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    designer Quotes

    To me, music and fashion are the same thing. A good designer is the same as an incredible musician, and the two go hand in hand.
    — Zomby
    tags: fashion  music  designer 
    Of course designers inspired me, but I was more inspired by everyday people. People that I see walking down the street.
    — Zendaya
    tags: people  designer 
    People often ask me if I consider myself to be an architect, fashion designer, or artist. I'm an architect. The paintings I've done are very important to me, but they were part of a process of thinking and developing.
    — Zaha Hadid
    I've always cared about fashion and what I look like. I don't like to spend a lot of money on designer clothes, but I do like to look good.
    — Zac Efron
    tags: fashion  designer  money 
    Designers have a responsibility to show the future as they want it to be - or at least as it can be, not just the way an industry wants it to be.
    — Yves Behar
    Language designers want to design the perfect language. They want to be able to say, 'My language is perfect. It can do everything.' But it's just plain impossible to design a perfect language, because there are two ways to look at a language. One way is by looking at what can be done with that language. The other is by looking at how we feel using that language-how we feel while programming.
    — Yukihiro Matsumoto
    Colour disturbs people. I am confident in black, not in light. This dark side of life is attractive to me forever and from the beginning. I am a lazy designer when it comes to colour.
    — Yohji Yamamoto
    tags: people  dark  lazy  forever  designer  black 
    I was on a Japanese designers' pedestal - considered a maestro. My design was getting closer to a couturier's work, and I felt like I was missing something.
    — Yohji Yamamoto
    tags: work  designer  missing 
    Developing a prototype early is the number one goal for our designers, or anyone else who has an idea, for that matter. We don't trust it until we can see it and feel it.
    — Win Ng
    tags: trust  designer  goal  ideas 
    I think as designers we realize design is a signal of intention, but it also has to occur within a world and we have to understand that world in order to imbue our designs with inherent intelligence.
    — William McDonough
    Designers are inherently optimistic people who try to make the world a better place
    — William McDonough
    tags: people  world  designer 
    The designers [of the 1930s] were populists, you see; they were trying to give the public what it wanted. What the public wanted was the future.
    — William Gibson
    tags: future  designer 
    I would like to design what people generally call streetwear. I'd like to dress skateboarders, or whatever the older equivalent of skateboarders are. I pay more attention to that stuff than anyone would ever imagine because I'm watching what the designers do.
    — William Gibson
    Constrained optimization is the art of compromise between conflicting objectives. This is what design is all about. To find fault with biological design - as Stephen Jay Gould regularly does - because it misses some idealized optimum is therefore gratuitous. Not knowing the objectives of the designer, Gould is in no position to say whether the designer has proposed a faulty compromise among those objectives.
    — William A. Dembski
    tags: knowing  designer 
    I believe God created the world for a purpose. The Designer of intelligent design is, ultimately, the Christian God.
    — William A. Dembski
    No game designer ever went wrong by overestimating the narcissism of their players.
    — Will Wright
    tags: wrong  designer  games 
    Players like to know that they've discovered things that even the designers didn't know were in the game.
    — Will Wright
    tags: designer  games 
    Each typeface is a piece of history, like a chip in a mosaic that depicts the development of human communication. Each typeface is also a visual record of the person who created it - his skill as a designer, his philosophy as an artist, his feeling for... the details of each letter and the resulting impressions of an alphabet or a text line.
    — Will Burtin
    The designer must think first and work later.
    — Will Burtin
    tags: work  designer 
    Can a physicist visualize an electron? The electron is materially inconceivable and yet, it is so perfectly known through its effects that we use it to illuminate our cities, guide our airlines through the night skies and take the most accurate measurements. What strange rationale makes some physicists accept the inconceivable electrons as real while refusing to accept the reality of a Designer on the ground that they cannot conceive Him?
    — Wernher von Braun
    tags: reality  night  sky  real  designer 
    I've been very lucky. I've had three separate careers: freelance illustrator, then set designer, puppetteer and animator, and now fine artist. I just bluffed my way into every one of 'em!
    — Wayne White
    tags: designer  artist 
    We'll be potters, we'll be painters, we'll be textile designers, we'll be jewelers, we'll be a little this, a little of that. We were going to be the renaissance people [when we were young].
    — Warren MacKenzie
    tags: people  designer 
    Designers can show us a better future, can present us with all kinds of new possibilities so that we can decide: Is this what we want? Before any of that can happen, though, the designer must first commit-by taking what is just a faint glimmer in the mind's eye and giving it shape and life.
    — Warren Berger
    I have my own theory about why decline happens at companies like IBM or Microsoft. The company does a great job, innovates and becomes a monopoly or close to it in some field, and then the quality of the product becomes less important. The company starts valuing the great salesmen, because they're the ones who can move the needle on revenues, not the product engineers and designers. So the salespeople end up running the company.
    — Walter Isaacson
    I just use fashion as an excuse to talk about politics. Because I'm a fashion designer, it gives me a voice, which is really good.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    I'm different from any other designer, businesswise, in that I've built this company up and I own it. I never had business hype behind me to promote my image... My image is real... I have never had marketing people telling me what to do.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    I didn't consider myself a fashion designer at all at the time of punk. I was just using fashion as a way to express my resistance and to be rebellious. I came from the country, and by the time I got to London, I considered myself to be very stupid. It was my ambition to understand the world I live in.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    But, having a perfume and license, in general, is a financial necessity. A designer must, to reap back the money spent on prototypes and all that sort of thing.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    I'm a fashion designer and people think, what do I know?
    — Vivienne Westwood
    tags: fashion  people  designer 
    I didn't want to be a fashion designer, and for a good half of my career I didn't like it. I always wanted to do other things.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    tags: fashion  career  designer 
    I'm not sure what I think about current fashion, though. A few years ago, I would have said it's really, really bad and you hardly ever see anybody looking good. There must be some very good designers in the world.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    tags: fashion  world  bad  designer  year 
    We needed to have a great set decorator, a great D.P., a great costume designer, everybody. Without all these people, we would have made a shitty movie.
    — Vincent Paronnaud
    tags: people  movie  designer 
    When I walk for a designer, I walk the ramp as Vijender Singh, the boxer. I believe that by doing so, boxing will at least, in some way, get promoted in our entertainment industry. Plus, if cricketers can, why can't I?
    — Vijender Singh
    tags: believe  designer 
    Mary Quant is my favourite fashion designer.
    — Vidal Sassoon
    tags: fashion  designer 
    Design is about point of view, and there should be some sort of woman or lifestyle or attitude in one's head as a designer.
    — Vera Wang
    My closet is organized by tops, pants, and outerwear, but not a lot of dresses. Gowns are in another room because I don't often dress formally, even though I design gowns. Like most designers, I have a uniform, and mine is a legging.
    — Vera Wang
    tags: designer 
    I was stigmatized by being a bridal designer for a long time. I am amazed I have been able to move beyond it. I had really all but given up trying, but I did it because it was my lifelong dream.
    — Vera Wang
    tags: time  designer  dreams 
    I love the focus and bravery of European designers, but I love the nonchalance and throwaway aspect of America that has made Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein two of the greatest icons. I try to bridge those two worlds in my work. The clothes may be couture on the runway but there's an attitude that's very street and that comes from America.
    — Vera Wang
    I do think I know more about clothes than any 500 designers, because there's nothing like wearing them. You buy them, you study them, and you start to understand how they're crafted.
    — Vera Wang
    tags: designer 
    I'm only waiting for Lindsay Lohan's fashion collection to come out. Ten years from now, there may be no real designers left.
    — Vera Wang
    tags: fashion  real  designer  year 
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