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I started doing some more specific research on Wales in that period because I like the idea of being authentic to the territory, and with that came the knowledge that there was this great rebellion that was happening with the Marcher barons and conflict with the king. A lot of it wasn't documented by the English.
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— Kurt Sutter
We are in conflict with the world; otherwise, there would be no necessity to put forth tremendous effort to meet the world and its demands.
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— Krishnananda Saraswati
There is no conflict in the absolute universe, but there is conflict in the relative world.
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— Koichi Tohei
Everything in this world is about conflict because this is the kind of world that humans are born into.
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— Kohta Hirano
Poverty devastates families, communities and nations. It causes instability and political unrest and fuels conflict.
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— Kofi Annan
On this International Day of Peace, let us dare to imagine a world free of conflict and violence
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— Kofi Annan
From this vision of the role of the United Nations in the next century flow three key priorities for the future: eradicating poverty, preventing conflict and promoting democracy.
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— Kofi Annan
Democracy is, in essence, a form of non-violent conflict management. If war is the worst enemy of development, healthy and balanced development is the best form of conflict prevention.
— Kofi Annan
The number one goal in resolving a conflict is to make sure both sides maintain their self-esteem. You don't hit a man on the head when you've got your fingers between his teeth.
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— Kofi Annan
... the long-lasting humanitarian impact of these inhuman weapons continues to deny communities the opportunity to rebuild long after the end of the conflicts.
— Kofi Annan
Under international law, the responsibility for protecting civilians in conflict falls on the belligerents. Under military occupation, responsibility for the welfare of the population falls on the occupiers.
— Kofi Annan
Fierce national competition over water resources has prompted fears that water issues contain the seeds of violent conflict.
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— Kofi Annan
As I travel around the world, people think the only place where there is potential conflict [over] water is the Middle East, but they are completely wrong. We have the problem all over the world.
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— Kofi Annan
Sometimes when you take a tough action against one side in the conflict, they see you as part of the conflict and they attack you.
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— Kofi Annan
Knowledge of other people's beliefs and ways of thinking must be used to build bridges, not to create conflicts.
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— Kjell Magne Bondevik
Several people inspired me like Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, the whole Cash Money camp, the No Limit camp, DMX, Jay-Z, Eminem, LL Cool J, I listened to all type of sh*t. I listened to R&B like Teena Marie, just good music - anybody that made good music. When I was growing up out west I listened to Twista, Do or Die, and Crucial Conflict. They were the "it" artists in Chicago. I wanted to be like them on TV and all of that so that's how it all started.
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— King Louie
I'm not sure about whether Ukraine will ever be joining. As long as there's a frozen conflict on Ukrainian territory, they can't possibly join. And that's probably one of the reasons why Vladimir Putin is interested in having a frozen conflict there, so that there is no border security.
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— Kimberly Zisk Marten
Vladimir Putin would like to have more influence in Ukraine. He would like to have Ukraine always knocked slightly off balance so that they don't know what he might do next. He would like to demonstrate that he has more power than the Ukrainians do. And so certainly by making a frozen conflict situation where Ukraine never really has a definitive sense of sovereignty over its own territory, that's in Putin's interest.
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— Kimberly Zisk Marten
Where hunger is imposed by external circumstances, the act of starvation remains literal, a tragic biological event that does not serve metaphoric or symbolic purposes. It is only in a country where one is able to choose hunger that elective starvation may come to express cultural conflict or even social protest.
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— Kim Chernin
I think the father-son dynamic is interesting. I don't have a male friend who hasn't had some kind of conflict with their dad, and I don't have a male friend who hasn't had some kind of conflict with their son.
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— Kiefer Sutherland
With many sovereign states, with no system of law enforceable among them, with each state judging its grievances and ambitions according to the dictates of its own reason or desire - conflict, sometimes leading to war, is bound to occur.
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— Kenneth Waltz
Each state pursues its own interest's, however defined, in ways it judges best. Force is a means of achieving the external ends of states because there exists no consistent, reliable process of reconciling the conflicts of interest that inevitably arise among similar units in a condition of anarchy.
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— Kenneth Waltz
That free will was demonstrated in the placing of temptation before man with the command not to eat of the fruit of the tree which would give him a knowledge of good and evil, with the disturbing moral conflict to which that awareness would give rise.
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— Kenneth Scott Latourette
I think if you could remove all of the baggage - all of the ideology, the history, whatever else - and look in purely geostrategic terms, I think it's hard to figure out why the US and Iran would necessarily be in conflict. In fact during the shah's era, before 1979 - recognizing that there were all kinds of other problems - the US and Iran worked together splendidly at the strategic level.
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— Kenneth M. Pollack
Acceptance of the power of God in one's life lays the groundwork for personal commitment to both science and Christianity, which so often have been in conflict.
— Kenneth Lee Pike
Within-group conflict is always personal and emotional - even if it begins with impersonal issues.
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— Kenneth Kaye
If necessity is the mother of invention, conflict is its father.
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— Kenneth Kaye
Conflict is neither good nor bad. Properly managed, it is absolutely vital.
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— Kenneth Kaye
If we manage conflict constructively, we harness its energy for creativity and development.
— Kenneth Kaye
Perhaps the most difficult ethical problem of the scientific community arises not so much from conflict with other subcultures as from its own success. Nothing fails like success because we don't learn from it. We learn only from failure.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
Political conflict rests to a very large extent on a universal ignorance of consequences, as the people who are benefited by any particular act or policy are rarely those who struggled for it, and the people who are injured are rarely those who opposed it.
— Kenneth E. Boulding
Justification, in terms of the broadening of freedom, for any particular form of institution of property must be argued in terms of whether the losses caused by the restrictions imposed are greater or less than the gains derived from the elimination of costly conflict.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
One reason why the progressive state is 'cheerful' is that social conflict is diminished by it.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
Conflict may be defined as a situation of competition in which the parties are aware of the incompatibility of potential future positions, and in which each party wishes to occupy a position that is incompatible with the wishes of the other.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
[Peace praxis is] a peace process that deals with conflict integratively.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
Every conflict reflects what each person most needs to learn in that moment.
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— Kenneth Cloke
Every conflict we face in life is rich with positive and negative potential. It can be a source of inspiration, enlightenment, learning, transformation, and growth-or rage, fear, shame, entrapment, and resistance. The choice is not up to our opponents, but to us, and our willingness to face and work through them.
— Kenneth Cloke
Ingres was one of those artists to whom the outline was something sacred and magical, and the reason is that it was the means of reconciling the major conflict in his art, the conflict between abstraction and sensibility.
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— Kenneth Clark
I see conflict. But the conflict is what makes it relatable. I'm conflicted; you're conflicted. I'm not perfect - nobody is. I'm just blessed to be able to express my conflict through song.
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— Kendrick Lamar
Conflict is just another chance for agreement.
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— Ken Poirot