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When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.
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— Kristin Armstrong
Disappointment is a sticky one, because no one can steal contentment, joy, gratitude, or peace - we have to give it away...
— Kristin Armstrong
I'm not in the business of becoming famous. And that's the advice I give to younger aspiring actors. Work onstage and do the little roles. In the end it's not important to be seen. It's important to do. There's a lot of disappointment in this business, but my family keeps me grounded
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— Kristen Bell
The ideal of brotherhood of man, the building of the Just City, is one that cannot be discarded without lifelong feelings of disappointment and loss. But, if we are to live in the real world, discard it we must.
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— Kingsley Amis
You can only kill disappointment with a new try.
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— Kim Stanley Robinson
Do you have any sort of plan?" Jack asked. "Not really." "Eh, just as well. It'll be less of a disappointment when you fail.
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— Kiersten White
If I extend an empty hand and in retrieving it and finding it still empty, I feel disappointment, that is foolishness; yet if I extend a hand which is full and yet find no one to receive it, then that is hopelessness.
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— Khalil Gibran
Each moment is a miracle encompassing everything: the joy and sorrow, the failure and success, the disappointment and happiness, the celebration and grief.
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— Kazuaki Tanahashi
You can be defeated by life's unavoidable disappointments, or you can become stronger because of them.
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— Kay Arthur
Pain and trials are almost constant companions, but never enemies. They drive me into His sovereign arms. There He takes my disappointments and works everything together for good.
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— Kay Arthur
The disappointment has come - not because God desires to hurt you or make you miserable or to demoralize you or ruin your life or keep you from ever knowing happiness. He wants you to be perfect and complete in every aspect, lacking nothing. It's not the easy times that make you more like Jesus, but the hard times.
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— Kay Arthur
Starting a business isn't for everyone, and it's not what you should do if you aren't sure what else to do. It requires thick skin and the willingness to carry a great deal of stress, sometimes alone. It's more often a life of failure than a life of success, and the majority of successes came after a long road of disappointment, and often shame.
— Kathryn Minshew
Life often feels like a great pile of obligations, frustrations, and disappointments. But the Lord is there, always the same, His arms still outstretched. When we feel overwhelmed, we have to remember the peace He has spoken to us on previous occasions. His peace brings comfort and strength; the world cannot give that to us.
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— Kathleen H. Hughes
What matters most is how you respond to your heartbreaks and your disappointments and your fears. What matters most is who you become in response to them.
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— Katherine Center
I do have health insurance (don't fine me, [Barack] Obama!). And while we agree that career is important, my mother has an AOL email address and shares articles she finds interesting on Facebook by screen shotting and posting a picture of them. So, if mother doesn't understand links, she's not going to understand what I do for a living. I'm confident in my current career trajectory, so this will be another Mother's Day disappointment.
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— Kate Siegel
I have often been asked to be fair and view a matter from all sides. I did so, hoping that something might improve if I viewed allsides of it. But the result was the same. So I went back to viewing things only from one side, which saves me a lot of work and disappointment. For it is comforting to regard something as bad and to be able to use one's prejudice as an excuse.
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— Karl Kraus
Life isn't perfect. It's not supposed to be. We all make mistakes. You bash your head against the wall and you get hurt, but you walk away and make the best of it. And that's what makes it life, Brenna, not perfection. You'll never find happiness if you only expect to find a perfect life. Happiness is something we reach for while we try to learn from our disappointments.
— Karen White
How much sweeter life would be if it all happened in reverse, if, after decades of disappointments, you finally arrived at an age when you had conceded nothing, when everything was possible.
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— Karen Thompson Walker
A science can diagnose a cancer and can even find a cure for it, but it can't, and a scientist will be the first to say, it's can't help you to deal with the stress and disappointment and terror that comes with a diagnosis, and nor can it help you to die well, like Socrates, kindly, not railing against faith, but in possession of your own death. For these imponderable questions people have turned to mythos.
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— Karen Armstrong
The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment
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— Justin Langer
Disappointment over nationalistic authoritarian regimes may have contributed to the fact that today religion offers a new and subjectively more convincing language for old political orientations.
— Jurgen Habermas
As a player and a coach, I've had plenty of great moments, but I've also experienced disappointments. The disappointments are not about self-doubt, but rather about change. I've always seen failures as a personal challenge. I say to myself: Now I have to find out if I have the right stuff.
— Jupp Heynckes
Me? I had no dreams. No longings. Dreams only set you up for disappointment. Plus, you had to have a life to have dreams of a better life.
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— Julie Anne Peters
There's always a little bit of disappointment. At the same time, number one, [Hillary Clinton] made a great choice. Secondly, I'm 41. And so I feel like - that I'm excited about the years to come.
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— Julian Castro
You are on the look out for experience, strength, and hope. You want to hear from the horse's mouth exactly how disappointments have been survived. It helps to know that the greats have had hard times too and that your own hard times merely make you part of the club.
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— Julia Cameron
In truth, it's usually failure, disappointment, and frustration that motivate people to reexamine that which they've taken for granted. It's rare to find big change without significant bad news. ... In that sense, the pain of failure creates the largest opportunities for progress.
— Judith M Bardwick
If the mood is overly anxious, then anxiety must be reduced by lowering uncertainty. Very simply, uncertainty is reduced when people are told what's going on and what will happen to them. In the vacuum of no news, people imagine the worst. Since disappointment is much easier to handle than anxiety, then, good news or bad, honesty is honestly the best policy.
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— Judith M Bardwick
...to many a mother's heart has come the disappointment of a loss of power, a limitation of influence when early manhood takes the boy from the home, or when even before that time, in school, or where he touches the great world and begins to be bewildered with its controversies, trade and economics and politics make their imprint even while his lips are dewy with his mother's kiss.
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— Judith Ellen Foster
No expectations mean there is no risk of disappointment.
— Jude Morgan
What do you do when disappointment comes? When it weighs on you like a rock, you can either let it press you down until you become discouraged, even devastated, or you can use it as a stepping-stone to better things.
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— Joyce Meyer
Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement.
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— Joyce Meyer
Let's face it: None of us are ever going to get to the place in life where we have no more disappointments. We can't expect to be sheltered from every little thing. Disappointment is a fact of life-one that must be dealt with.
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— Joyce Meyer
Art does the same things dreams do. We have a hunger for dreams and art fulfills that hunger. So much of real life is a disappointment. That's why we have art.
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— Joyce Carol Oates
No matter what we've done, no matter the disappointments and sullied blunders, today is the opportunity to do right by ourselves.
— Joshua Mohr
No matter how devastating our struggles, disappointments, and troubles are, they are only temporary. No matter what happens to you, no matter the depth of tragedy or pain you face, no matter how death stalks you and your loved ones, the Resurrection promises you a future of immeasurable good.
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— Josh McDowell
So to compare your real life, or your partner or lover or whoever to a character in a movie, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. They don't map.
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— Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Los Angeles was an impression of failure, of disappointment, of despair, and of oddly makeshift lives. This is California? I thought.
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— Joseph Barbera
Learning to endure times of disappointment, suffering, and sorrow is part of our on-the-job training. These experiences, while often difficult to bear at the time, are precisely the kinds of experiences that stretch our understanding, build our character, and increase our compassion for others.
— Joseph B. Wirthlin
The utmost we can hope for in this world is contentment; if we aim at anything higher, we shall meet with nothing but grief and disappointment. A man should direct all his studies and endeavors at making himself easy now and happy hereafter.
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— Joseph Addison
I think It's a bit of a disappointment that a lot of people's Golden Age of music is still the '60s.
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— Jonny Greenwood