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I just had to find all my friends that used to be in the business. As I say, the music business didn't die, it just moved to Nashville.
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— Lionel Richie
Old friends die on you, and they're irreplaceable. You become dependent.
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— Lionel Blue
A lot of people still like Solaris, but I'm in active competition with them, and so I hope they die.
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— Linus Torvalds
According to the Church, one of the key attributes of sainthood is death. You have to die first. So, I'll agree already (that) I might not have all the attributes that usually that the Church looks for when canonizing somebody because I'm supposed to be dead already.
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— Lino Rulli
It's so weird that I went to rehab. I always said that I would die before I went to rehab. But I thought, 'I'm going to stay here tonight.' And I stayed there for a month. It was great.
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— Lindsay Lohan
I thought that it's so sad there are people who live their entire lives lonely. They die and no one goes to their funeral. I thought about how sad that was and how so many people out there have that path. I know this sounds weird, but if I could go take their bones back to my house and appreciate them for what they are, it would be my way of taking that loneliness away.
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— Lindi Ortega
Looking young and attractive with makeup is the next best thing to actually being young and attractive. After all, a woman only has a few years where she really is youthful, but she can wear foundation makeup til the day she dies (and even after!).
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— Linda Sunshine
The only thing worse than feeling that you are going to die is the realization that you probably won't.
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— Linda Greenlaw
A voice in me said, You have to rise to the occasion or the best in you will die. We always have that voice; we just have to make a choice to listen to it. We all have it; that's God's given light. It's just whether you have the courage to step into your destiny.
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— Lily Yeh
I'll be happy if the last thing they say about me after I die is that I made a difference.
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— Lilly Ledbetter
When you stop learning, stop listening, stop looking and asking questions, always new questions, then it is time to die.
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— Lillian Smith
I don't take nothin' from no one. I do what I wanna do. And I'm gonna do that until the day I die. And if I can't do that, then I'll just die.
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— Lil Wayne
I gotta die with money cuz i wasn't born with it
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— Lil Wayne
I believe music should reflect yourself in some way and not just yourself at the given time. I feel that when you die or when you're going, someone's supposed to listen to that music and know everything about you. And I just try to get that across.
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— Lil Wayne
I don't like to stop. I believe when you stop, you die.
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— Lil Wayne
If I die today, it'd be a holiday
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— Lil Wayne
My people, you gotta think before you move, you gotta speak before you cry, you gotta live before you die.
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— Lil B
Don't let the romance die, remember one thing that's going right in the sea of things that aren't.
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— Lights
The further humans move from hunters to horticulturists to agriculturists to urbanisation to industrialists, the further the sacred recedes, first to heaven, then condensed to monotheism and finally it dies in irony.
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— Lierre Keith
I might think that equality has been achieved, there is no power relation going on in terms of class, race, or gender, I might just want to drink my latte and buy pretty shoes and write books about girls who marry, die, or go insane, then go get my nails done.
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— Lidia Yuknavitch
Live and die on this day... Live and die on this day.
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— Liam Neeson
I believe that those who die for Ireland have no need for prayer
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— Liam Mellows
I live for now, not for what happens after I die. I'm going to hell, not heaven. The devil has all the good gear. What's God got? The Inspiral Carpets and nuns.
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— Liam Gallagher
We must end the iniquitous multi-taxing of the same money. It is not right to tax people's incomes, then their savings on that income, to tax the movement of assets through capital gains tax, stamp duty and tax them again through inheritance tax if they have the audacity to die.
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— Liam Fox
To pull the metal splinter from my palm my father recited a story in a low voice. I watched his lovely face and not the blade. Before the story ended, he'd removed the iron sliver I thought I'd die from. I can't remember the tale, but hear his voice still, a well of dark water, a prayer. And I recall his hands, two measures of tenderness he laid against my face.
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— Li-Young Lee
I would die happy if I knew that on my tombstone could be written these words, "This man was an absolute fool. None of the disastrous things that he reluctantly predicted ever came to pass!"
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— Lewis Mumford
Erik Erikson has commented: Potentially creative men like (Bernard) Shaw build the personal fundament of their work during a self-decreed moratorium, during which they often starve themselves, socially, erotically, and, at last but not least, nutritionally, in order to let the grosser weeds die out, and make way for the growth of their inner garden.
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— Lewis Hyde
The swim at Deception Island was by far the hardest swim I've ever done. Antarctica is a very unforgiving environment. If you don't train properly, you'll die.
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— Lewis Gordon
I've had many more thousands of books in my possession than my shelves at home would indicate. At one time, I tried to keep them all, but that quest soon became impossible; I now only keep the ones I'm sure I'm going to reread, the ones I'm definitely going to read before I die, and the ones I can't bear to part with because of an aesthetic or emotional attachment.
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— Lewis Buzbee
There are two things I know about life... Only the good die young but the real jerks will live forever.
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— Lewis Black
The thing that makes my generation The Greatest is our ability to hang out. We're spectacular at it. If you take somebody from my generation and sit them on a couch and bring them food and plumbing, they'll sit there and talk to you about anything you want until the day you die.
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— Lewis Black
Hope is to our spirits what oxygen is to our lungs. Lose hope and you die. They may not bury you for awhile, but without hope you are dead inside. The only way to face the future is to fly straight into it on the wings of hope....hope is the energy of the soul. Hope is the power of tomorrow.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
We attach our feelings to the moment when we were hurt, endowing it with immortality. And we let it assault us every time it comes to mind. It travels with us, sleeps with us, hovers over us while we make love, and broods over us while we die. Our hate does not even have the decency to die when those we hate die-for it is a parasite sucking OUR blood, not theirs. There is only one remedy for it. [forgiveness]
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— Lewis B. Smedes
There is no law by which to determine the superiority of nations; hence the vanity of the claim, and the idleness of disputes about it. A people risen, run their race, and die either of themselves or at the hands of another, who, succeeding to their power, take possession of their place, and upon their monuments write new names; such is history.
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— Lew Wallace
Why hope to live a long life if we're only going to fill it with self-absorption, body maintenance and image repair? When we die, do we want people to exclaim 'She looked ten years younger,' or do we want them to say 'She lived a great life'?
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— Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Another agricultural trend of growing concern is the increased nutrient content of coastal waters resulting from fertilizer runoff in agricultural regions. Augmented by urban sewage discharge in some situations, this results in huge algal blooms, which, as they die and decay, deplete the oxygen content in the water, leading to the death of the fish.
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— Lester R. Brown
Each summer, for example, nitrogen and phosphate washing from farmlands in the Mississippi Valley enter the Gulf of Mexico, creating a massive algal bloom covering some 16,000 square kilometers. As the blooms die off, this area-roughly the size of New Jersey-is so deprived of oxygen that no fish survive.
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— Lester R. Brown
When I won the Derby on Never Say Die I went home and cut the lawn. I haven't cut the lawn since.
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— Lester Piggott
Nothing ever quite dies, it just comes back in a different form.
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— Lester Bangs
When someone dies, you don't get over it by forgetting; you get over it by remembering, and you are aware that no person is ever truly lost or gone once they have been in our life and loved us, as we have loved them.
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— Leslie Marmon Silko