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From time to time it has struck me that as a writer, I've somehow managed to live my life as I had long ago dreamt of doing, based on the Tintin paradigm: on my toes, travelling, senses attentuated, everything just adventure and exploration, curiosity and problem-solving.
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— Luke Davies
I'm convinced that a controlled disrespect for authority is essential to a scientist. All the good experimental physicists I have known have had an intense curiosity that no Keep Out sign could mute. Physicists do, of course, show a healthy respect for High Voltage, Radiation, and Liquid Hydrogen signs. They are not reckless. I can think of only six who have been killed on the job.
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— Luis Walter Alvarez
Curiosity is the prime requisite of the novelist.
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— Lucy Poate Stebbins
What is the meaning of 'gossip?' Doesn't it originate with sympathy, an interest in one's neighbor, degenerating into idle curiosity and love of tattling? Which is worse, this habit, or keeping one's self so absorbed intellectually as to forget the sufferings and cares of others, to lose sympathy through having too much to think about?
tags: meaning suffering self curiosity care
— Lucy Larcom
You can purchase the mind of Pascal for a crown. Pleasures even cheaper are sold to those who give themselves up to them. It is only luxuries and objects of caprice that are rare and difficult to obtain; unfortunately they are the only things that touch the curiosity and taste of ordinary men.
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— Luc de Clapiers
A person whose financial requirements are modest and whose curiosity, skepticism, and indifference to reputation are outsized is a person at risk of becoming a journalist.
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— Louis Menand
If one loves stories, then one would naturally love the story of the story. Or the story behind the story, pick your preposition. It does seem to me to be a kind of animal impulse almost, a mammalian curiosity. For a reader to wonder about the autobiography in a fiction may be completely unavoidable and in fact may speak to the success of a particular narrative, though it may also speak to its failure.
tags: animals failure curiosity wonder facts stories fiction success
— Lorrie Moore
Manners must adorn knowledge and smooth its way in the world, without them it is like a great rough diamond, very well in a closet by way of curiosity, and also for its intrinsic value; but most prized when polished.
tags: world curiosity diamond
— Lord Chesterfield
Curiosity kills itself; and love is only curiosity, as is proved by its end.
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— Lord Byron
My curiosity is not a choice. It's always been part of me. I think of it as a vital organ.
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— Lizz Winstead
My family's been in show business since the 1700s. I traced them. I'm bred to this. Like a racehorse. A thoroughbred. Look at my parents, my God. But it was my curiosity that made me do this. Because you could also say: "Look at Frank Sinatra Jr." It's not like a natural thing that happens. You gotta work.
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— Liza Minnelli
What's the trick? There are three of them: A sense of real purpose, a sense of humor, and a sense of constant curiosity. Keep using those to the grave because learning really never ends.
tags: humor curiosity real learning
— Liz Carpenter
Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.
tags: happiness curiosity
— Linus Pauling
But I know also that still more interesting discoveries will be made that I have not the imagination to describe - and I am awaiting them, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.
— Linus Pauling
Men will gather knowledge no matter what the consequences. Science will go on whether we are pessimistic or optimistic, as I am. More interesting discoveries than we can imagine will be made, and I am awaiting them, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.
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— Linus Pauling
Provide lots of opportunities for children's natural curiosity to manifest itself. With very young children, our role is one of supporter and guide.
tags: children young curiosity child opportunities
— Lilian Katz
It would seem to me... an offense against nature, for us to come on the same scene endowed as we are with the curiosity, filled to overbrimming as we are with questions, and naturally talented as we are for the asking of clear questions, and then for us to do nothing about, or worse, to try to suppress the questions.
tags: nature curiosity questions
— Lewis Thomas
The curiosity to see the prisoners appears to be unabated
tags: curiosity
— Lewis Tappan
Curiosity is its own suicide.
tags: suicide curiosity
— Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Curiosity and courtesy are very often at variance.
tags: curiosity
— Letitia Elizabeth Landon
I like thinking of the writer as a kind of curator; the collection as curiosity cabinet - in a non-demeaning, non-objectifying sense - but an array, a set of offerings.
tags: curiosity thinking
— Leslie Jamison
I think I have terminal curiosity. So I always think that the future will be better and different than the past. As I look back and take inventory of myself, I'm very open-minded and flexible. People say the older you get, you get set in your ways. I don't think so.
tags: people future past curiosity
— Les Wexner
Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
tags: secret people curiosity creative
— Leo Burnett
I think what inspires me or what keeps me inspired is my curiosity.
tags: curiosity inspire
— Lela Loren
But weightier still are the contentment which comes from work well done, the sense of the value of science for its own sake, insatiable curiosity, and, above all, the pleasure of masterly performance and of the chase. These are the effective forces which move the scientist. The first condition for the progress of science is to bring them into play.
— Lawrence Joseph Henderson
The national characteristics... the restless metaphysical curiosity, the tenderness of good living and the passionate individualism. This is the invisible constant in a place with which the ordinary tourist can get in touch just by sitting quite quietly over a glass of wine in a Paris bistro.
tags: living curiosity
— Lawrence Durrell
I have been thinking about the girl I met last night in the mirror: dark on the marble-ivory white: glossy black hair: deep suspiring eyes in which one's glances sink because they are nervous, curious, turned to sexual curiosity.
tags: dark night curiosity girls eyes sexual thinking black
— Lawrence Durrell
Autograph-hunting is the most unattractive manifestation of sex-starved curiosity.
tags: curiosity manifestation
— Laurence Olivier
I like the idea of something greater than us. We destroy things with our curiosity. We shatter with our best intentions. We are no closer to perfection than we were one hundred years ago, or five hundred.
tags: curiosity perfection ideas year
— Lauren DeStefano
We destroy things with our curiosity. We shatter with our best intentions
tags: curiosity
— Lauren DeStefano
The secret of success is an absolute ungovernable curiosity.
tags: secret curiosity success
— Larry King
Curiosity did not kill the cat all by itself.
tags: curiosity cat
— Laird Barron
I regard it as the foremost task of education to insure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self denial, and above all, compassion
tags: compassion self survival curiosity denial education spirit
— Kurt Hahn
Writing stretches me to my limits and affirms my potential, all while making me aware of my flaws, my mortality, and how much more I have to learn. It's a singular feeling, both spiritual and corporeal, and I like to think it sparks the same inspiration and curiosity in a child that it does in an old man.
tags: children men curiosity potential child spiritual learn writing
— Kit Williamson
My curiosity and my appetite for evolving as an actor is one of the main components of me still working today in the business.
tags: curiosity business
— Kim Cattrall
Hackers are breaking the systems for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business.
tags: curiosity business
— Kevin Mitnick
I was addicted to hacking, more for the intellectual challenge, the curiosity, the seduction of adventure; not for stealing, or causing damage or writing computer viruses.
tags: curiosity challenge writing computer
— Kevin Mitnick
My primary goal of hacking was the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.
tags: adventure curiosity goal
— Kevin Mitnick
Through this additional support, we must renew our commitment to provide talented young people with the opportunity to build scientific careers based on their curiosity, the same opportunity that was provided to me when I began my work.
tags: people work young curiosity career opportunities commitment renew
— Kenneth G. Wilson
Curiosity, wonder, and passion are defining qualities of imaginative minds and great teachers...Restlessness and discontent are vital things... Intense experience and suffering instruct us in ways less intense emotions can never do.
— Kay Redfield Jamison