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I am a Christian and I don't want there to be any confusion about what I believe or who I am.
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— Kristin Chenoweth
We consume far too many animal products, processed and refined foods, saturated fats, and empty calories. Industries that profit from both our ignorance and our misfortune spoon-feed us confusion and deception.
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— Kris Carr
There is sadness and confusion in our hearts / And the world prepares to fight / as it tears itself apart, it isn't fair
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— Kim Wilde
You can spend your life competing in a world that talks too loud / You can lose your own direction getting lost among the crowd / Confusion - is it any wonder that the road ahead's not clear / Well you can try too hard to find it now I realise it's here
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— Kim Wilde
I understand that people have a critical mind towards my position. And receive a lot of confusion too.
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— Kim Nam-joon
I don't think our lives actually unfold with morals attached to them, or meanings that are easily extracted, or jokes designed to generate sympathy. I wanted to do the opposite - to offer up a life whose meanings can only be perceived through a tangle of desires, confusions, and textural details.
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— Kevin Brockmeier
I think in society and especially in movies and media we're fed this idea that there's the one or the right person. I think it brings great ambiguity and confusion for people.
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— Kether Donohue
The precision provided (or enforced) by programming languages and their execution can identify lacunas, ambiguities, and other areas of potential confusion in conventional [mathematical] notation.
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— Kenneth E. Iverson
What I like about narrative in general is when there is some incongruity between the form and content. Let's say, mixing up the gothic with a coming-of-age narrative. Telling a love story that's also a monster story. Mixing up superhero tropes with your monster tropes. I like category confusion.
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— Kelly Link
I also talk a lot in Deeper Reading about the importance that confusion plays. When my students come to me, they think confusion is bad. They are wrong. Confusion is the place where learning occurs.
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— Kelly Gallagher
I like to read quotes that touch on how I am feeling [on social media]. If I am dealing with confusion, I will read quotes about clarity and peace of mind. I started posting these quotes on my Twitter page, and the fans responded so positively! I realized that many of them were dealing with similar issues, and the quotes helped to open up a genuine dialogue between us.
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— Keke Palmer
There appears to be a lot of confusion about the biological benefits of elevated CO2 because the popular media typically fails to report them. Doomsday scenarios of global warming are much more dramatic than the good news of global greening.
tags: confusion media fail
— Keith E. Idso
Suicide carries in its aftermath a level of confusion and devastation that is, for the most part, beyond description.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
It's not refreshing where there is confusion or any kind of discomfort in a group that has to work that closely together.
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— Kate Mulgrew
People in the East get a very skewed sense of America as this enormously rapaciously sexual place, this place where you have rappers and you have Donald Trump and things like that, which leads to a lot of confusion.
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— Karan Mahajan
When a bomb actually goes off, there's a lot of confusion, and people often don't know a bomb has gone off. For a long time, people might think there's been an electrical malfunction or something else that's exploded.
tags: time people gone confusion
— Karan Mahajan
Most of our life is miscommunication, and when you add a language barrier to it, it just becomes total mayhem and confusion. It just adds to it with all of the cultural differences. It could be an American family meeting another American family and you could still have a total clash. With family, it's like visiting another planet.
tags: language confusion american meeting
— Julie Delpy
Here we are - despite the delays, the confusion, and the shadows en route - at last, or for the moment, where we always intended to be.
tags: moment confusion
— Julia Glass
I feel that we can't educate children who are not healthy, and we can't keep them healthy if they're not educated. There has to be a marriage between health and education. You can't learn if your mind is full of unhealthy images from daily life and confusion about right and wrong.
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— Joycelyn Elders
It is only through disruptions and confusion that we grow, jarred out of ourselves by the collision of someone else's private world with our own.
tags: world confusion
— Joyce Carol Oates
I keep my stand-up comedy notes in a pile on my desk. I don't organize my act. I keep myself in a state of confusion. It stresses me out, but I prefer creative chaos.
tags: comedy chaos stress confusion creative
— Joy Behar
Memoirs need confusion. It's the thing every human has in common. We are magnificently confused.
tags: human memoir confusion
— Joshua Mohr
I know that life is a journey I must accept and that pain and confusion are temporary. I know that if I follow my heart, it will lead me where I belong.
tags: pain heart journey confusion
— Josh Groban
In history as it comes to be written, there is usually some Spirit of the Age which historians can define, but the shape of things is seldom so clear to those who live them. To most thoughtful men it has generally seemed that theirs was an Age of Confusion.
tags: men live age confusion spirit
— Joseph Wood Krutch
A government, forever changing and changeable, is, indeed, in a state bordering upon anarchy and confusion.
tags: forever anarchy confusion government
— Joseph Story
Daily, from sunrise to sunset, the radio, newspapers and magazines broadcast to the world how to maintain health, how to regain health... the conflicting information, expressive of the different opinions of these various health authorities, has proved to be nothing less than confusion...
tags: health world authority confusion opinion
— Joseph Pilates
London, with its monotonous and melancholy houses, seems like an inharmonious patchwork, as if pieced together without design. Yet it is lovable in its sprawling confusion.
tags: confusion
— Joseph Fort Newton
Should the whole frame of nature round him break, In ruin and confusion hurled, He, unconcerned, would hear the mighty crack, And stand secure amidst a falling world.
tags: nature world confusion
— Joseph Addison
The ways of heaven are dark and intricate,Puzzled in mazes, and perplex'd with errors;Our understanding traces them in vain,Lost and bewilder'd in the fruitless search;Nor sees with how much art the windings run,Nor where the regular confusion ends.
tags: understanding dark confusion heaven
— Joseph Addison
An artist needs a certain amount of turmoil and confusion.
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— Joni Mitchell
Why do we love the idea that people might be secretly working together to control and organise the world? Because we don't like to face the fact that our world runs on a combination of chaos, incompetence and confusion.
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— Jonathan Cainer
Every opinion which embodies somewhat of the portion of truth which the common opinion omits, ought to be considered precious, with whatever amount of error and confusion that truth may be blended.
tags: truth confusion opinion
— John Stuart Mill
I am extremely sorry for the stress and confusion I have brought on the Braves organization.
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— John Rocker
For the record, I am not an admitted homosexual, nor am I a homosexual, though I do know the lyrics to every show tune ever written, which might perhaps account for the confusion.
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— John Podhoretz
Some respected and beloved brethren insist that the forming and organising of churches is, according to God's will, the only means of finding blessing in the midst of that confusion which is acknowledged to exist.
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— John Nelson Darby
Confusion heard his voice, and wild uproar Stood ruled, stood vast infinitude confined; Till at his second bidding darkness fled, Light shone, and order from disorder sprung.
tags: darkness wild confusion
— John Milton
Our great mistake in education is ... the worship of book-learning-the confusion of instruction and education. We strain the memory instead of cultivating the mind. ... We ought to follow exactly the opposite course with children-to give them a wholesome variety of mental food, and endeavour to cultivate their tastes, rather than to fill their minds with dry facts.
tags: memory food mistakes mental facts confusion worship education mind
— John Lubbock
I don't like no confusion.
tags: confusion
— John Hurt
Long as I remember, rain been comin' down; Clouds of mystery fallin', confusion on the ground; Good men through the ages, trying to find the sun; And I wonder, still I wonder: Who will stop the rain?
tags: men mystery age wonder confusion rain
— John Fogerty
Men who have lost their conviction of what is good and what is bad find themselves without a sextant to check their position by. We are in the position of a man with an elaborate camping kit who finds himself lost in the woods without his matches; to kindle a fire he has to resort to the stratagems of the caveman. We fall back through generations into the oldest terrors and confusions of the race.
tags: men fire lost bad confusion race
— John Dos Passos