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In Hollywood, an equitable divorce settlement means each party getting fifty percent of publicity.
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— Lauren Bacall
Hollywood is the only place in the world where an amicable divorce means each one gets fifty percent of the publicity.
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— Lauren Bacall
I think that people might watch reality television or what they see played out on media outlets and get ideas. We might be more anesthetized to divorce or bad behavior now because of what we see on television or on postings on TMZ. So it definitely could be filtering in to how we conduct ourselves.
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— Laura Wasser
Once you do embark upon the separation or divorce process, it is very important to remember three key things: Be kind, be reasonable, be brief. Remember that this person will no longer be your spouse, but he or she will continue to be your co-parent, family member and perhaps business partner in certain assets or entities.
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— Laura Wasser
It was tough when people would say, "Aren't you so excited?" about the new show and I couldn't really say, "Yes, well, I'm going through a divorce right now, too."
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— Larry Wilmore
Marriage isn't all that it's cracked up to be, let me tell you. Honestly. Marriage is probably the chief cause of divorce.
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— Larry Gelbart
Well, after the divorce, I went home and turned all the lights on!
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— Larry David
I never imagined that divorce would be part of my life history or my family's legacy. When people say that divorce can be more painful than death, I understand why. But like any great trial, God uses everything for good, if we allow Him to heal us.
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— Kristin Armstrong
I am what is known as a benched Catholic and disillusioned by the church doctrine. I believe in things the Catholic Church does not believe in: divorce being one, and a women's right to choose being another.
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— Kitty Kelley
I can't imagine having a real personal thing, like divorce and marriage, all those things, being in the public eye. I try to not talk about anything personal, and then nobody has the fire to throw back at you, like 'You said this back then!'
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— Kirsten Dunst
Finding a cat-or having a cat find you-can change your world as much as marriage, divorce, love, death, or even winning the lottery can, and sometimes more.
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— Kinky Friedman
The divorce was rough on all of us. I don't blame Hollywood for my family's problems. But having all of it reported in the press made it more of an ordeal.
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— Kieran Culkin
You know, I'm allowed to f - king date, I haven't seen this guy in three years. We're in the middle of a divorce. For a woman, she has to wait. For a man, who cares? That's what it's painted as.
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— Khloe Kardashian
But for a man, it's different. Like, separation can take years - it can take years to make divorce final. What am I supposed to do during those years? I think that's, you know it's not the *craziest* thing, but it's where a lot of rumors come from. It's frustrating.
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— Khloe Kardashian
I'm a modern girl, but you should put your husband first. I like to think divorce is not an option.
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— Khloe Kardashian
My fans saw me get engaged, saw me make that woman my wife, me having kids, me divorcing, me talking about divorce before the divorce, me talking about my kids' reaction to that divorce.
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— Kevin Hart
Going through my divorce has changed who I am in my understanding of what's good and bad in relationships.
— Kevin Hart
Judge and prosecutor had hammered it home that Lady Chatterly was an immoral woman, that she had had sexual relations before marriage, that she had committed adultery under her husband's roof; as if these charges somehow disqualified her from participation in serious literature. Indeed, there were long periods of the trial during which an outsider might well have assumed that a divorce case was being heard.
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— Kenneth Tynan
When I get married, it will be for life - divorce is not an option.
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— Kelly Rowland
I totally agree. I hate knowing too much when I'm going to the cinema and watching as a viewer. I don't want to know that the actor has just gone through a divorce. I don't want to know that the person is an alcoholic. It just gets in the way of my pleasure of watching the character on the screen.
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— Keira Knightley
Others imply that they know what it is like to be depressed because they have gone through a divorce, lost a job, or broken up with someone. But these experiences carry with them feelings. Depression, instead, is flat, hollow, and unendurable. ... You're frightened, and you're frightening, and you're 'not at all like yourself but will be soon,' but you know you won't.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
At the time that I knew them, they were not living together. They began dating again after their divorce, so I didn't really see fighting.
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— Kato Kaelin
I don't read reviews. Just because that is something that's directly connected to my job. I'm doing this because I love it, not because I'm necessarily looking for approval or anything like that. To me, it seems that reading reviews - whether they're good ones or bad ones - can only sort of force the person to divorce themselves from the reality of what it is they do for a living. So I don't read reviews.
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— Kate Winslet
Men and women were declared equal one morning and everybody could divorce each other by postcard
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— Kate Millett
For every veteran who goes through a divorce, a wife goes through one, too. For every veteran alone in the basement, there is a wife upstairs, bewildered, isolated and in despair from the dark clouds of war that hangs over family life.
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— Karl Marlantes
There will be gay couples; it will exist. It is not very nice that people who are married - who divorce in three seconds - don't want protection for the others. The legal system should protect everyone, not just the few people who think they are above everybody else because they are married.
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— Karl Lagerfeld
Normally, I don't recommend me for wedding dresses " they all get a divorce.
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— Karl Lagerfeld
Sometimes you divorce a part of yourself to save yourself emotionally.
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— Kalup Linzy
I just understand... I mean this may sound kind of bigheaded, bullheaded, or cumbersome, but when people say they've had a really deep experience with the record, like it caused a divorce or it like...I've gotten all these stories.
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— Justin Vernon
Anytime you go through a divorce, you're completely lost, whether you want to admit it or not, or whether you know it or not, you're completely lost.
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— Justin Hartley
As you get older, you welcome people into your family because siblings get married and have kids. But then people also get divorces and things like that, and sometimes there's an exit from the family.
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— Justin Hartley
After divorce of Pompeia in 62 BC I feel that members of my family should never be suspected of breaking the law. -Meos tam suspicione quam crimine iudico carere oportere
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— Julius Caesar
Growing up in the fifties and sixties, I can only remember knowing one child, ever, whose parents got a divorce, and hardly any whose mother 'worked' at anything besides raising her children.
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— Joyce Maynard
You don't need a reason to divorce someone you can't stand.
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— Joy Browne
I come from a very illustrious line of divorces. We love to get divorced in my family. My mother and father have been married four times each - eight ceremonies with the best of intentions.
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— Joshua Ferris
Most people wish they could erase suffering out of the dictionary. Today's culture of comfort and instant gratification has no patience for suffering - most people want to drug it, escape it, divorce it; do anything but live with it.
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— Joni Eareckson Tada
If these two couldn't divorce why on earth would we expect them to get married?
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— Jonathan Freedland
Divorce isn't caused because 50% of marriages end in gayness.
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— Jon Stewart
Only the most unapologetic biblical fundamentalists, for instance, take every biblical injunction literally. If we all took all scripture at the same level of authority, then we would be more open to slavery, to the subjugation of women, to wider use of stoning. Jesus himself spoke out frequently against divorce in the strongest of terms.
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— Jon Meacham
I'm always looking to find order within the chaos. And sometimes when my life gets fairly chaotic, I'll take a walk outside. I think about the order and the perfection of galaxies of planets in orbit and traveling around space and thinking how chaotic the wars and divorces and riots on our planet must look from outer space.
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— Jon Foreman