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    discipleship Quotes

    No matter how high the powers of reason, no matter how deep the intellect, no one can discover God's secret messages without paying the cost of true discipleship.
    — Winkie Pratney
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    To be as good as our fathers we must be better, imitation is not discipleship.
    — Wendell Phillips
    To be as good as our fathers, we must be better. Imitation is not discipleship. When some one sent a cracked plate to China to have a set made, every piece in the new set had a crack in it.
    — Wendell Phillips
    Christian discipleship does not involve the abandonment of any innocent enjoyment. Any diversion or amusement which we can use so as to receive pleasure and enjoyment to ourselves, and do no harm to others, we are perfectly free to use.
    — Washington Gladden
    Discipleship is a daily discipline; we follow Jesus a step at a time, a day at a time
    — Warren W. Wiersbe
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    We have suffered from the preaching of cheap grace. Grace is free, but it is not cheap. People will take anything that is free, but they are not interested in discipleship. They will take Christ as Savior but not as Lord.
    — Vance Havner
    Discipleship is not an option. Jesus says that if anyone would come after me, he must follow me.
    — Timothy Keller
    In the school of discipleship, suffering for Christ is never an elective course, but a required core class.
    — Steven J Lawson
    Every church needs to grow warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through through worship, and larger through evangelism.
    — Rick Warren
    Conversion does not make us perfect, but it does catapult us into a total experience of discipleship that affects - and infects - every sphere of our living.
    — Richard J. Foster
    Thinking that education is something different from discipling our children is a sure sign that we have been 'educated' by the state. Education is discipleship.
    — R. C. Sproul, Jr.
    I believe it to be one of the most important discipleship resources we have produced at Ligonier.
    — R. C. Sproul
    Sometimes we are looked upon as people who speak only of prohibitions. Nothing could be further from the truth! Authentic Christian discipleship is marked by a sense of wonder. We stand before the God we know and love as a friend, the vastness of his creation, and the beauty of our Christian faith.
    — Pope Benedict XVI
    In the gospel of Jesus, sincere and costly discipleship always accompanies genuine conversion. The gospel of Jesus teaches men that a mere profession of faith alone is no sound evidence of salvation.
    — Paul Washer
    It is possible to know all about doctrine and yet not know Jesus. The soul is in danger when knowledge of doctrine outsteps intimate touch with Jesus. ....Have I a personal history with Jesus Christ? The one sign of discipleship is intimate connection with Him, a knowledge of Jesus Christ nothing can shake.
    — Oswald Chambers
    Discipleship is based solely on devotion to Jesus Christ, not on following after a particular belief or doctrine.
    — Oswald Chambers
    Our Lord never lays down the conditions of discipleship as the conditions of salvation.
    — Oswald Chambers
    Our Lord's conception of discipleship is not that we work for God, but that God works through us.
    — Oswald Chambers
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    Our journey of discipleship is not a dash around the track, nor is it fully comparable to a lengthy marathon. In truth, it is a lifelong migration toward a more celestial world.
    — Neil L. Andersen
    In Bright Shadow: C.S. Lewis on the Imagination for Theology and Discipleship
    — N.D. Wilson
    Live Like a Narnian: Christian Discipleship in C.S. Lewis's Chronicles
    — N.D. Wilson
    Again and again the Sermon on the Mount calls and challenges us to a life of radical discipleship. Note: when Jesus says 'Blessed are the . . . . merciful, peacmakers', and so on, he doesn't just mean that they themselves are blessed. He means that the blessing of God's kingdom works precisely through those people into the wider world. That is how God's kingdom comes. That's one thing to hear afresh.
    — N. T. Wright
    Discipleship is rooted in a deep belief in the universal reign of God through Christ. To be a disciple is to acknowledge that reign and to embrace the lifelong journey of submitting more and more of every aspect of your life to His good, just, and peaceable reign, as well as alerting others to God's kingship by both word and deed.
    — Michael Frost
    In our faith we follow in someone's steps. In our faith we leave footprints to guide others. It's the principle of discipleship
    — Max Lucado
    The cost of discipleship is to live the life God has given us, serving in mundane ways the people he's put in our path.
    — Mark Galli
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    I believe passionately that Christianity is a way of life, not a theological system with which one must be in intellectual agreement. I feel that Christ would admit into discipleship anyone who sincerely desired to follow him, and allow that disciple to make his creed out of his experience; to listen, to consider, to pray, to follow, and ultimately to believe only those convictions about which the experience of fellowship made him sure.
    — Leslie Weatherhead
    I want to become more and more like Jesus my Lord, my Saviour. And the way we do that is through discipleship. So I get myself discipled by great men like Doctor Phil Pringle, constantly speaking into my life.
    — Kong Hee
    Love is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the pathway of discipleship. It comforts, counsels, cures, and consoles. It leads us through valleys of darkness and through the veil of death. In the end love leads us to the glory and grandeur of eternal life.
    — Joseph B. Wirthlin
    Without the Holy Spirit, Christian discipleship would be inconceivable, even impossible. There can be no life without the life-giver, no understanding without the Spirit of truth, no fellowship without the unity of the Spirit, no Christlikeness of character apart from His fruit, and no effective witness without His power. As a body without breath is a corpse, so the church without the Spirit is dead.
    — John Stott
    Nothing is more important for mature Christian discipleship than a fresh, clear, true vision of the authentic Jesus.
    — John Stott
    At every step of our Christian development and in every sphere of our Christian discipleship, pride is the greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend.
    — John Stott
    We believers do need to be challenged to a life of committed discipleship, but that challenge needs to be based on the gospel, not on duty or guilt. Duty or guilt may motivate us for awhile, but only a sense of Christ's love for us will motivate us for a lifetime.
    — Jerry Bridges
    Elder Jeffery R. Holland: "So we have neighbors to bless, children to protect, the poor to lift up and the truth to defend. We have wrongs to make right, truths to share and good to do. In short, we have a life of devoted discipleship to give in demonstrating our love of the Lord. We can't quit and we can't go back.
    — Jeffrey R. Holland
    Your love for Jesus Christ and your discipleship in His cause must be the consuming preoccupation and passion of your mortality.
    — Jeffrey R. Holland
    We meet God through entering into a relationship both of dependance on Jesus as our Saviour and Friend and of discipleship to Him as our Lord and Master.
    — J. I. Packer
    Obedience is the only reality. It is faith visible, faith acting, and faith manifest. It is the test of real discipleship among the Lord's people.
    — J. C. Ryle
    You never graduate from the school of discipleship.
    — Howard G. Hendricks
    Through discipline, discipline is the other side of discipleship. If you want to follow Jesus, you have to have discipline.
    — Henri Nouwen
    If our Christianity has ceased to be serious about discipleship, if we have watered down the gospel into emotional uplift which makes no costly demands and which fails to distinguish between natural and Christian existence, then we cannot help regarding the cross as an ordinary everyday calamity, as one of the trials and tribulations of life. We have then forgotten that the cross means rejection and shame as well as suffering .
    — Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    But discipleship never consists in this or that specific action: it is always a decision, either for or against Jesus Christ...Christ speaks to us exactly as he spoke to them. It was not as though they first recognized him as the Christ and then received his command. They believed his word and command and recognized him as the Christ-in that order.
    — Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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