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Scoring is a function of great execution, and winning is the result, but thinking about winning can pull your focus off of proper execution in a competition. Thinking about process is the answer.
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— Lanny Bassham
Skateboarding has nothing to do with competition or sport. It has to do with trying to stay as immature as you can for the rest of your life. It's kind of a lame thing to say, but it really is.
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— Lance Mountain
Twenty-plus-year career, 500 drug controls worldwide, in and out of competition. Never a failed test. I rest my case.
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— Lance Armstrong
Not too worried about fighting for titles, but just fighting the best competition at the Welterweight division. I'll be happy with that.
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— Lamont Peterson
Nearly every study shows that competition from cheap foreign labor undercuts the wages of American workers and legal immigrants.
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— Lamar S. Smith
It looks like our defense is quite a bit better than it has been in the last two years, ... If we can keep it up and stay at least in the middle of the league, that would be significant. We haven't ordered any championship rings yet; two games doesn't make a season. I love the Colorado air. I love the game, the competition, the show.
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— Lamar Hunt
I've always like watching competition and athleticism. Just seeing the average person going up against Gladiators, is always something I enjoy. I'm not really a big sports fan, but I do enjoy the show.
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— Laila Ali
The great principle of Western society is that competition rules here as it rules in everything else. The best man - that is to say, the strongest and cleverest - is likely to get the best woman, in the sense of the most beautiful person.
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— Lafcadio Hearn
While THE NEW COOL takes the reader inside a season, limns a team and coaching staff, and masterfully recounts a gripping competition, this is anything but your conventional sports book. And not simply because the 'big game' is...a curious robotics contest. Like the kids he vividly captures, Neal Bascomb has himself performed a masterful bit of engineering here.
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— L. Jon Wertheim
The rap game will never be at peace. The rap game is built upon competition. There will always be competition and as long as there's competition, there will never be peace. There's a heavy competition in every scene. Everyone wants to be the one.
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— Kurupt
There's more movies now than ever, and competition for the entertainment dollar. These movies aren't recouping the way they used to. These little producers used to make something for a million, and get on a roll. One would finance the next. They crap out eventually, but then they go start a new company. But these guys just aren't getting to first base.
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— Kurt Voss
Capitalism is based on ruthless exploitation and competition, and leads inevitably to the development of mega monopolies.
— Kshama Sawant
When you obsess about the customer, you end up defeating your competition as a byproduct. When you are just obsessed about the competition, you end up killing yourself, because you are not focused on the customer.
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— KR Sridhar
I was always talking about what I could and would do, and you would always make rhymes about the competion even though we werent thinking about competition.
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— Kool Moe Dee
The rushed existence into which industrialized, commercialized man has precipitated himself is actually a good example of an inexpedient development caused entirely by competition between members of the same species. Human beings of today are attacked by so-called manager diseases, high blood pressure, renal atrophy, gastric ulcers, and torturing neuroses: they succumb to barbarism because they have no more time for cultural interests.
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— Konrad Lorenz
Fierce national competition over water resources has prompted fears that water issues contain the seeds of violent conflict.
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— Kofi Annan
Kenya is risking sanctions from international competition because international organisations think we are not addressing the problem in line with world best practice.
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— Kipchoge Keino
With all the mass media concentrated in a few hands, the ancient faith in the competition of ideas in the free market seems like a hollow echo of a much simpler day.
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— Kingman Brewster, Jr.
For my first pretty big international competition and the Olympics, I think I did pretty well. Medals aren't everything. It's all about you going out there and having a good time. I feel proud of myself.
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— Kimmie Meissner
The stark reality facing us today is that without the labour reforms, workers will get neither the income nor jobs in the face of cut-throat global economic competition.
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— Kim Young-sam
Whenever the competition is sleeping is when I shine.
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— Kim Collins
When I was two I was always like "I wanna be a famous singer when I grow up." When you listen to most kids they went in and did all these competitions. I was never like that, my mom never pushed me like that. I pretty much just sang when I wanted to.
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— Kiley Dean
The competition, the naysayers, the owners who talk too much. The people who don't think a 36-year-old can do what I do. I take a lot of pride in my craft, I work really hard at my craft everyday, and I'm a true professional.
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— Kevin Garnett
I've never been an individual guy. I never cared about the accolades. I've always been driven by the competition and the learning process.
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— Kevin Garnett
At some point you're like, gosh, this rehab is never going to end, and then all of a sudden I'm full strength and I'm about to go to my first competition. So I feel really great.
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— Kerri Walsh
Sometimes it's just the beer and bikinis that get people to come and watch, but it's the competition that's keeping them there.
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— Kerri Walsh
We see ourselves as first helping to open up markets to competition.
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— Kenneth Lay
Conflict may be defined as a situation of competition in which the parties are aware of the incompatibility of potential future positions, and in which each party wishes to occupy a position that is incompatible with the wishes of the other.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
I don't feel in a kind of race or competition with him or anybody else, because that kind of reactive thing isn't good, or isn't useful for natural creative instincts
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— Kenneth Branagh
I love competition. I thrive on it. I love being able to win the room over before even walking through the door.
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— Kellan Lutz
Being properly prepared is one of the biggest assets in business and in athletic competition.
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— Keeth Smart
There's a film there in competition [of Sundance Film Festival] called To The Bone. It's directed by Marti Noxon. I have a supporting role in it. It got really well received. It's a really great film.
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— Keanu Reeves
Before a big acting competition, my dad sent me a note that said, 'Define the moment. Don't let the moment define you.'
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— Katie Leclerc
And I've always - the competition is one aspect of the job, but I think if you're too busy worrying about the competition, you don't focus enough on what you're doing.
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— Katie Couric
There will always be people who can do it better than you, but that's a good thing! Start to see competition as inspiration - without envy.
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— Kathryn Budig
From as young as I can remember, I always wanted to be a singer... My mum taught me 'Going Down the Garden to Eat Worms' for a competition when I was about 4.
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— Katherine Jenkins
It would be horrible if there was no competition. It's what people want to see - they either like you or they don't. Not everybody likes Van Gogh. Or Bob Dylan! So you have Neil Young...or Ozzy Osbourne.
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— Kate Hudson
As an adult I generally feel this pressure to be thin, not from men, but from other women. As a silent or not-so-silent competition, a constant monitoring of who's thinner, comments about it - either compliments or veiled insults doesn't matter - it always drives me nuts.
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— Kate Christensen
I had a novel in the back of my mind when I won an Ian St James story competition in 1993. At the award ceremony an agent asked me if I was writing a novel. I showed her four or five chapters of what would become 'Behind the Scenes at the Museum' and to my surprise she auctioned them off.
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— Kate Atkinson
I never had a serious injury that kept me out of a big competition. Now everyone has injuries - to their feet or their knees or their backs.
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— Katarina Witt