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All Christian worship is a witness of the resurrection of Him who liveth for ever and ever. Because He lives, "now abideth faith, hope, charity."
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— Lyman Abbott
It is wonderful how shy even liberal ministers generally are about trusting people with the plain truth concerning their religion. They want to veil it in a supernatural haze. They are very reluctant to part with the old idea that God has given to Jews and Christians a peculiar monopoly of truth. It is a selfish view of God's government of the world, and it is time that we knew enough to outgrow it.
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— Lydia M. Child
In the Bible it says God has made everything good for man to eat and to wear their skins. Whenever we eat beef, we eat chicken, we have to kill to eat. But at the same time, hunting is a sport. I think it is a great sport... I would say most hunters are Christian men.
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— Luke Scott
All of Christian existence ... stands within an expectation. Its fulfillment may be sure, but its timing is unknown.
— Luke Johnson
I did not want to reject religion as nonsense because life seemed to have no ultimate purpose without it, and most of the good people I knew were Christians.
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— Luke Ford
I believed that English-speaking people had a divine mission to civilize the world by making it western, democratic and Christian.
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— Luke Ford
Evangelism is not an option for the Christian life.
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— Luis Palau
The Christian religion is only for one who needs infinite help, therefore only for one who feels an infinite need. The whole planet cannot be in greater anguish than a single soul. The Christian faith - as I view it - is the refuge in this ultimate anguish. To whom it is given in this anguish to open his heart, instead of contracting it, accepts the means of salvation in his heart.
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— Ludwig Wittgenstein
My only wish isto transform friends of God into friends of man, believers into thinkers, devotees of prayer into devotees of work, candidates for the hereafter into students of the world, Christians who, by their own procession and admission, are half animal, half angel into persons, into whole persons.
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— Ludwig Feuerbach
The true idea of a church has not yet been shown the world, a visible Church, I mean, unless it was in the very earliest times; yes, the twelve disciples bound to their Lord in love, to do his work forever, that was a church, a Christian family.
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— Lucy Larcom
It is time that Christians were judged more by their likeness to Christ than their notions of Christ. Were this sentiment generally admitted we should not see such tenacious adherence to what men deem the opinions and doctrines of Christ while at the same time in every day practise is exhibited anything but a likeness to Christ.
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— Lucretia Mott
Christian soldiers armed with virtue- hearts afire with blind obsession, cannot see the difference 'twixt compassion and oppression
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— Lucretia Mott
The United States is not a Christian nation. It is a great nation with Christians, among others, in it. But our greatness is based on the fact that there is no official religion.
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— Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.
Two things, Christian reader, particularly excite the will of man to good. A principle of justice is one, the other the profit we may derive therefrom. All wise men, therefore, agree that justice and profit are the two most powerful inducements to move our wills to any undertaking. Now, though men seek profit more frequently than justice, yet justice is in itself more powerful.
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— Louis of Granada
The Roman arena was technically a level playing field. But on one side were the lions with all the weapons, and on the other the Christians with all the blood. That's not a level playing field. That's a slaughter. And so is putting people into the economy without equipping them with capital, while equipping a tiny handful of people with hundreds and thousands of times more than they can use.
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— Louis O. Kelso
The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated... There are Christians praying for God to kill Obama.
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— Louis Farrakhan
Whenever I've encountered a Christian saying, 'Why don't you stop talking like that so I can hear you?' I think, 'Well you're the one putting the earmuffs on, but I wish you could hear me because I like you.'
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— Louis C. K.
There's been a lot of simple vilification of right-wing people. It's really easy to say, 'Well, you're Christian, you're anti-this and that, and I hate you.' But to me, it's more interesting to say, 'What is this person like and how do they really think?'
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— Louis C. K.
Every Christian became a missionary the moment God breathed his Spirit into him or her.
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— Louie Giglio
Why are all Christians happy and praising Jesus? It's because we are not DEAD! We may be imperfect, but we aren't DEAD!
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— Louie Giglio
I'm trying to lead a good Christian life, so there ain't too much spicy to tell about me.
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— Loretta Lynn
Jessica: "You great drunken jackass!" Dain: "I did not give you leave to use my Christian name.
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— Loretta Chase
We've been wed more than a month. Since it appears you mean to stay, I might as well give you leave to call me by my christian name. It is preferable, at any rate, to 'clodpole.
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— Loretta Chase
Sometimes God does something dramatic to get our attention. That's what happened to me in 1975. My family and I were enjoying the peace and quiet of a borrowed cabin in the Colorado Rockies. I was stretched out on a lounge chair in the midday warmth, praying and thinking. I was considering how we Christians - not just the mission I was part of, but all of us - could turn the world around for Jesus.
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— Loren Cunningham
Christians have burnt each other, quite persuaded. That all the Apostles would have done as they did.
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— Lord Byron
The Christian has greatly the advantage of the unbeliever, having everything to gain and nothing to lose.
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— Lord Byron
The principle of the Inquisition was murderous. . . . The popes were not only murderers in the great style, but they also made murder a legal basis of the Christian Church and a condition of salvation.
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— Lord Acton
Neither an enlightened philosophy, nor all the political wisdom of Rome, nor even the faith and virtue of the Christians availed against the incorrigible tradition of antiquity. Something was wanted, beyond all the gifts of reflection and experience - a faculty of self government and self control, developed like its language in the fibre of a nation, and growing with its growth.
— Lord Acton
One can't imagine a Hollywood film whose entire purpose was to ridicule, say, homosexual activists, feminists, animal rights crusaders, or environmentalists. That would be blasphemy. Hollywood understands that religious people, particularly Christians, are the last group in America besides businessmen who may be defamed with impunity.
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— Lloyd Billingsley
I'm Christian. Growing up in Ethiopia, it's half-Christian and half-Muslim. You grow up with Muslim kids. I'm very much aware of their religion.
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— Liya Kebede
The real evidence for Jesus and Christianity is in how Jesus and the Christianity based on him manifest themselves in the lives of practicing Christians.
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— Lionel Blue
For a Christian, Jesus is the unique and only way that God has fully revealed himself. For a Jew this cannot be.
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— Lionel Blue
I feel that the Christian experience and the Jewish one have much to give each other. If this open society continues and there is no return to political anti-Semitism, then this encounter, deeper than any theology, may happen.
— Lionel Blue
I thought of such Christian inventions as the ghetto and the Jewish badge of shame. The Nazis didn't have to go very far to pick up their know-how.
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— Lionel Blue
I still go to a Christian priory for retreats.
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— Lionel Blue
This Christian poison hasn't stopped yet.
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— Lionel Blue
The Christian use of religion as a personal love affair both shocked me, and attracted me.
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— Lionel Blue
This is an election year, and I think we're in desperate trouble and it's time for people to speak up and not pipe down. It's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know.
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— Linda Ronstadt
At one level Great Britain at the beginning of the 18th century was like the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, both three and one, and altogether something of a mystery.
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— Linda Colley
I never heard a Christian sermon preached in a church.
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— Lincoln Steffens