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I want to become more and more like Jesus my Lord, my Saviour. And the way we do that is through discipleship. So I get myself discipled by great men like Doctor Phil Pringle, constantly speaking into my life.
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— Kong Hee
Love is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the pathway of discipleship. It comforts, counsels, cures, and consoles. It leads us through valleys of darkness and through the veil of death. In the end love leads us to the glory and grandeur of eternal life.
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— Joseph B. Wirthlin
Without the Holy Spirit, Christian discipleship would be inconceivable, even impossible. There can be no life without the life-giver, no understanding without the Spirit of truth, no fellowship without the unity of the Spirit, no Christlikeness of character apart from His fruit, and no effective witness without His power. As a body without breath is a corpse, so the church without the Spirit is dead.
— John Stott
Nothing is more important for mature Christian discipleship than a fresh, clear, true vision of the authentic Jesus.
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— John Stott
At every step of our Christian development and in every sphere of our Christian discipleship, pride is the greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend.
— John Stott
We believers do need to be challenged to a life of committed discipleship, but that challenge needs to be based on the gospel, not on duty or guilt. Duty or guilt may motivate us for awhile, but only a sense of Christ's love for us will motivate us for a lifetime.
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— Jerry Bridges
Elder Jeffery R. Holland: "So we have neighbors to bless, children to protect, the poor to lift up and the truth to defend. We have wrongs to make right, truths to share and good to do. In short, we have a life of devoted discipleship to give in demonstrating our love of the Lord. We can't quit and we can't go back.
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— Jeffrey R. Holland
Your love for Jesus Christ and your discipleship in His cause must be the consuming preoccupation and passion of your mortality.
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— Jeffrey R. Holland
We meet God through entering into a relationship both of dependance on Jesus as our Saviour and Friend and of discipleship to Him as our Lord and Master.
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— J. I. Packer
Obedience is the only reality. It is faith visible, faith acting, and faith manifest. It is the test of real discipleship among the Lord's people.
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— J. C. Ryle
You never graduate from the school of discipleship.
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— Howard G. Hendricks
Through discipline, discipline is the other side of discipleship. If you want to follow Jesus, you have to have discipline.
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— Henri Nouwen
If our Christianity has ceased to be serious about discipleship, if we have watered down the gospel into emotional uplift which makes no costly demands and which fails to distinguish between natural and Christian existence, then we cannot help regarding the cross as an ordinary everyday calamity, as one of the trials and tribulations of life. We have then forgotten that the cross means rejection and shame as well as suffering .
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer
But discipleship never consists in this or that specific action: it is always a decision, either for or against Jesus Christ...Christ speaks to us exactly as he spoke to them. It was not as though they first recognized him as the Christ and then received his command. They believed his word and command and recognized him as the Christ-in that order.
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— Dietrich Bonhoeffer
With an abstract idea it is possible to enter into a relation of formal knowledge, to become enthusiastic about it, and perhaps even to put it into practice; but it can never be followed in personal obedience. Christianity without the living Christ is inevitably Christianity without discipleship, and Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Let us simplify our lives a little, let us make the changes necessary to focus on the simple, humble path of Christian discipleship.
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— Dieter F. Uchtdorf
God wants to help us to eventually turn all of our weaknesses into strengths,1 but He knows that this is a long-term goal. He wants us to become perfect,2 and if we stay on the path of discipleship, one day we will. It's OK that you're not quite there yet. Keep working on it, but stop punishing yourself.
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— Dieter F. Uchtdorf
God wants you to find your way back to Him, and the Savior is the way. God wants you to learn of His Son, Jesus Christ, and experience the profound peace and joy that come from following the path of divine discipleship.
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— Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Discipleship is crucial to our ultimate destiny, but its cost is total commitment.
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— David Jeremiah
Discipleship is the process of becoming who Jesus would be if he were you.
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— Dallas Willard
What you present as the gospel will determine what you present as discipleship. If you present as the gospel what is essentially a theory of the atonement, and you say, If you accept this theory of the atonement, your sins are forgiven, and when you die you will be received into heaven, there is no basis for discipleship.
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— Dallas Willard
If you have a group of people come together around a vision for real discipleship, people who are committed to grow, committed to change, committed to learn, then a spiritual assessment tool can work.
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— Dallas Willard
Discipleship' as a term has lost its content, and this is one reason why it has been moved aside. I've tried to redeem the idea of discipleship, and I think it can be done; you have to get it out of the contemporary mode.
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— Dallas Willard
The kingdom of heaven is worth infinitely more than the cost of discipleship, and those who know where the treasure lies joyfully abandon everything else to secure it.
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— D. A. Carson
St John, on Christ's bosom, pray for me in the days of my discipleship, in the house of my faith, in the hour of my death.
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— Eric Milner-White
His voice leads us not into timid discipleship but into bold witness.
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— Charles Stanley
Genuine Christianity is more than a relationship with Jesus, as expressed in personal piety, church attendance, Biblestudy, and works of charity. It is more than discipleship, more than believing a system of doctrines about God. Genuine Christianity is a way of seeing and comprehending all reality. It is a worldview.
— Charles Colson
I have a word for you. I know your whole life story. I know every skeleton in your closet. I know every moment of sin, shame, dishonesty and degraded love that has darkened your past. Right now I know your shallow faith, your feeble prayer life, your inconsistent discipleship. And my word is this: I dare you to trust that I love you just as you are, and not as you should be. Because you're never going to be as you should be.
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— Brennan Manning
Childlike surrender and trust, I believe, is the defining spirit of authentic discipleship.
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— Brennan Manning
Discipleship is the art and science of helping people find, follow and fully become like Jesus. Discipleship happens as God's people show love, share truth and live life with one another, making new disciples along the way.
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— Brandon Cox
In order to develop a pioneering missional spirit, a capacity for genuine ecclesial innovation, let along engender daring discipleship, we are going to need the capacity to take a courageous stand when and where necessary.
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— Alan Hirsch
t's really an encouragement of discipleship, it looks like anything else that we're offering to anyone else, any other person struggling with any other issue in their life. It's about pursuing a relationship with Christ.
— Alan Chambers
I have no disciples, being myself an aspirant after discipleship and in search of a guru.
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— Mahatma Gandhi