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In order for non-violence to work, your opponent must have a conscience.
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— Kwame
There's something with actors in their 40s, I don't know - there's this tendency with these guys, either they're not where they wanted to be, or - I mean, this guy was making good money and working a lot. It's almost like they have a bad conscience about the job, like it's unmanly or something, so they try to compensate by busting the director's balls 24/7.
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— Kurt Voss
That's interesting," Bitterblue said. "You think a conscience requires fear?
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— Kristin Cashore
A person who sins neither in thought nor deed, and is fair and just, gains enormous courage and strength. As a leader, you need courage born of integrity in order to be capable of powerful leadership. To achieve this courage, you must search your heart, and make sure your conscience is clear and your behavior is beyond reproach.
— Konosuke Matsushita
Asked whether donor nations may be becoming fatigued ... The fatigue may be there, but I don't think we can justify it in the face of such misery. We may need to wake up our conscience and our conscience must force us to act.
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— Kofi Annan
In a world of plenty, continued suffering is a terrible stain on our conscience. It is inexcusable that we not strive, with every resource at our disposal, to eliminate suffering.
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— Kofi Annan
What does a man seek in this world? A position, or a throne? Man seeks peace of mind and the fear of Almighty God. As long as one knows that there is ajudgement day, he tries to keep his conscience clear and do what he can.
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— King Hussein I
The conscience of human never allows us to be quited with the unjustice.
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— Khem Veasna
When we oppose the hidden conscience, it does us hurt. When we betray it, it judges us.
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— Khalil Gibran
Each day look into your conscience and amend your faults; if you fail in this duty you will be untrue to the Knowledge and Reason that are within you. Keep a watchful eye over yourself as if you were your own enemy; for you cannot learn to govern yourself, unless you first learn to govern your own passions and obey the dictates of your conscience.
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— Khalil Gibran
Conscience is a just but weak judge. Weakness leaves it powerless to execute its judgment.
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— Khalil Gibran is about using the idea that we are all connected to accomplish something good. It is my hope that Six Degrees will soon be something more than a game or a gimmick. It will also be a force for good, by bringing a social conscience to social networking.
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— Kevin Bacon
Human beings "belong" to some minor comity or enclave of faith at the expense of the clarity and autarkia of their intelligence and conscience, of course. "Belonging" is another way of saying: "capitulating to."
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— Kenny Smith
What may be the significance of so many forms of "spirituality" on this planet that are antagonistic to "life" - and Christianity at the head of that list, with its "calumny" against life, its faith that just because nothing in life is eternal therefore life itself contains no value, nothing that makes it worth living, investing our souls in, committing our consciences to?
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— Kenny Smith
Modern value-neutral society (Gesellschaft rather than Gemeinschaft) is systematized predation tempered not by conscience or values but rather merely by a system of law, which is no less corrupt with private interests and its own forms of predation. In modernity sophism is the order of the day, and this obliges its most adept practitioners to learn how to develop the art of appearing to be other than one actually is.
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— Kenny Smith
How far should one accept the rules of the society in which one lives? To put it another way: at what point does conformity become corruption? Only by answering such questions does the conscience truly define itself.
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— Kenneth Tynan
The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own consciences is the great force leading to change.
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— Kenneth Kaunda
Feeling is the voice of the body; reasoning is the voice of the mind; conscience is the voice of the spirit.
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— Kenneth E. Hagin
... conscienceless efficiency is no match for efficiency quickened by conscience.
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— Kelly Miller
Each man's private conscience ought to be a nice little self-registering thermometer: he ought to carry his moral code incorruptibly and explicitly within himself, and not care what the world thinks. The mass of human beings, however, are not made that way; and many people have been saved from crime or sin by the simple dislike of doing things they would not like to confess ...
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— Katharine Fullerton Gerould
Governments ... should not force and govern belief, which is a matter for the heart and conscience not for temporal authorities.
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— Katharina Zell
I hate a conscience. It's always making you feel low down and disreputable. I don't believe I will say anything to my children about one, and let them have some peace.
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— Kate Langley Bosher
A conscience is a troublesome thing at times. I woke up at 4 o'clock this morning and I spent the time feeling what a nothing I was, and wishing I was so very different. Then the morning's post brought me a letter from a friend, saying I was so this, so that - it made me really cry, I was so grateful.
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— Kate Greenaway
It is curious to note that when for reasons of conscience, people refuse to kill, they are often exempted from active military duty. But there are no exemptions for people who, for reasons of conscience, refuse to financially support the bureaucracy that actually does the killing. Apparently, the state takes money more seriously than life.
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— Karl Hess
Conscience is the perfect interpreter of life.
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— Karl Barth
I pulled Lena's necklace out of my pocket. I let the charms roll around in my palm, but they were tangled and meaningless without her. The necklace was heavier than I imagined, or maybe it was the weight of my conscience.
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— Kami Garcia
Conscience, the executioner, shaking her secret scourge.
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— Juvenal
My idea of freedom is that we should protect the rights of people to believe what their conscience dictates, but fight equally hard to protect people from having the beliefs of others imposed upon them.
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— Justin Trudeau
Don't tell me your name. It's likely to awaken my conscience, and that's the last thing we want.
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— Julia Quinn
Whoever attempts to suppress liberty of conscience finishes some day by wishing for the Inquisition.
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— Jules Simon
Control cannot be called conscience until we are able to take it inside us and make it our own, until-in spite of the fact that the wrongs we have done or imagined will never be punished or known-we nonetheless feel that the clutch in the stomach, that chill upon the soul, that self-inflicted misery called guilt.
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— Judith Viorst
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you may wear white shoes. Not before and not after. As a command, the White Shoe Edict should be clear and simple enough. Do not violate it. In a society in which everything else has become relative, a matter of how it makes you feel, a question between you and your conscience, and an opportunity for you to be really you, this is an absolute.
— Judith Martin
A conscience is like a boat or a car. If you feel you need one, rent it.
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— JR
God is speaking to us. But are we listening to Him? When our conscience begins to nudge us for whatever reason, we might have this low-level misery or uneasiness about whatever it is we've done or we're about to do. At times like this, it's wise to prayerfully consider whether we're offending God with our actions.
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— Joyce Meyer
You see, you are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. You have emotions, you have thoughts, you have a will, and you have a conscience. You are a complex being! And Jesus came to heal every single part of you. There's not one part that He doesn't want to make completely whole.
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— Joyce Meyer
The conscience can be a strong guide in life if we allow it.
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— Joyce Meyer
Self-understanding rather than self-condemnation is the way to inner peace and mature conscience.
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— Joshua L. Liebman
Reason often makes mistakes, but conscience never does.
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— Josh Billings
Those whose conscience demands that they defy authority in some ways that involve great consequences must be willing to accept some penalty.
— Joseph Wood Krutch
[I]t is impossible for those, who believe in the truth of Christianity, as a divine revelation, to doubt, that it is the especial duty of government to foster, and encourage it among all the citizens and subjects. This is a point wholly distinct from that of the right of private judgment in matters of religion, and of the freedom of public worship according to the dictates of one's conscience.
— Joseph Story