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A spoken story is larger than one unheard, unsaid. In nearly all creation accounts, words or songs are how the world was created, the animals sung into existence.
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— Linda Hogan
All I want to do is model. The reason I'm coming back is for the same reasons that I became a model initially. It's about the clothes and the creation of great pictures. I thought I was old and that I earned my retirement, and enough! It's not enough. I want more. And I'm lucky that I still have that option.
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— Linda Evangelista
The hardest part for me during the creation stage is actually putting words on paper that make sense and tell my story the way I see it. I sometimes feel I am slogging through quicksand when I write.
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— Linda Conrad
I'm past patiently waitin,' I'm passionately smashin' every expectation, every action's an act of creation.
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— Lin-Manuel Miranda
Art is both creation and recreation. Of the two ideas, I think art as recreation or as sheer play of the human spirit is more important.
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— Lin Yutang
I'm a very creative person, and the best part about creation is creating. So I always love to come up with new things, new ideas, new thoughts. I cherish things like that.
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— Lil Wayne
Man's Chief purpose is the creation and preservation of values; that is what gives meaning to our civilization, and the participation in this is what gives significance, ultimately, to the individual human life.
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— Lewis Mumford
An essential portion of any artist's labor is not creation so much as invocation. Part of the work cannot be made, it must be received; and we cannot have this gift except, perhaps, by supplication, by courting, by creating within ourselves that "begging bowl' to which the gift is drawn.
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— Lewis Hyde
When I feel the joy of receiving a gift my heart nudges me to join creation's ballet, the airy dance of giving and receiving, and getting and giving again.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
How can this strange story of God made flesh, of a crucified Savior, of resurrection and new creation become credible for those whose entire mental training has conditioned them to believe that the real world is the world which can be satisfactorily explained and managed without the hypothesis of God? I know of only one clue to the answering of that question, only one real hermeneutic of the gospel: a congregation which believes it.
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— Lesslie Newbigin
We can contemplate the creation of new kinds of vital texts: curate sociology rather than just write it
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— Les Back
Solidarity, compassion, caring, communion and loving. Such values and inner powers can lay the foundation of a new paradigm of civilization, the civilization of the humanity reunited in the Common House, on the Planet Earth our mission is to celebrate the greatness of Creation and connect it again to the Core where it came from and to where it will go, with care, lightness, joy, reverence and love.
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— Leonardo Boff
Games are nature's most beautiful creation
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— Leonard Cohen
Only the defeat of the proletariat in Germany in 1923 gave the decisive push to the creation of Stalin's theory of national socialism: the downward curve of the revolution gave rise to Stalinism, not to the theory of the permanent revolution, which was first formulated by me in 1905. This theory is not bound to a definite calendar of revolutionary events; it only reveals the world-wide interdependence of the revolutionary process.
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— Leon Trotsky
Speak to all men as you do to yourself, with no concern for the effect you make, so that you do not shut them out from your world; lest in isolation the meaning of life slips out of sight and you lose the belief in the perfection of creation.
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— Leo Szilard
God's reasons for communicating with man must be subsumed under his reason for communicating to him his account of his creation of the world - and man.
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— Leo Strauss
The secret of all effective originality in advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.
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— Leo Burnett
I have learned that trying to guess what the boss or the client wants is the most debilitating of all influences in the creation of good advertising.
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— Leo Burnett
The Divine glory is an object only worthy of attention; and to display his holy character, was the design of God in creation' as there were no after beings existing antecedent therto, to attract the mind of Jehovah; and we are sure that God is pursing the same thing still, and always will.
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— Lemuel Haynes
Many writers upon the science of political economy have declared that it is the duty of a nation first to encourage the creation of wealth; and second, to direct and control its distribution. All such theories are delusive.
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— Leland Stanford
The production of wealth is the result of agreement between labor and capital, between employer and employed. Its distribution, therefore, will follow the law of its creation, or great injustice will be done.
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— Leland Stanford
Hell was not part of the original creation. Hell is God's fall-back position. Hell is something God was forced to make because people chose to rebel against him and turn against what was best for them and the purpose for which they were created.
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— Lee Strobel
The revolution which began with the creation of quantum theory and relativity theory can only be finished with their unification into a single theory that can give us a single, comprehensive picture of nature.
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— Lee Smolin
The people who need help, run and get help. They don't remember where they get the help. If the devil wants to reach the top, then the devil trying to use God to reach the top. 'Cause the devil have no creation. The devil can't copy.
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— Lee “Scratch” Perry
Creation always involves building upon something else. There is no art that doesn't reuse. And there will be less art if every reuse is taxed by the appropriator.
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— Lawrence Lessig
When you see something that is broken, fix it. When you find something that is lost, return it. When you see something that needs to be done, do it. In that way, you will take care of your world and repair creation.
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— Lawrence Kushner
Religion is about creation, and for that reason religion should be about the earth.
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— Laurie Cabot
We must consider bringing forward legislation that will facilitate the creation and implementation of businesses in Haiti. Overall, we must better position the country to compete for new market opportunities.
— Laurent Lamothe
The mystery of creation was always between two, in an awareness that there was always both a 'thou'and and 'I'.
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— Laurens van der Post
Did ever woman, since the creation of the world, interrupt a man with such a silly question?
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— Laurence Sterne
Father eternal, ruler of creation, Spirit of life, which moved ere form was made Through the thick darkness covering every nation Light to man's blindness, O be Thou our aid.
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— Laurence Housman
The artist accepts the limitations of form, not with fear and dread, but as the starting point of creation.
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— Laurence Boldt
Fiction is always a utopian task, in that there's an ideal you hold in your head as you write which inevitably fails in the moment of creation, in the insufficiency of words to convey meaning, or in the way the work is completed in the reader's head.
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— Lauren Groff
When we sing praises to our Lord, we join in the chorus that creation has been singing from the beginning of time. And it is the same anthem that we as believers will be singing for all eternity.
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— Laura Story
In Frankenstein there is a transfer first of life into death (in the creation and animation of the monster), and then of death into life, as the monster takes his revenge on the father who gave him life but withheld recognition.
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— Laura Mullen
Poetry is the work of poets, not of peoples or communities; artistic creation can never be anything but the production of an individual mind.
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— Lascelles Abercrombie
I would say that I am a poor Christian; I'm not a believer. It was this idea very early in my life that life on Earth, nature or man could not be a creation of a merciful God.
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— Lars von Trier
Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.
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— Larry Elder
The marriage relationship is one of God's creations for building up people. It gives husbands and wives the chance to minister to an immortal human being in a uniquely intimate fashion. To enjoy the meaningfulness of marriage, then, requires a once-made but ongoing commitment of mutual ministry to our mates and the more we seize them, the more meaning our marriage will have.
— Larry Crabb
When all is said and done, monotony may after all be the best condition for creation.
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— Lady Margaret Sackville