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    craft Quotes

    There is no reason for me to show my collection in New York, because it's not about craft and technique there.
    — Zac Posen
    tags: craft 
    Every time I'm out and somebody tells me they love what I do, that's what I do it for. That's like my vice. That's like my high. When people understand that this is who I really am, and to be appreciated for your craft .
    — Young Jeezy
    tags: time  people  craft 
    I just started to understand my craft, what I wanted to do as an artist. It's just a growing process. Figuring out exactly what I wanted to do and obviously I toured a whole bunch. I did a lot of song writing for other people and then just settled back into my zone.
    — Young De
    I was making commercials. That's how I learned the craft. That was the marketing part of it: directing commercial for TV. It wasn't the most common thing to become a filmmaker in Greece. I started by saying I was interested in marketing and have a proper job in advertising and commercials. Basically, I studied film to learn how to do marketing, and commercials. As I studied film I learned I'd be interested in making films instead of commercials.
    — Yorgos Lanthimos
    tags: job  saying  craft  film  learn  marketing 
    When I was 12 or 13, I started to watch films and understand more about the craft and that helped me to develop. But it also felt like a game, because it was fun. I mean, all of us do it when we're kids to a degree - play acting. But then I came to realise that it's a lovely way to express yourself. So, my passion for it developed as I got older.
    — Yasmin Paige
    tags: fun  craft  film  passion  kids  games 
    If your intentions are pure, if you apply your craft with a view to observe humanity and, ultimately, God himself, very often something powerful will surface.
    — Yasmin Ahmad
    tags: humanity  powerful  craft  god 
    I started growing roses. I enjoyed the craft of it and that they're difficult to look after; they can provide joy.
    — Yannis Philippakis
    tags: joy  craft 
    I don't master my craft or my style enough to have any philosophy or dogma to which I feel I belong.
    — Xavier Dolan
    tags: master  craft  philosophy 
    A chef is a mixture maybe of artistry and craft. You have to learn the craft really to get there.
    — Wolfgang Puck
    tags: craft  learn 
    And I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others.
    — Wole Soyinka
    Writing is a craft not an art.
    — William Zinsser
    tags: craft  writing 
    If you would like to write better than everybody else, you have to want to write better than everybody else. You must take an obsessive pride in the smallest details of your craft. And you must be willing to defend what you've written against the various middlemen - editors, agents and publishers - whose sights may be different from yours, whose standards not so high.
    — William Zinsser
    tags: craft  write  pride  standard 
    Never hesitate to imitate another writer - every person learning a craft or an art needs models. Eventually you'll find your own voice and will shed the skin of the writer you imitated.
    — William Zinsser
    tags: people  craft  learning 
    Never forget that you are practicing a craft with certain principles.
    — William Zinsser
    tags: craft 
    Never hesitate to imitate another writer. Imitation is part of the creative process for anyone learning an art or a craft. Bach and Picasso didn't spring full-blown as Bach or Picasso; they needed models. This is especially true of writing.
    — William Zinsser
    Let every man of whatsoever craft or occupation he be of... serve his brethren.
    — William Tyndale
    tags: men  craft  occupation 
    I'd so much rather have exciting architecture that causes one to stop, breathe, and reflect on the potential of the human mind, the craft, and exploring things.
    — William McDonough
    tags: human  potential  craft  mind 
    Well, you're in a theater and it's 24 shots a second, your face, your body, your voice, and it's your craft, the way you earn your living, and it's indelible. It's not like writing a script - I write as well - I can't do another draft, it's done.
    — William Mapother
    tags: living  body  craft  writing  write 
    That's a very good way to learn the craft of writing - from reading.
    — William Faulkner
    tags: craft  learn  writing  reading 
    By listening to his language of his locality the poet begins to learn his craft. It is his function to lift, by use of imagination and the language he hears, the material conditions and appearances of his environment to the sphere of the intelligence where they will have new currency.
    — William Carlos Williams
    The separation of talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel, who have dreams, who want to do things. Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.
    — Will Smith
    tags: people  talent  craft  dreams 
    It is possible that the malice of writers has been overrated (by myself among others). Reading their ruminations on their craft, one sees why this writer could not possibly like that one, would indeed consider him a menace. Literature is a battleground of conflicting faiths, and nobler passions than envy are involved.
    — Wilfrid Sheed
    I very much write from characters. Those people start speaking, and then I have them in the house with me and I live with them. Then at some point, it's time to get them out of the house. You can only live with someone like Dr. Georgeous Teitelbaum from THE SISTERS ROSENSWEIG for so long, and then it's time for her to go. But it is very like having the company of these people and trying to craft them in some way into a story.
    — Wendy Wasserstein
    All, or the greatest part of men that have aspired to riches or power, have attained thereunto either by force or fraud, and what they have by craft or cruelty gained, to cover the foulness of their fact, they call purchase, as a name more honest. Howsoever, he that for want of will or wit useth not those means, must rest in servitude and poverty.
    — Walter Raleigh
    tags: men  poverty  power  facts  craft  cruelty 
    Art itself cannot be taught, but craftsmanship can. Architects, painters, sculptors are all craftsmen in the original sense of the word. Thus it is a fundamental requirement of all artistic creativity that every student undergo a thorough training in the workshops of all branches of the crafts.
    — Walter Gropius
    It matters little if something is 'craft' or 'art.' The question is only this: does it give me pleasure?
    — Walter Darby Bannard
    tags: questions  craft 
    If we see an object as a bowl, it may inhibit seeing it as craft, just as seeing it as craft might inhibit seeing it as art. See first; name later.
    — Walter Darby Bannard
    tags: seeing  craft 
    Craft' gets a bad rap. Mediocre art is not caused by craft; it is caused by artists. Good art employs whatever craft works best.
    — Walter Darby Bannard
    tags: work  bad  craft  artist 
    Muscle is good, but craft is better
    — Wace
    tags: craft 
    I've always just simply seen myself as an actor. And I believe that it serves me well to just think in terms of my craft. If hypothetically, I saw myself only as a sex symbol, or as some other limited stereotype, I think I would feel like a complete failure.
    — Viola Davis
    tags: failure  believe  craft  sex 
    It's harder to work with people who are not as dedicated to their craft. It also leaves you a better actor when you finish the project, since you always feel like you've learned something.
    — Viola Davis
    tags: people  work  craft 
    What, then, shall a Catholic Christian do ... if some novel contagion attempt to infect no longer a small part of the Church alone but the whole Church alike? He shall then see to it that he cleave unto antiquity, which is now utterly incapable of being seduced by any craft or novelty.
    — Vincent of Lerins
    tags: alone  craft  christian  church  novel 
    The idea of exploring character relations and their development over a decade has to be appealing for any actor who cherishes his craft.
    — Vin Diesel
    You either create something and you keep it a secret and you die with it, or you can benefit the craft.
    — Vidal Sassoon
    tags: secret  die  craft 
    Hairdressing in general hasn't been given the kudos it deserves. It's not recognised by enough people as a worthy craft.
    — Vidal Sassoon
    tags: people  craft 
    It's not recognized by enough people as a worthy craft.
    — Vidal Sassoon
    tags: people  craft 
    Fashion to me has become very disposable; I wanted to get back to craft, to clothes that could last.
    — Vera Wang
    tags: fashion  craft 
    I really wasn't equipped to be a writer when I left Oxford. But then I set out to learn. I've always had the highest regard for the craft. I've always felt it was work.
    — V. S. Naipaul
    tags: work  craft  learn 
    Laurie Lewis' songs combine passion and sheer craft in a way you don't hear very often. Whatever country music is supposed to be, she's at the center of it.
    — Utah Phillips
    tags: song  craft  music  passion 
    If [after one role] you believe that you've mastered acting and you don't have to study the craft or get a deeper perspective, then you're not going to succeed.
    — Usher
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