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I have to play really loose versions of songs I've made on the computer.
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— Kyle Parker
The brain processes information using 100,000 times less energy than we do right now with this computer technology that we have.
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— Kwabena Boahen
Like most people, I gave little thought during my life to the scourge of child pornography. But, I now know we are fighting a losing battle. The predators are sophisticated in the use of computers and talented in the manipulation of children.
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— Kurt Eichenwald
Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.
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— Kristen Wilson
I really like to write, so I can just relax and think about things and realize things and then try to express it on my computer.
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— Krist Novoselic
For the first month of school, writing is its own upper. Pounding on my computer keys feels like playing the piano, like arranging words into harmony that sings back to me.
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— Koren Zailckas
I remember mentioning to friends back in 1938 that the world chess champion would be beaten by a computer in 50 years time. Today we know computers are not far from this goal.
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— Konrad Zuse
The danger of computers becoming like humans is not as great as the danger of humans becoming like computers.
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— Konrad Zuse
The idea that so many kids eat rubbish and sit on computers all day long appals me and getting them into sport is a major way of getting them off computers and leading healthier lives.
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— Kirsty Gallacher
My hope is that in the future, women stop referring to themselves as 'the only woman' in their physics lab or 'only one of two' in their computer science jobs.
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— Kirsten Gillibrand
I was allowed to have an imagination rather than a need to be entertained all the time by television or computers or anything like that. So, I think it's helpful to try and give your kids.
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— Kirsten Dunst
My analysis, especially of the computer revolution, always comes back to capitalism. It's that economic system that has led to Western civilization's willingness to enslave ourselves to machines - because some people benefit enormously from it, while the costs are borne by other people and the planet.
— Kirkpatrick Sale
I have one computer that my wife gave me. All I know how to do, and I do it every day, is play Spider Solitaire. And I don't have a cell phone.
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— Kirk Douglas
Lish tried to swear-which is always funny, because the computer won't translate it. It went something like this: "Bleep stupid bleep bleep faeries and their bleep bleep bleep obsessions. He had better stop bleep bleep bleep the bleep bleep rules or I will bleep bleep bleep the little bleeeeeeeeeeep.
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— Kiersten White
Make a record in your bedroom on a cheap computer, play it on pirate radio, and that's what's it's all about. You can do something really exciting and you don't need any record companies. The way I do everything comes from that, the impact of those two things.
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— Kieran Hebden
If you're too embarrassed and want to hide behind your computer screen, that's what this is for. It's about building confidence and that's what U by Kotex does. Girls owning their bodies and health.
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— Khloe Kardashian
When comparing human memory and computer memory it is clear that the human version has two distinct disadvantages. Firstly, as indeed I have experienced myself, due to aging, human memory can exhibit very poor short term recall.
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— Kevin Warwick
For kids growing up now, there's no difference watching 'Avatar' on an iPad or watching YouTube on TV or watching 'Game of Thrones' on their computer. It's all content. It's just story.
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— Kevin Spacey
I'm not a writer. I marvel at writing. I am sometimes absolutely astounded when I read something and I think how in the world did that man or that woman sit down at a typewriter, a computer or a pen and an ink well, and seemingly have nothing come between their heart and that pen.
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— Kevin Spacey
When I'm listening to stuff on the computer or through a horrible little speaker on my phone, and then I hear the real version with the bass and everything, I sometimes don't like it as much. I definitely believe that any medium is viable in that respect.
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— Kevin Shields
I have a very positive outlook on things. It's hard to predict how actual books are going to do but I'm not freaked out about ebooks taking over. I think there are probably more active readers now because of computers and iPhones.
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— Kevin Sampsell
When I was in prison, a Colombian drug lord, offered me $5 million in cash to manipulate a computer system so that he would be released. I turned him down.
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— Kevin Mitnick
I obtained confidential information in the same way government employees did, and I did it all without even touching a computer. ... I was so successful with this line of attack that I rarely had to go towards a technical attack.
— Kevin Mitnick
It was used for decades to describe talented computer enthusiasts, people whose skill at using computers to solve technical problems and puzzles was - and is - respected and admired by others possessing similar technical skills.
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— Kevin Mitnick
I get hired to hack into computers now and sometimes it's actually easier than it was years ago.
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— Kevin Mitnick
I think it goes back to my high school days. In computer class, the first assignment was to write a program to print the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. Instead, I wrote a program that would steal passwords of students. My teacher gave me an A.
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— Kevin Mitnick
Social engineering is using deception, manipulation and influence to convince a human who has access to a computer system to do something, like click on an attachment in an e-mail.
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— Kevin Mitnick
Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls and secure access devices, and it's money wasted because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain: the people who use, administer and operate computer systems
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— Kevin Mitnick
I was addicted to hacking, more for the intellectual challenge, the curiosity, the seduction of adventure; not for stealing, or causing damage or writing computer viruses.
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— Kevin Mitnick
Computer hacking really results in financial losses and hassles. The objectives of terrorist groups are more serious. That is not to say that cyber groups can't access a telephone switch in Manhattan on a day like 9/11, shut it down, and therefore cause more casualties.
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— Kevin Mitnick
Eventually, we need to have computers that work differently from the way they do today and have for the past 60-plus years. We're capturing and generating increasingly massive amounts of data, but we can't make computers that keep up with it. One of the most promising solutions is to make computers that work more the way brains work.
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— Kevin Maney
Our brains are great at knowing what to forget. We actually have to teach computers to do the same.
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— Kevin Maney
Artificial intelligence uses a complex set of rules - algorithms - to get to a conclusion. A computer has to calculate its way through all those rules, and that takes a lot of processing. So AI works best when a small computer is using it on a small problem - your car's anti-lock brakes are based on AI. Or you need to use a giant computer on a big problem - like IBM using a room-size machine to compete against humans on Jeopardy in 2011.
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— Kevin Maney
All these computers, all these handhelds, all these cell phones, all these laptops, all these servers - what we're getting out of all these connections is we're getting one machine. ... We're constructing a single, global machine.
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— Kevin Kelly
But in fact, when you try to model that on a computer you find that because of the very structure of matter and of the chemical bonds that are the basis of every organism, evolution is not random at all. It will tend to follow certain paths.
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— Kevin Kelly
It all depends on what I'm working on and if there is a deadline involved. Anything that's headed toward a magazine or newspaper is hacked out on the computer; that's a matter of efficiency. I write longer pieces of prose on a typewriter because the act of retyping it for the computer is a useful tactic for revision. Poems tend to be written longhand.
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— Kevin Keck
I only use the computer for editing. I don't have an eight-track, otherwise I probably never would have bought a computer. When I first got my Mac, I was exploring its possibilities and had fun with all of the sound hacking software, but I'm not interested in that approach. I toyed with the idea of releasing a 12-inch of all the stuff I did early on but good sense prevented me from doing so.
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— Kevin Drumm
Try this New Year's resolution: I won't check my phone, my tablet, or my computer until I've first read a chapter in my Bible.
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— Kevin DeYoung
My whole life has been instinctual for me. I wouldn't do well in the computer world.
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— Kevin Costner
I could never understand how to build a computer, but the best I could hope for is to understand the people that do.
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— Kerry Bishe