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People are trying to make decisions about whether they should vaccinate their children or not, which is still a big debate. It's something that is a true fear for people. So, when we were getting into the story, in these first few episodes, and you're seeing these people who are at the top of the CDC, they should have every answer. It's almost like a God complex.
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— Kyra Zagorsky
The rich and complex history of South Carolina is the history of the African diaspora, and in many ways, I felt acutely the sense of this collective memory of migration, suffering and transformation while living in South Carolina.
— Kwame Dawes
For me, reggae music and its aesthetic are touchstones in both simple and complex ways. Reggae's capacity to be a folk music that is created in a wholly modern context of the recording studio (and sometimes that is the sole performance space) is riddled with the kinds of contradictory impulses that we have come to expect from the post-modern. I revel in this, for it gives me, shall I say, permission.
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— Kwame Dawes
One of the things the police officers told us in the first minutes of being with them is that the way that they cope with their job is by using a lot of inappropriate humour. It's really a lovely opportunity to try to challenge our ideas of what it is to deal with complex issues, and that they're not always dower. Having that kind of humour along with the pathos for what people are going through is a really nice challenge.
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— Kristin Lehman
Honestly, I believe that the mother-daughter relationship is magical, complex, potentially dangerous, profoundly powerful, and deeply transformative. To put it simply, all of us have this relationship, and in a very real way, "none of us comes out alive." We are all formed first as daughters and then tested as mothers. There's nothing like motherhood to make us reassess how we were as daughters.
— Kristin Hannah
When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember that great world ideals all begin in some home neighborhood.
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— Konrad Adenauer
It may seem sometimes as if a culture of peace does not stand a chance against the culture of war, the culture of violence and the cultures of impunity and intolerance. Peace may indeed be a complex challenge, dependent on action in many fields and even a bit of luck from time to time. It may be a painfully slow process, and fragile and imperfect when it is achieved. But peace is in our hands. We can do it.
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— Kofi Annan
Like any large organisation, public or private, the UN is a complex machine.
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— Kofi Annan
UN is made even more complex by the constant interplay of politics and bureaucracy and can certainly be bewildering for a novice.
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— Kofi Annan
We knew the Syrian situation was complex and there were lots of divisions, particularly on the side of the opposition.This is a tough job.It can perhaps be done if you stand united and work with me in putting sustained pressure on the protagonists or the parties to come together and seek a political settlement.
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— Kofi Annan
I think it's really important to depict complex, flawed LGBT characters, because we are all connected by our humanity.
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— Kit Williamson
As for dream roles, they usually just speak to you. I just crave complex characters.
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— Kirsten Prout
And it was only when we invented the spear and began roaming the planet that technologies got complex and central to human survival.
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— Kirkpatrick Sale
Look at the pattern this seashell makes. The dappled whorl, curving inward to infinity. That's the shape of the universe itself. There's constant pressure, pushing towards pattern. A tendency in matter to evolve into ever more complex forms. It's a kind of pattern gravity, a holy greening power we call 'Viriditas' and it is the driving force in the cosmos. Life, you see.
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— Kim Stanley Robinson
I believe that there's no improvement if you have an inferiority complex and victim mentality.
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— Kim Nam-joon
Even the most complex problem is resolved in the end. Because if there's a question, there also is an answer.
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— Kim Joon
There's a very complex connection between crime and addiction, because a lot of people are committing crime to either fuel their drug habit, which they're going to do anyway, whether it's legal or not, or under the influence of drugs, which they're going to do more, if it's legal.
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— Kevin Sabet
Artificial intelligence uses a complex set of rules - algorithms - to get to a conclusion. A computer has to calculate its way through all those rules, and that takes a lot of processing. So AI works best when a small computer is using it on a small problem - your car's anti-lock brakes are based on AI. Or you need to use a giant computer on a big problem - like IBM using a room-size machine to compete against humans on Jeopardy in 2011.
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— Kevin Maney
The daily grinding of evolution, as accelerated by technology, churns out more and more complex organisms, with higher rates of energy use, and with increasing specialization. Minds are the ideal way to express complexity, energy density, increasing specialization, expanding diversity - all in one system. Mindedness is what evolution produces. Mindedness is what technology wants, too.
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— Kevin Kelly
The way to build a complex system that works is to build it from very simple systems that work.
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— Kevin Kelly
Everything that we are making, we are making more and more complex.
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— Kevin Kelly
Sometimes I make my life a living hell by writing complex stories with complex characters. But I love it.
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— Kevin James
I got a dog with a Napoleon complex. I have a Napoleon complex. We're small. Anything big that we feel is threatening us, we want to fight. We're not a pushover.
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— Kevin Hart
I understand that finance can be very complex.
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— Kevin Harrington
For Democrats, nothing is any less complex than a 'West Wing' episode.
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— Kevin Bleyer
The universe extends beyond the mind of man, and is more complex than the small sample one can study.
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— Kenneth Lee Pike
The World is a very complex system. It is easy to have too simple a view of it, and it is easy to do harm and to make things worse under the impulse to do good and make things better.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
Any attempt to reduce the complex properties of biological organisms or of nervous systems or of human brains to simple physical and chemical systems is foolish.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
The very act of thinking about power in our lives and experiences creates a process of revelation and self-analysis that may even make us look at ourselves in a new light... thinking about power and its complex manifestations may not simply lead to a better understanding of the abstract complexities of society, but may have an effect on one?s own image and identity. Perhaps a warning label should be placed on the cover...
— Kenneth E. Boulding
The language of images [of inner-oriented artists] does not follow a code structure that is evident and widely accepted, but is more likely to be a complex of symbols that have a profound meaning for the artists themselves.
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— Kenneth Coutts-Smith
I think one of the things we learned from the physicists and also the theoretical biologists is the idea that when you're dealing with very complex systems you're going to get a large variety of behavior which can be interpreted as hill climbing, but hill climbing with a lot of modifications, hill climbing with big jumps occasionally.
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— Kenneth Arrow
Evolutionary theory tends to explain quite well in retrospect how various species emerged. It's not very good on prediction. Nevertheless, one cannot say that there isn't a lot of knowledge that's been obtained in this field. In the same way, with these complex physical phenomena between solid state physics, you can say a lot of things without necessarily knowing the next step.
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— Kenneth Arrow
I think all Geminis are kids at heart. And that's why they're able to simplify some of the most complex things and connect with people. It's having that kid spirit.
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— Kendrick Lamar
The real world is far too complex and unpredictable to make something like the idea of humanity controlling its own evolution or engineering itself - well, I wouldn't say impossible but it should be approached with a degree of caution.
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— Ken MacLeod
Some folks never try to grow beyond lives that have not realized that potential. And as long as they don't regret that, that's fine. Live and let live. But for those who regret never trying, it's a shame because the Web, as complex as it may seem, makes it all possible
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— Ken Evoy
Books woke me up. Books are my favorite man-made objects. I fetishize their design, smell, feel. And that they can contain such burning, complex communications is a miracle to me.
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— Ken Baumann
I had a mother complex going on and I was projecting all my negative mother stuff onto her and all of my need for her to love me and to make me whole and to approve of me.
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— Kelly Carlin-McCall
There can be very little of present-day science and technology that is not dependent on complex numbers in one way or another.
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— Keith Devlin
The whole apparatus of the calculus takes on an entirely different form when developed for the complex numbers.
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— Keith Devlin
Indeed, nowadays no electrical engineer could get along without complex numbers, and neither could anyone working in aerodynamics or fluid dynamics.
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— Keith Devlin