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I'm a rich man. To have everything you need is the definition of affluence.
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— Lee Child
There is no such thing as real happiness in life. The justest definition that was ever given of it was "a tranquil acquiescence under an agreeable delusion"-I forget where.
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— Laurence Sterne
There are broader and narrower definitions of the new economy. The narrow version defines the new economy in terms of two principal developments: first, an increase in the economy's maximum sustainable growth rate and, second, the spread and increasing importance of information and communications technology.
— Laurence Meyer
Success has a very narrow definition in professional athletics: medals and records, and pursuit of anything outside of that is looked down upon.
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— Lauren Fleshman
Dystopian, by definition, promises a darker story.
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— Lauren DeStefano
Every day I strive to get to a place where I'm not effected by the external world, and I don't use the external world to define or tell me who I am. I strive for a state of equanimity and calm and a state of grace, so I can be free of definitions. If you are free, then you can create beautiful things. It's really just shutting out the noise.
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— Laurel Holloman
Whether you like it or not, the definition of family has changed. We have same-sex marriages now. We have more people who live together and have children even if they're not married. We have so many different definitions of family. I've got clients who have brothers and sisters living with them in the house, helping them raise their kids. It's a much wider definition now.
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— Laura Wasser
There is seemingly no biological benefit to acting with conscience; if there were, only moral individuals would survive and procreate. Sadly, we know that's not true. The benefit of conscience is that you won't suffer guilt (private) or shame (public), and that by your own self-imposed definition, you are a moral human, a special kind of animal who takes unique pride in elevating him/herself above the termites.
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— Laura Schlessinger
As someone pointed out, you could have an attribute that says 'optimize the heck out of this routine', and your definition of heck would be a parameter to the optimizer.
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— Larry Wall
Odd that we think definitions are definitive.
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— Larry Wall
The brightest minds in our field have been trying to find a definition of science fiction for these past seventy years. The short answer is, science fiction stories are given as possible, not necessarily here and now, but somewhere, sometime.
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— Larry Niven
Relevance is a big, big question. It's more about what's your definition of being relevant. In the music world, agism is a big issue. It's about youth and youth culture. There's no other art form that I know that requires you to be a certain age.
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— Larry Mullen, Jr.
Books can accommodate the proximity of computers but it doesn't seem to work the other way around. Computers now literally drive out books from the place that should, by definition, be books' own home: the library.
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— Larry McMurtry
AIDS is a plague - numerically, statistically and by any definition known to modern public health - though no one in authority has the guts to call it one.
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— Larry Kramer
My definition of a redundancy is an air-bag in a politician's car.
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— Larry Hagman
Bruce Katz is a spectacular talent! He's a brilliant composer and arranger who uses uncommon and unique musical intelligence to redefine jazz and blues far beyond the pale of the accepted definitions of keyboard competence. Whether on piano or organ, when you hear Bruce Katz you know it's him, unmistakably and uniquely.
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— Larry Coryell
[Genderless marriage] is contrary to God's law, to revealed Word. Scripture, ancient and modern, could not be clearer on the definition that the Lord and His agents have given to marriage down through the dispensations.
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— Lance B. Wickman
Homosexual behavior is and will always remain before the Lord an abominable sin. Calling it something else by virtue of some political definition does not change that reality.
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— Lance B. Wickman
Some people promote the idea that there can be two marriages, co-existing side by side, one heterosexual and one homosexual, without any adverse consequences. The hard reality is that, as an institution, marriage like all other institutions can only have one definition without changing the very character of the institution. Hence there can be no coexistence of two marriages.
— Lance B. Wickman
My definition of utter waste is a coachload of lawyers going over a cliff, with three empty seats.
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— Lamar Hunt
I have my own definition of minimalism, which is that which is created with a minimum of means.
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— La Monte Young
There are a lot of discussions where people will decide that James Bond is a superhero, because he's a larger-than-life hero who beats the bad guys by doing larger-than-life things. And I don't think that's a useful definition.
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— Kurt Busiek
"Superhero" is a term that's been borrowed in order to say "big and larger than life and loud and active and dumb." And I don't think that's a useful definition. That's more a dismissal.
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— Kurt Busiek
At one point, I worked up a list of five requirements for a superhero: superpowers, a costume, a code name, a mission, and a milieu. If the character had three out of the five, they were a superhero. But that's just my definition.
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— Kurt Busiek
What really matters is not how well a character fits a definition, but how strongly he or she resonates. Characters with strong, resonant ideas at their core will have more of an impact on the cultural consciousness than a character who's just an empty collection of attributes.
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— Kurt Busiek
There is no definition of terrorism and there is still the reality that one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter.
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— Kumi Naidoo
I don't expect to seem cool to everyone; nor do I want to be. I think that's the opposite of the definition of cool. So I don't care at all.
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— Kristen Stewart
One day I may commit to a city and settle down and do the restaurant thing - when I'm ready and however and whatever the definition of a restaurant means to me and how I want to cook for people. Many lessons to be learned that are probably long overdue for me and I'm finding them through all channels of exploration and keeping all my doors open.
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— Kristen Kish
I think people who struggle to define themselves might never be satisfied because there is no definition. Living with responsibility is important, but I don't really think you have to grow up.
— Kristen Bell
Evil, by definition, is that which endangers the good, and the good is what we perceive as a value
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— Konrad Lorenz
I have never turned a trick in my life, and I just resent the American definitions of 'sex slave' and 'prostitute' so much. I was a mistress!
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— Kola Boof
We can all be geniuses because one definition of genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains.
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— Knute Rockne
My definition of an artist is anyone who's ahead of his time and behind on his rent.
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— Kinky Friedman
I'm the true definition of a workaholic.
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— Kim Kardashian
It's drones over Brooklyn, you blink, you could get tooken,And now you're understanding the definition of 'Crooklyn.'Pigs on parade, but bacon fryin' and cookin',Cause kids' tired of dyin' and walkin' round like they shooken.
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— Killer Mike
Perhaps time's definition of coal is the diamond.
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— Khalil Gibran
The definition of swagger, in my opinion, is you have to have that arrogance, that confidence that you are the best out there at all times.
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— Keyshawn Johnson
I've always tried to write California history as American history. The paradox is that New England history is by definition national history, Mid-Atlantic history is national history. We're still suffering from that.
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— Kevin Starr
The most important definition of an actor, the job of the actor, is to serve the writer, not yourself. Way too many actors serve themselves.
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— Kevin Spacey
If you keep saying two plus two equals five over and over again, then that is what people are going to think. Maybe it does equal five if we keep changing the definition of what's normal and what's right and what's wrong.
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— Kevin Sorbo