demon Quotes

Because of my Marxism, I was not into myths or miracles, whether it was the virgin birth, the physical resurrection or casting out demons from an epileptic.
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— Lionel Blue
Women more than men can strip war of its glamour and its out-of-date heroisms and patriotisms, and see it as a demon of destruction and hideous wrong.
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— Lillian Wald
You who build these altars now to sacrifice these children , you must not do it anymore. A scheme is not a vision and you never have been tempted by a demon or a god .
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— Leonard Cohen
I assure you; while I look like a ghost, I'm no spirit or demon. I'm nothing but a girl struggling to make her way in an intolerant world. I bleed, I love, and someday, I'll die.
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— Leanna Renee Hieber
Then the angels, the demon, and the Nephilim flew to distant corners of the sky, leaving a moment's brilliant flash of light behind them, as below, Luce and Daniel fell in love for the first-and the last- time
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— Lauren Kate
Because love and hate were supposed to stand cleanly on opposite sides of the spectrum. The division seemed as clear as...well, angels and demons would once have seemed to her. Not anymore.
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— Lauren Kate
Streets teemed with hell's wretched souls. New dead with their gadgets and old dead from antiquity. Demons roamed the avenues and alleyways, tormenting hapless damned at random with branding irons, flaming pitchforks, and razor-wire whips. -From the story Remember, Remember, Hell in November, in the anthology, Lawyers in Hell.
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— Larry Atchley Jr.
I'm also a sex demon. I didn't go blind when I took a mate
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— Larissa Ione
I could say I think coulds are pretty, and you'd say they're only pretty to demons.
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— Larissa Ione
Horror Hotel, as wraith called Shade's house. "Vampires, demons, and werewolves check in... and then they make out, and-
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— Larissa Ione
I swear, I've never met any demon as annoying as you are." "You haven't met my youngest brother.
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— Larissa Ione
There's no sense drawing attention to yourself, Li." "Hellooooo. I'm aHorseman of the Apocalypse, and I'm betrothed to the most infamous, most powerful demon in existence. I couldn't draw more attention to myself i I wore Lady Gaga's meat dress to a PETA convention.
tags: existence powerful attention demon
— Larissa Ione
I wonder what disgusts you more, the fact that I'm a demon, or the fact that when I touch you, it doesn't matter.
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— Larissa Ione
Reseph tried to convince one of my vamps to slip an aphrodisiac into my drink." "Ares is quite fond of the orc-weed," Vulgrim called out from the kitchen, and yeah, there was a set of chains in the dungeon with his name on them. Limos scowled. "What did your demon say?" "Nothing," Ares muttered.
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— Larissa Ione
Man's enemies are not demons, but human beings like himself.
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— Laozi
He who is neither human nor demon is not the dawn nor the dusk.
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— Kohta Hirano
My food demons are Chinese food, sugar, butter.
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— Kirstie Alley
You struggle with your demons and you conquer them.
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— Kinky Friedman
Go to sleep, baby,Mama will sing. Of blue butterflies, and dragonfly wings. Moonlight and sunbeams, raiments so fine. Silver and gold, for baby of mine. Go to sleep, baby. Sister will tell, of wolves and of lambs, and demons who fell.-Pierce's Lullaby Kim Harrison (Black Magic Sanction)
tags: magic sleep demon butterfly wings
— Kim Harrison
I pushed him away, catching Lee's awe that I was not only standing with a demon outside a circle, but that Al was treating me like an equal. Or maybe a favorite pet, I amended as Al caught me when I started to tilt.
tags: demon
— Kim Harrison
Ku'Sox was indeed a demon. In. The. Sun. I needed answers, but I wanted them from Al, not"Cute Socks here.
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— Kim Harrison
I'd given up on the white picket fence after Kisten had died-finding out my kids would be demons was the nail in the coffin.
tags: demon kids
— Kim Harrison
Rachel, you summon demons. You're good at it. Get over it, then find a way to make it work for you. It's not going to go away.
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— Kim Harrison
I felt sick. Buying Kisten's and my safety from Piscary was so wrong. But it was either that or deal with a demon, and I'd rather keep my soul clean and let my morals get dingy.
tags: soul wrong demon morals
— Kim Harrison
Minias smiled. Great. Another charming demon. I sort of prefer the insane ones.
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— Kim Harrison
They [the New World Order] want to reduce the population [to 500 million] and their target date is May 5th of 2000. [.....] The demons who call themselves spirit guides have told them. "You know, you have to reduce the population by May 5th." Because May 5th is Karl Marx's birthday, you know, enter the Age of Aquarius. [.....] I suspect they may use Y2K as an excuse to create some little problems here, we shall have to wait and see.
tags: world age problem demon spirit
— Kent Hovind
I'm a bit of a speed demon. I ride my motorbike every weekend. I've had bikes since I was a kid and my 11-year-old brother, who's like my son, has an identical motocross bike to me, except smaller. Everything I do he wants to do.
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— Kelvin Fletcher
Demon, angel, all the same thing if you go back far enough, or cut deep enough.
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— Kelley Armstrong
He looked at me. " I do know how to deal with demons, Savannah." "I know. Sorry." "So I get a hug?" "No, but I won't smack you, and we'll call it even.
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— Kelley Armstrong
There's a demon in me, and he's still around. Without the dope, we have a bit more of a chat these days.
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— Keith Richards
I really took it in-house. The Constantine character has a kind of flesh-and-blood practical look at things that would seem, other people would use the word, occult or spiritual. But here, demons are real. So for me it was more taking it from the film itself. I didn't really need to go outside the piece itself to inform me because the perspective on it, what the character does, was provided by the script.
tags: character people real demon film spiritual perspective
— Keanu Reeves
I attempt to connect with my muse and go on demon rides.
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— Keanu Reeves
For me, writing is inseparable from thinking. I could say the entire undertaking is a vast cerebral construct against my demons. It's the thing that I love. It's my identity.
tags: identity demon thinking writing
— Kathryn Harrison
The demon of acedia - also called the noonday demon - is the one that causes the most serious trouble of all. . . . He makes it seem that the sun barely moves, if at all, and . . . he instills in the heart of the monk a hatred for the place, a hatred for his very life itself.
tags: heart hatred demon
— Kathleen Norris
Just as primitive man believed himself to stand face to face with demons and believed that could he but know their names he would become their master, so is contemporary man faced by this incomprehensible, which disorders his calculations. "If I can but grasp it, if I can but cognise it", so he thinks, "I can make it my servant.
tags: men contemporary master demon
— Karl Jaspers
Let me get this straight. First you decide I'm a demon because of a power I didn't ask for and don't even understand. Then when that falls through you label me a fallen sybil and a ho. Am I missing something or do you just not like me
tags: power demon missing
— Karen Chance
Got it. Demon. Death. Doom.
tags: death demon
— Kami Garcia
DEMON MATH What is JUST in a world you've ripped in two as if there could be a half for me a half for you what is FAIR when there is nothing left to share what is YOURS when your pain is mine to bear this sad math is mine this mad path is mine subtract they say don't cry back to the desk try forget addition multiply and i reply this is why remainders hate division.
tags: pain world sad hate demon path shares
— Kami Garcia
It's therapy. It's just something to do so you're not lost in your own not-so-nice thoughts, and it's an opportunity to think about something a lot nicer and to do something that's with more purpose. So you do it, and you take your passion and you put a lot into it, and at some point you get recognized for it. But that recognition doesn't mean the man is without his own demons or without his own struggles.
tags: men thoughts lost struggle opportunities demon passion
— Kai Greene
Missions is not applied anthropology, comparative religion or sociology. It is storming the gates of hell. It is a power confrontation-h and-to-hand combat with Satan and his demons.
tags: power hell demon satan
— K.P. Yohannan