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If you're part of a record company, you're a manufactured product. It doesn't mean that you're not talented.
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— Kylie Minogue
I've had a chance to really stretch and do a lot of different genres. When I started acting, my whole focus and intention was to work as a stage actor in a company where you're asked to different roles - do a comedy, do a tragedy, etc. I haven't had any reservations about jumping from one type of genre to another.
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— Kyle MacLachlan
There's more movies now than ever, and competition for the entertainment dollar. These movies aren't recouping the way they used to. These little producers used to make something for a million, and get on a roll. One would finance the next. They crap out eventually, but then they go start a new company. But these guys just aren't getting to first base.
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— Kurt Voss
Pro wrestling was there, and I was good at it, thank God. I started getting a lot of offers, but unfortunately, at WWE I was under a tight leash. I think it had a lot to do with The Rock making the transition, and me possibly being the next guy - you know, the company didnt want to lose another top performer.
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— Kurt Angle
I'm a pro! No, what I mean is I have performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company in England. I have been all over the place. I have studied theatre for seven years.
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— Kunal Nayyar
Netflix is like sitting at the cool kids' table. Netflix is amazing. We're the biggest fans of not only working there, but of the company, in general.
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— Krysten Ritter
I am certain that we do not need quotas for women, especially not in a time when we have a growing shortage of qualified workers. Companies are already asking head hunters to find women for top positions.
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— Kristina Schroder
I'm focusing on quality versus quantity - a nicer tee-shirt with organic cotton and buying just one or two instead of five that are cheaper but made with GMO cotton, which is hard on Earth, sewn by slave labor, shipped all the way from China on boats that use lots of oil and can kill whales with ship strikes and sold by (some) companies that could treat their
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— Kristin Bauer van Straten
You have a lot more freedom to explore and improvise in a Canadian film, which you might not have when there's 13 different production companies that all have serious equity investments.
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— Kristen Hager
Generally speaking, you only put someone on paid leave if you're pretty certain that they might be terminated from the company once you do your investigation.
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— Kris Dunn
[Professional accountants ] should be encouraging companies to enhance their green credentials by switching to renewables, and to respect core labor standards and human rights.
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— Kofi Annan
As we move forward, you cannot resolve the potential food crisis or shortages without science being part of the solution. Science has to be part of the solution but African governments - and these are decisions for governments, whether they embrace or do not embrace genetically modified food - and for the moment, most African companies do not accept genetically modified seeds.
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— Kofi Annan
Professional accountants should use that influence to encourage the companies they serve to think long term and integrate sustainable development goals into their accounting, such as by including a natural capital account, which I have heard is gaining ground.
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— Kofi Annan
It is well known that you can only manage what you measure, and as this is the job of professional accountants, it means they have huge influence on companies' governance.
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— Kofi Annan
There's certain companies that line up with what the brand represents. There are other things that are more investment-focused.
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— Kobe Bryant
Yes, I was invited to make the sound environment at a booth of a huge electronic company, during the Hanover Industrial Fair in 1973. It was a job. Slightly good paid. But not as much as my producer then told the press.
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— Klaus Schulze
I never had many problems to do my music and to give it to a record company. Rarely do they try to argue with me about my music, probably because it's still too far-out.
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— Klaus Schulze
The problem was the journalists who also did not understand much of my music, but they wrote about it. I think you fell into the usual trap laid out by parts of the press and other writers: that the poor musician has always to fight the evil companies and managers.
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— Klaus Schulze
Women asking for raises should not only know their value, but they should ask with the confidence that they're helping the company to be successful.
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— Kirsten Gillibrand
I could get a T-shirt that says 'All in for Week 4 of the Preseason.' That's not quite as catchy, and I don't have an endorsement deal with an apparel company. Maybe someone will sign me now. I don't make enough money to get fined. Maybe I'll get a deal with some off-brand or something that sells at Walmart or something.
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— Kirk Cousins
It's the company, not the cooking, that makes a meal.
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— Kirby Larson
It was a chance encounter with a biotech entrepreneur from Ireland that got me started as an entrepreneur in India, because I partnered this Irish company in setting up India's first biotech company.
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— Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Unfortunately, our stock is somehow not well understood by the markets. The market compares us with generic companies. We need to look at Biocon as a bellwether stock. A stock that is differentiated, a stock that is focused on R&D, and a very, very strong balance sheet with huge value drivers at the end of it.
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— Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
As a traditionally risk-averse nation, India has rarely been at the forefront of innovation. Indian companies have mostly imitated others and became very good at it.
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— Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
One of my objectives when I started Biocon was to make sure that I create a company for women scientists to pursue a vocation.
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— Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
You can build a much more wonderful company on love than you can on fear.
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— Kip Tindell
I think 'SNL' is so well-known for its musical performances, as well, and people really breaking into America through a really great performance on there. So I think me and Gotye are both really excited to be amongst such company. You know, it's great.
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— Kimbra
The record company really pissed me off when they told me to lose weight. I couldn't be bothered with looking a certain way. So I left the business. I don't regret it.
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— Kim Wilde
I love that my friends are sometimes even 20, 30 years older than me - that I can just sit and enjoy their company and their experiences.
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— Kim Kardashian
Legendary service is one of the criteria that sets one company apart from its competitors. It's the mark of a truly authentic company - you just can't fake caring!
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— Kim Garst
I'm a highly, highly, highly creative human being. I write music all the time. I write scripts constantly. I run my own production company. I'm also a very determined businesswoman. I've a town to deal with. I've got a lot of things to do and I don't have time to be classified as difficult, and I don't have time to care.
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— Kim Basinger
Evie: "Can we not talk?" Jack: "But you're such a charming conversationalist. Still, if you'd prefer to simply bask in the glory of my company, I understand. You're probably overwhelmed by holding my hand and want to enjoy the moment.
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— Kiersten White
Make a record in your bedroom on a cheap computer, play it on pirate radio, and that's what's it's all about. You can do something really exciting and you don't need any record companies. The way I do everything comes from that, the impact of those two things.
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— Kieran Hebden
I just always liked the company. The people who hung around her were amazing storytellers, whether it was actors or crew. They were just exciting people. And I knew that they were different when I would go see a friend or stay at someone else's house. It just wasn't as cool. So I always loved the theater, and that's where I started: at a theater up in Canada.
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— Kiefer Sutherland
I'm not only a fan of Apple products, I have stock in the company. I think Steve Jobs has started one of the greatest corporations in the world.
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— Kid Rock
You know how much money the oil companies have? If you need some gas, just go fill your tank off and drive off - they're not going to miss it.
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— Kid Rock
Instagram is a media company. I think we're about visual media.
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— Kevin Systrom
I have a pretty random life. I run a business and go all over the world doing things for that business, things that are fairly orthogonal. But my job is to run my company, not to be the best Instagrammer. I'll let other people be awesome at it.
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— Kevin Systrom
Having a company that's successful is a wonderful platform to do new things. You don't have to raise money for it; you can take profits from the company and pump them into new business.
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— Kevin Systrom
We just want to build a company that focuses on the love of Instagram.
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— Kevin Systrom