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    conscious Quotes

    I could play through anything. But just thinking about I have kids, longevity, I probably would have made more of a conscious effort not to hit the floor, but at the end of the day in the playoffs, you can't play that way. You just have to play and give it your all.
    — Rajon Rondo
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    Responsibility is awareness, alertness, consciousness. Ego is just unconsciousness. They cannot coexist. As you grow more conscious you grow more towards light, and anything belonging to the world of darkness starts disappearing. Ego is nothing but darkness.
    — Rajneesh
    Meditation is the alchemy of transforming. The unconscious into the conscious. It gives you a tremendous power, Far greater than anger, greed and lust.
    — Rajneesh
    In samadhi, in the highest form of meditation, the same thing happens: the mind stops functioning... but you are conscious. That is the only difference, but the difference that makes the difference. One is fully alert, luminous. One is there witnessing, watching, but there is no cloud of thought. The sky is utterly empty: as far as you can see you cannot see any content.
    — Rajneesh
    As you become more conscious of your cruelty, of your violence, gross and subtle, you start becoming more and more compassionate. Not that you cultivate compassion. Just by becoming aware of your cruelty, violence, ugliness... the very awareness brings new changes in you. And the energy that was involved in cruelty, in violence, starts changing. The same energy becomes purified, the same energy becomes compassion.
    — Rajneesh
    You exist in time, but you belong to eternity- You are a penetration of eternity into the world of time-You are deathless, living in a body of death- Your consciousness knows no death, no birth- It is only your body that is born and dies-But you are not aware of your consciousness-You are not conscious of your consciousness-And that is the whole art of meditation;Becoming conscious of consciousness itself.
    — Rajneesh
    In meditation you are not unconscious, you are conscious - more conscious than ever.
    — Rajneesh
    Only very few people are born with awareness. Those are the people who die in awareness. If the death was conscious, then the birth will be conscious, because the death is the one side and the birth is the other side of the same coin.
    — Rajneesh
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    When sex becomes conscious it is love, it is no longer lust. Love brings freedom, and lust simply creates prisons for you.
    — Rajneesh
    tags: freedom  conscious  lust  prison  sex 
    Vegetarianism is a conscious effort, a deliberate effort, to get out of the heaviness that keeps you tethered to the earth so that you can fly - so that the flight from the alone to the alone becomes possible.
    — Rajneesh
    tags: conscious  earth  alone 
    Even trees are creative, rocks are creative. You are man, the very culmination of this existence. You are at the top, you are conscious. Never think with wrong beliefs, and never be attached to wrong beliefs, that you are uncreative.
    — Rajneesh
    Unless you become alert and aware in life, unless you change the quality of your living, you will not die consciously. And only a conscious death can bring you to a conscious birth; and then a far more conscious life opens its doors.
    — Rajneesh
    tags: death  living  conscious  die  quality 
    Meditation is object-less. If you use any object, then it is not meditation; it becomes thinking. It becomes contemplation; it becomes reflection, but not meditation. This is the most essential point to be understood. This is the essence of a meditative state: that it is object-less. Only consciousness is there, but not conscious ABOUT anything. Consciousness without being conscious of anything - this is the nature of meditation.
    — Rajneesh
    Hell and heaven are within you, both gates are within you. When you are behaving unconsciously there is the gate of hell; when you become alert and conscious, there is the gate of heaven.
    — Rajneesh
    tags: conscious  hell  heaven 
    Some of the most morally conscious, kindest, most compassionate people are in the entertainment industry, people who want to affect the world and make it a better place through telling human, heartfelt stories.
    — Rainn Wilson
    There's no major label in the world that would have let me make video game music, then conscious hip hop. They want you to find your audience, your lane, and stay in it until it ends. I can't do that.
    — Raheem Jarbo
    tags: world  conscious  music  games 
    If you do some wonderful service and if you tell people what you did in a boastful way, it nullifies the credit of your service, may not be in the eternal platform, but in your conscious condition you will not be able to reap the benefits of that service.
    — Radhanath Swami
    I was never apposed or sought out nudity, but it was necessary in the Where the Truth Lies. If they didn't have the nudity, but they still had the scenes - because sex is used as a power tool in this movie - I feel it would have felt self conscious and I think the scene is meant for you to feel uncomfortable.
    — Rachel Blanchard
    tags: truth  power  self  conscious  lies  movie  sex 
    The more conscious of God's presence the more I feel like being myself, the less conscious of His presence, the more I feel I need to prove myself.
    — R. T. Kendall
    tags: conscious  god 
    To live in Wales is to be conscious at dusk of the spilled blood that went into the making of the wild sky
    — R. S. Thomas
    tags: live  conscious  wild  sky  blood 
    I am very conscious of who I am as an artist and as an inspirational person.
    — R. Kelly
    tags: people  conscious  artist 
    Clever men are impressed in their differences from their fellows. Wise men are conscious of their resemblance to them.
    — R. H. Tawney
    tags: men  conscious  wise 
    To have as one's ever-present friend, and to be conscious that one has as his ever-present friend, the Holy Spirit and to surrender one's life in all it's departments entirely to His control - this is true Christian living.
    — R. A. Torrey
    The urban, on the other hand, is often seen as more real and mundane, even though it is obviously far more recent in terms of planetary development. I think this might be because nature corresponds to the unconscious and the artificial world of the city and human culture to the conscious mind.
    — Quentin S. Crisp
    I would say that, apart from being a writer, I have also always been very conscious of the idea of a 'world elsewhere'.
    — Quentin S. Crisp
    tags: world  conscious  ideas 
    I just feel like I explain myself more, I'm trying to be more conscious about it, simply. Just enlightening my fans and letting them know to lock into me because I'm speaking real with them, more than anything.
    — Pusha T
    tags: conscious  real 
    I would like it to be known that I have decided not to marry Group Capt. Peter Townsend. Mindful of the church's teaching that Christian marriage is indissoluble, and conscious of my duty to the Commonwealth, I have resolved to put these considerations before any others.
    — Princess Margaret
    If you find yourself imitating another writer, that doesn't have to be a bad thing, especially if you are a young or a new writer. However, you should be conscious of exactly how you are imitating him - word choice, sentence structure, motifs? - and think about why you're doing it.
    — Poppy Z. Brite
    tags: young  conscious  choice  bad 
    From now on it is only through a conscious choice and through a deliberate policy that humanity can survive.
    — Pope John Paul II
    In the past, it was possible to destroy a village, a town, a region, even a country. Now it is the whole planet that has come under threat. This fact should compel everyone to face a basic moral consideration; from now on, it is only through a conscious choice and then deliberate policy that humanity will survive.
    — Pope John Paul II
    While conscious of the challenges you face, I encourage you to follow faithfully in the footsteps of your founders, and to stir into flame the charisms and apostolic zeal which you have inherited from them, confident that Christ will continue to work with you and to confirm your preaching with signs of his presence and power.
    — Pope Benedict XVI
    Envy always implies conscious inferiority wherever it resides.
    — Pliny the Elder
    tags: conscious  envy 
    Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt.
    — Plautus
    tags: men  conscious  guilt  mind 
    Either the conscious intellect is impotent, or is not sufficiently strong, or is not the factor positively connected with altruistic phenomenon generally or their sublime form particularly.
    — Pitirim Sorokin
    tags: conscious  strong 
    Man is a conscious, rational thinker and a supra-conscious creator genius.
    — Pitirim Sorokin
    tags: men  conscious  genius 
    I like to get something that is impossible to verbally order. Sometimes it's something the person is not even conscious of, and it's something you could never ask of them specifically. It's just there.
    — Pirjo Honkasalo
    I think you too recognize the important relationship between philosophy and art, and it is just this relationship that most painters deny. The great masters do grasp it, unconsciously; but I believe that a painter's conscious spiritual knowledge will have a much greater influence upon his art, and that it would be due only to a weakness in him, or lack of genius, should this spiritual knowledge be harmful to his art.
    — Piet Mondrian
    To write the true natural history of the world, we should need to be able to follow it from within. It would thus appear no longer as an interlocking succession of structural types replacing one another, but as an ascension of inner sap spreading out in a forest of consolidated instincts. Right at its base, the living world is constituted by conscious clothes in flesh and bone.
    — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
    The less conscious one is of being a writer, the better the writing.
    — Pico Iyer
    tags: conscious  writing 
    Everything you do, every thought you have, every word you say creates a memory that you will hold in your body. It's imprinted on you and affects you in subtle ways - ways you are not always aware of. With that in mind, be very conscious and selective.
    — Phylicia Rashad
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