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    conscious Quotes

    Realisation is a matter of becoming conscious of that which is already realised.
    — Wei Wu Wei
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    A conscious decision to eliminate certain details and include selective bits of personal experiences or perceptual nuances, gives the painting more of a multi-dimension than when it is done directly as a visual recording. This results in a kind of abstraction... and thus avoids the pitfalls of mere decoration.
    — Wayne Thiebaud
    Take some time to be silent and repeat the sound of God as an inner mantra. Meditation allows you to make conscious contact with your Source and achieve success in every area. If a problem arises, then go within, get very quiet about it and find the answers inside of you
    — Wayne Dyer
    When I go from a role with heavy prosthetic makeup, which I've done quite a bit of as well, and then do a role where I'm not wearing any, I have to be conscious of toning everything down. Because when you're wearing prosthetic makeup, of course, you have to really move your face a lot more to convey things through the makeup.
    — Warwick Davis
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    I'm very conscious of the fact that you can't do it alone. It's teamwork. When you do it alone you run the risk that when you are no longer there nobody else will do it.
    — Wangari Maathai
    Fate is a manifestation of natural causes. That's it. It's not a conscious entity. It has no plan.
    — Walter Wykes
    Revolution is the most dramatic appearance of a conscious people.
    — Walter Rodney
    A more conscious life is one in which a man is conscious not only of what he sees, but of the prejudices with which he sees it.
    — Walter Lippmann
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    realized that at a level I'd never been conscious we'd been engaged in a game of wits for years. I suppose most writer-subject pairings are like that. Of course, I'd set aside my plan to write about him [Clark Rockfeller] as soon as I'd gotten to know him some, but now I'd resumed that intention.
    — Walter Kirn
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    Only a Europe that is conscious of its own values can be both an economically strong and a morally and intellectually respected partner, and thereby extend its hospitality to others. It's a cultural disgrace that we are forced to identify no-go areas for foreigners.
    — Walter Kasper
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    When technique is obtrusive it becomes mere mannerism, a conscious striving for effect. It is only a means to an end - the manner of putting paint to paper. It hardly embraces the expressive side of painting.
    — Walter J. Phillips
    Is the artist impelled by spiritual forces, by the divine afflatus, by conscious or unconscious emulation of others? Do angles whisper in the ears of the chosen few, and create for them visions of aethereal beauty? Do landscape painters of genius walk the plains of Heaven? Or is it only vanity that urges him to paint?
    — Walter J. Phillips
    Having children is not an act of God. It's not like you're walking down the street and pregnancy strikes you; children are a result of a conscious decision. For the most part, female-headed households are the result of short-sighted, self-destructive behavior of one or two people.
    — Walter E. Williams
    It is clear that military force and our policy of preemption are alone insufficient to make us safe. But help is on the way. Legislation has been proposed to create a US Department of Peace. In the propsed Department of Peace it would organize our present system into one conscious effort to improve humanity in achieving peace, where true safety lies.
    — Walter Cronkite
    As long as you are conscious of yourself, you can never concentrate on anything.
    — Walpola Rahula
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    The essential fault of surrealism is that it invents without discovering. To make a clam play an accordion is to invent not to discover. The observation of the unconscious, so far as it can be observed, should reveal things of which we have previously been unconscious, not the familiar things of which we have been conscious plus imagination.
    — Wallace Stevens
    The reader became the book; and summer night Was like the conscious being of the book.
    — Wallace Stevens
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    Largeness is a lifelong matter - sometimes a conscious goal, sometimes not. You enlarge yourself because that is the kind of individual you are. You grow because you are not content not to.
    — Wallace Stegner
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    Resolve that you will now lay aside all else and concentrate upon the attainment of conscious unity with God.
    — Wallace D. Wattles
    tags: conscious  god 
    I surrender myself to conscious unity with the highest.
    — Wallace D. Wattles
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    It is, for example, axiomatic that we should all think of ourselves as being more sensitive than other people because, when we are insensitive in our dealings with others, we cannot be aware of it at the time: conscious insensitivity is a self-contradiction.
    — W. H. Auden
    I am sure it is everyone's experience, as it has been mine, that any discovery we make about ourselves or the meaning of life is never, like a scientific discovery, a coming upon something entirely new and unsuspected; it is rather, the coming to conscious recognition of something, which we really knew all the time but, because we were unwilling to formulate it correctly, we did not hitherto know we knew.
    — W. H. Auden
    As biological organisms made of matter, we are subject to the laws of physics and biology: as conscious persons who create our own history we are free to decide what that history shall be. Without science, we should have no notion of equality; without art, no notion of liberty.
    — W. H. Auden
    Alone, alone, about the dreadful wood / Of conscious evil runs a lost mankind, / Dreading to find its Father.
    — W. H. Auden
    Had Greek civilization never existed ... we would never have become fully conscious.
    — W. H. Auden
    We till shadowed days are done,We must weep and singDuty's conscious wrong,The Devil in the clock
    — W. H. Auden
    tags: conscious  devil 
    We take almost all the decisive steps in our lives as a result of slight inner adjustments of which we are barely conscious.
    — W. G. Sebald
    tags: live  conscious 
    The word "people" is unpleasant to me. The phrase "Soviet people" was drummed into us from childhood on. I love concrete people, enlightened people who live conscious lives and do not simply sit there and vegetate. To love the people you have to be the general secretary of the Communist Party or an absolute dictator.
    — Vladimir Sorokin
    The natural scientist must be a modern materialist, a conscious adherent of the materialism represented by Marx, i.e., he must be a dialectical materialist.
    — Vladimir Lenin
    Our idea is that a state is strong when the people are politically conscious. It is strong when the people know everything, can form an opinion of everything, and do everything consciously.
    — Vladimir Lenin
    My clothes have always got a very strong dynamic rapport with the body - they are very body conscious, they help you to look glamorous, more hourglass, more woman.
    — Vivienne Westwood
    tags: women  conscious  body  help  strong 
    I'm always very conscious because I like to give time between records, even though I feel like I write music that will last it's time, whatever time that is.
    — Visionist
    tags: time  conscious  music  write 
    Yoga philosophy teaches that real man is not his body, but that the immortal I, of which each human being is conscious to some degree according to his mental evolution, is not the body but merely occupies and uses the body as an instrument.
    — Vishnudevananda Saraswati
    I've been hearing-impaired, not quite since birth, but I've been wearing hearing aids since I was 13, so I'm very conscious of the difficulty of voice communication.
    — Vinton Cerf
    Culture, as Indian people understood it, was basically a lifestyle by which a people acted. It was self-expression, but not a conscious self-expression. Rather, it was an expression of the essence of a people.
    — Vine Deloria Jr.
    I feel that a picture that stays with you is made up of a hundred or more hidden things. They're things that the audience is not conscious of, but that accumulate.
    — Vincente Minnelli
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    When you're a child you're able to assimilate so easily into any situation. You even start talking like the people you're around. I wasn't conscious that I was so good at that until I started to truly feel like an actor.
    — Vincent D'Onofrio
    With the arrival of humans, it has been said, the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, it the greatest mystery of all.
    — Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
    Your conscious life is an elaborate after-the-fact rationalization of things you really do for other reasons.
    — Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
    tags: conscious 
    I've never been conscious of having any real career plan, and I do not have a wish-list of actors, directors, screenwriters, or cameramen I'm hoping to work with. Life, I feel, has a way of leading us to the right situations and people, or at least to interesting ones.
    — Viggo Mortensen
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