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Ever since I had my first child I have been passionate in my commitment to preserve our precious resources for my children and their children's children. This is the obligation of all of us visiting this planet for a limited time.
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— Kyra Sedgwick
This week we saw progressive business and faith leaders making strong commitments that are moving ahead of what world leaders promised today. The leaders of major economies must be bolder than they were today in providing a vision for 100% renewable energy for all.
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— Kumi Naidoo
Real men are real friends, showing their real commitment.
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— KRS-One
Let us all reaffirm our commitment to improving the well- being of families throughout the world.
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— Kofi Annan
There are a great number of peoples who need more than just words of sympathy from the international community. They need a real and sustained commitment to help end their cycles of violence, and launch them on a safe passage to prosperity.
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— Kofi Annan
Above all else, we need a reaffirmation of political commitment at the highest levels to reducing the dangers that arise both from existing nuclear weapons and from further proliferation.
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— Kofi Annan
On this International Day of UN Peacekeepers, let us pay tribute to the men and women from countries across the world who serve selflessly, tirelessly and fearlessly in UN peacekeeping operations. Let us remember the heroes who have laid down their lives in lands far from their own in the service of peace. And let us reaffirm our commitment to building a world free from the scourge of war.
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— Kofi Annan
His Holiness brings a wealth of experience to this exalted office. The United Nations and the Holy See share a strong commitment to peace, social justice, human dignity, religious freedom and mutual respect among the world's religions.
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— Kofi Annan
I think vegetarians - for a lot of them - it's about a lack of commitment to life and relationships. There are some who just like the fact that they're controlling something in their life.
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— Kirsten Dunst
The early commitments, early recruiting, that had changed. The whole clock is pushed ahead and you have to make decisions earlier about who to and who not to recruit. Is that a good thing I'm not sure, but it is reality.
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— Kirk Ferentz
Enduring to the end requires total commitment to the Savior and to our covenants.
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— Kevin W. Pearson
Average is the enemy of excellence, and average commitment will prevent you from enduring to the end.
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— Kevin W. Pearson
Casual obedience and lukewarm commitment weaken faith.
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— Kevin W. Pearson
Whether thats positive or not, people are talking about the Old Vic Theater again with passion and commitment and controversy and debate.
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— Kevin Spacey
A novel is too much of a commitment. I tend to peruse Twitter - I check to see if I had any mentions and read the latest messages.
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— Kevin Nealon
Generally speaking, I think that if you do anything with commitment and passion, it will come good.
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— Kevin McCloud
Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they've stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments.
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— Kevin Costner
The Perkins Bar has always demonstrated a commitment to the community and excelled in service not only to the minority community, but to the community at large.
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— Kevin Cook
Acceptance of the power of God in one's life lays the groundwork for personal commitment to both science and Christianity, which so often have been in conflict.
— Kenneth Lee Pike
Many people don't focus enough on execution. If you make a commitment to get something done, you need to follow through on that commitment.
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— Kenneth I. Chenault
Through this additional support, we must renew our commitment to provide talented young people with the opportunity to build scientific careers based on their curiosity, the same opportunity that was provided to me when I began my work.
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— Kenneth G. Wilson
Commitment is never an act of moderation!
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— Kenneth G. Mills
If you can see the invisible, then you can see the possible and provide the opportunities for trust, commitment and ways of empowering others to manage their past, present and future.
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— Ken Wyatt
While it is important to maintain a balanced approach to solving our nation's energy problems, we must commit ourselves to recognize some areas as 'off limits,' and the Artic National Wildlife Reserve is a national symbol of that commitment.
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— Ken Salazar
There is no place for fear. Stay informed, but also be smart enough to decipher what is noise and what is real. Always remembering that love can cast out all hate. I have made a commitment to teach my son love, self-respect, the way of the world and boundaries.
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— Kelly Rowland
Shouldn't schools be the place where students interact with interesting books? Shouldn't the faculty have an ongoing laser-like commitment to put good books in our students' hands? Shouldn't this be a front-burner issue at all times?
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— Kelly Gallagher
Christ has meant everything to our marriage. It was my commitment to Christ and the words from my grandmother that made me stick with Phil [Robertson] when there wasn't much to hold on to. Phil's love for the outdoors, his pioneer spirit, and his quest for adventure has not changed. But his heart has been turned inside out. He's a new man in every way that involves relationships.
— Kay Robertson
North Carolina is strong because our people are strong. They define our state - by their hard work, commitment to their families and neighbors, their willingness to sacrifice so that their children can have a chance to forge their own path.
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— Kay Hagan
A knife!" I yelled, still brandishing my pillow. "Jim, I command you to get me a gelding knife. If this guy wants to be a stallion-" He dissolved in a flurry of white smoke even before I could finish the sentence. Ha! Victorious again!" Yeah," Jim drawled while I remade the bed and fluffed up my pillows. "Aisling, two; sexy, naked men who just want to give her the pleasure of a lifetime with no commitment, zero.
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— Katie MacAlister
Of all the arts the living of a life is perhaps the greatest; to live every moment of life with the same imaginative commitment as the poet brings to a special field.
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— Kathleen Raine
I completely took off my eyebrows one time for a screen test. I hadn't even gotten the role yet. So you have to have a commitment.
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— Katerina Graham
As far as acting goes, you get to a certain point where I think everyone can do the job and it comes down to a level of commitment. I think sometimes all you have to do is show up.
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— Katee Sackhoff
Of course I believe in marriage. Commitment to one other person in life is glorious.
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— Kate Winslet
Anyone who questions my commitment, doesn't know me.
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— Kasey Kahne
We pretend with a spiritual life we don't live, a peace we don't experience and a holiness and commitment we don't possess. ... We will never make any progress in becoming more like Jesus unless we permit God to cut us open, search our hearts, try us, know our thoughts and then change us from the inside. Only then can we become real according to the Word of God.
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— K.P. Yohannan
I hadn't really even been thinking about TV. To me, it seemed like such a commitment, almost like a marriage.
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— Juno Temple
As I think about anyone or anything - whether history or literature or my father or political organizations or a poem or a film - as I seek to evaluate the potentiality, the life-supportive commitment and possibilities of anyone or any thing, the decisive question is always where is the love?
— June Jordan
One of the commitments that I personally have now is to a diverse approach to buying businesses, and the operation of those businesses.
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— Julius Erving
At (UNHCR's) headquarters, I met extraordinary people, men and women, especially from the emergency team, who shared with me their passion, their dedication and their commitment to this organisation and refugees. They told me about the daily difficulties they have to face and also the joy they felt when they managed to save a person whose life was threatened.
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— Julien Clerc
So I hope to stretch my acting skills. I got to a point in my dancing where I felt like I did so much hard work and I achieved a lot of great things, and I wanted to try something else and put that same kind of commitment that I did into my dancing into something that I was also passionate about. I had so many opportunities with my dance and now I'm just excited to get better as an actress.
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— Julianne Hough