the people. The music scene is so overly saturated. There are no gatekeepers like there used to be.
    tags: time people song music artist dna year competition
    — Vivian Campbell
    Libraries and museums are the DNA of our culture.
    tags: culture library dna
    — Vartan Gregorian
    I really believe that even with all of our problems, we're still the best nation in the world. The idea of the United States is why millions of people want to come here every year. The reality is sometimes different, and we certainly have many things to fix, but I really believe that we have in our national DNA the ability to be a great nation that leads the way to progress.
    tags: people reality world believe progress problem ideas dna year
    — Valerie Plame
    Now you're gonna take beatings. It's written in our DNA, you know. You're gonna go down. You get up, it's that simple.
    tags: dna
    — Travis Rice
    If you can surrender your protection devices, in order to track the potentially raw and perhaps elusive emotions that are the song's DNA, then that is creative vulnerability, which is ultimately hugely empowering.
    tags: emotion song creative dna protection
    — Tori Amos
    We all want to be stars. The idea of being revered and envied must be encoded somewhere deep in our DNA. So must the desire to revere and envy others we imagine to be better, more accepted, and more popular than we are. The only problem is that the most necessary qualities required to be a celebrity - self-absorption, egomania, shamelessness - are the least attractive in a friend.
    tags: desires friends star problem envy celebrity ideas dna quality imagine
    — Tonya Hurley
    The general direction of evolution is to produce a serially imprinting, multibrained creature able to decipher its own program, create the technology to leave the planet and live in post-terrestrial mini-worlds, decode the aging sectors of the DNA code-thus assuring immortality, and act in harmony with stages of evolution to come.
    tags: live aging immortality harmony technology evolution dna
    — Timothy Leary
    The mission of DNA is to evolve nervous systems capable of deciphering the mission of DNA.
    tags: dna
    — Timothy Leary
    That intermediate manifestation of the divine process which we call the DNA code has spent the last 2 billion years making this planet a Garden of Eden.
    tags: process manifestation divine dna year garden
    — Timothy Leary
    I very much dislike the word "race," and I never use it. I use the word "racist." Race is not a fact. There is only one race: human. Skin color is less than 2 percent of the DNA.
    tags: human facts race dna
    — Tillie Olsen
    If you accept the belief that baptism incorporates us in the mystical body of Christ, into the divine DNA, then you might say that the Holy Spirit is present in each of us, and thus we have the capacity for the fullness of redemption, of transformation.
    tags: belief present body transformation divine christ holy spirit dna
    — Thomas Keating
    The idea that human-transforming technology that mingles the dna of natural and synthetic beings and merges man with machines could somehow be used or even inspired by evil supernaturalism to foment destruction within the material world is for some people so exotic as to be inconceivable. Yet nothing should be more fundamentally clear, as students of
    tags: evil men people world destruction technology ideas machine dna
    — Thomas Horn
    Fear is just part of our DNA and our make-up. By definition, if we've had to be looked after for two years, it means we can't do it on our own and we need other people. That makes trust enormously important and it makes fear massive. Massive fear and trust issues really just defines us. The partner to belief is truth. If we're being fed lies, that's so powerful. And then, when we realize we're being lied to, it's going to make us really angry.
    tags: belief fear truth people trust lies powerful dna definition year
    — Thandie Newton
    The choices and decisions we make in terms of how we use the land ultimately affect our very DNA. Environmental issues are life issues.
    tags: choice decision dna
    — Terry Tempest Williams
    The immigrant experience of all of us is what makes us Americans, because we value in our DNA liberty and opportunity above all else.
    tags: experience value opportunities liberty dna american
    — Ted Cruz
    When you're in [ Bahamas], it feels like a bunch of islands, with keys and things like that. It's an existential archipelago. It's funny, you try to escape who you are and where you're from, but it's always part of your social DNA.
    tags: funny key dna
    — Tavares Strachan
    I'm very rarely interested in genres. As long as I feel I can put my DNA out there in the ideology, it works for me.
    tags: work dna
    — Tarsem Singh
    We now had impressive evidence that low protein intake could markedly decrease enzyme activity and prevent dangerous carcinogen binding to DNA.
    tags: dna dangerous
    — T. Colin Campbell
    So that's when I saw the DNA model for the first time, in the Cavendish, and that's when I saw that this was it. And in a flash you just knew that this was very fundamental.
    tags: time dna fundamental
    — Sydney Brenner
    Often, one discovery leads to interest in another. After the Dauphin's heart had undergone DNA testing and was placed in the crypt at St. Denis, I think people wanted some closure to the story about the fate of the royal couple's only child who survived the gruesome Temple Prison. I know I did.
    tags: children fate people heart child discovery prison stories dna
    — Susan Nagel
    Books help to form us. If you cut me open, you will find volume after volume, page after page, the contents of every one I have ever read, somehow transmuted and transformed into me just as my genes and the soul within me make me uniquely me, so I am the unique sum of the books I have read. I am my literary DNA.
    tags: soul help book read dna
    — Susan Hill
    The forces of genetic mixing are so powerful that everyone in the world has Jewish ancestors, though the amount of DNA from those ancestors in a given individual may be small. In fact, everyone on earth is by now a descendant of Abraham, Moses, and Aaron-if indeed they existed.
    tags: world earth powerful facts dna
    — Steve Olson
    I make my decisions and my judgments not based on what a prime minister of another country says, but based on what my principles tell me... how may DNA guides me.
    tags: decision dna
    — Steve Israel
    Providing for the ones he loves and care about, whether it's monetarily or with sweat equity, is part of a man's DNA, and if he loves and cares for you, this man will provide for you all these things with no limits.
    tags: men care dna
    — Steve Harvey
    The information contained in an English sentence or computer software does not derive from the chemistry of the ink or the physics of magnetism, but from a source extrinsic to physics and chemistry altogether. Indeed, in both cases, the message transcends the properties of the medium. The information in DNA also transcends the properties of its material medium.
    tags: media physics computer dna property
    — Stephen C. Meyer
    We try to make earth-friendly decisions whenever we can, as it's part of our brand DNA.
    tags: decision dna
    — Stella McCartney
    According to materialistic science, any memory requires a material substrate, such as the neuronal network in the brain or the DNA molecules of the genes.
    tags: memory brain dna
    — Stanislav Grof
    I have my own experience in Indonesia, of course. Sometimes in these transition situations, the new governments are still clumsy and awkward in responding to this new environment in which they operate. The only thing in their DNA is the old regime.
    tags: experience environment government dna
    — Sri Mulyani Indrawati
    The greatest history book ever written is the one hidden in our DNA.
    tags: book dna
    — Spencer Wells
    DNA ties us all together; we share ancestry with barracuda and bacteria and mushrooms, if you go far enough back.
    tags: dna shares
    — Spencer Wells
    Listen, I didn't ask for a face and body girls find attractive. But thanks to the mixture of my parents' DNA, I've got them, and I'm not ashamed to use 'em. Having a face Adonis would admire is one of the few advantages I've been given in life, and I use it to it's full potential whether it's for good or evil.
    tags: evil body girls potential parent dna advantage
    — Simone Elkeles
    What's great is that there are a lot of brands - like Thom Browne, Michael Bastian, and Rag & Bone - but they're all doing their own thing. That's what's important: to remain true to your own DNA.
    tags: true dna
    — Simon Spurr
    What made you immortal? (Nick) Really good DNA. (Acheron)
    tags: dna
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    DNA doesn't make a family. Love does.
    tags: dna
    — Sherri Saum
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